Are you joining us in Mexico?

Hey Hey Hey!!!

On January 24th, myself and a group of 20 other women met up in Costa Rica for #VisionVacay2k18

Check out some pictures from our retreat:

We had such an amazing time that we are doing it again!

August 2nd-5th, Kingdom KICK Retreats will meet in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. Will you join us?


Your cost will include the following:

  • Transportation to/from Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR) (40 miles)
  • Private Villa Stay
  • Chef Prepared Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Daily Workout
  • Daily Mindful Prayer & Meditation
  • Harvest Circle Workshop (yearly vision board review & 4th quarter planning)
  • Kingdom Cleanse Release Celebration
  • Complimentary Basic Guest Room Internet Access
  • Saturday Group Yacht Excursion


***Total Package Pricing With Flight Is From Houston, Tx Only 

Here’s the payment schedule 
Payment #2 is $250 or $350(incl. Flight) due March 1, 2018
Payment #3 is $250 or $350(incl. Flight) due April 1, 2018
Balance due May 1, 2018.

You can check out some photos from our private villa below:

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If you are interested in joining us… click below! Spaces are limited and it’s filling up quickly!


If you have any questions… please reach out! If you want to find out more about this retreat or our future retreats, click —> HERE <—

Hope to meet you there!

-Coach K

TGIM! Know the power of I Am!

Will you have Brunch with me?


One of the best meals of the day! Add uplifting words and empowerment from speakers ignited by God and you’ve got an event you don’t want to miss!


Get your ticket today and save $10!!!

Yes…we are running a short sale on our tickets. General Admission has $10 off thru 10/12.

Be sure to get your ticket today and save! Remember, if you bring a teen girl, it’s only an additional $5.

If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsoring a great event that will impact the women and teen girls of the community, please reach out to me! You can also check out more here: Seek Speak Soar Sponsorship

We hope you will join us!

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Tuesday TEN

10 beautiful ambassadors of Blend in for What?!™  and why you should join the movement!

I spoke on this movement just yesterday and because I’m so passionate about it I had to share more. Becoming an ambassador for this brand is more than sharing what your beauty is… You are also assisting in creating your own standard of beauty. You are teaching girls all around to own their uniqueness and get out of trying to fit in with what society says you should be.

BIFW Ambassadors10

1. ASHLEY BLAINE FEATHERSON You can find this actress showing her beauty in upcoming anticipated film “Dear White People”. This actress, vlogger and writer is based in LA and states beauty is: “an inner and outer quality that will never ever go out of style.”


2. PAMELA JENKINS Creator of Koils by Nature is a native from South Carolina who focus on natural skin and hair care. To Pamela, beauty is: “being in love with the person you see in the mirror. Flaws and all!”


3. SABRINA BOISSIERE is a NY naturalista and one half of the event planners for  Natural Partners in Crime. To Sabrina beauty is, “being confident in your own skin.”


4. DEAYA “DIRECT” SMITH This Texas chic producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show is an author and motivational speaker who states beauty is, “Dressing up is how I happen to the day, before the day gets a chance to happen to me.”


5. VICTORIA SANDERS is a wardrobe stylist and costume designer located in California. Her blog VicStyles is inspirational and teaches women “to think outside of the box.” To Victoria, “confidence is key”.


6. ANGELA MCCRAE is a contributor for the and medial professional with NBC Universal. She believes beauty is, “the true essence of being comfortable in your own skin and owning it!”


7. MERISSA V. GRAYSON is an attorney dedicated to assisting clients to achieve their goals. She has a 3-part book series The Business of Co-Parentingand believes beauty is, “being who you aren’t afraid to be when no one is watching.”


8. TAYE HANSBERRY is the blogger of Stuff She Like and this blog is dedicated to everything fabulous! From food to fashion and beauty, Taye shares her perspective on things in a stylish way. For Taye, beauty is, “going with the way you feel.. jumping in 100% with your heart and knowing that we all, no matter who we are, have to work at it.”


9. ZARA GREEN owns a blog, The Grown Zone which focus on helping you become a better you. This chic speaker and author is all about personal growth. Zara has a great webinar initiating in October entitled “Ignite your Individuality” which teaches you “how to harness the amazing power of your hidden motives”.


10.  ARKEEDAH MCCORMICK is a lifestyle and fashion blogger for This lady gives readers all things fabulous with a fresh take on fashion news! To her, beauty is “Embracing everything that makes you unique.”


Reasons to become an ambassador is because this is not just a normal campaign, it’s a movement to encourage your girls and women around the globe to own their uniqueness and “to be their own standard of beauty.” Be sure to check out the website for more info and spread the word!


Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

Leggings! What has become a fashion style staple in every girls closet. Leggings have transitioned through every season and can be seen in many different fabrics. Check out some fun ways to wear leggings both casual and dressy during this fall season.

Badgirl RhiRhi leggings style always has a fun yet fashionable edge.

Below are how some wear leather leggings both for day and a night out.

Classic black in leather, lace, jean or cotton can be used as a base to create a cute fall look by pairing it with a fun blazer or cardigan similar to shown below:

Fun fashion printed leggings add a pop to any fall wardrobe.

Create a classic or trendy look with the many legging options but be sure to make it uniquely you.

Tell me… Does this staple live in your closet? Are any of these looks you would rock? Or do you prefer for it to be knocked?