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Lucy and Chad Edwardes

During the winter chill, love is in the air! Here are some great chic looks for the bride and bridal party for your upcoming winter wedding.

Since Solange chic wedding pics I’ve been greatly inspired to seek other winter bridal styles. Below are some of my favorite ideas


For Winter Weddings, capes are always a chic warm and dramatic way to go!

Winter Wedding12

Winter Wedding11

Winter Wedding3

Winter Wedding5

For the wedding party, make it a furry affair! Add touches of warmth throughout the entire party!

Winter Wedding18

Winter Wedding17

Winter Wedding8

A touch of fur… faux or not is a great way to add luxury

Winter Wedding4

Winter Wedding15

Winter Wedding14

Be unique and stand out with the Zac Posen look below:

Winter Wedding7

Make it simply chic with these styles:

Winter Wedding10

Winter Wedding13

Love this look from YSL:

Winter Wedding6


Or add a touch of sparkle!

Winter Wedding2

Winter Wedding7

Aren’t these a great look for a Winter Wonder Wedding?

What are some of your favorite looks?


Wear it Wednesday



With wind chills steadily dropping and some experiencing seven feet of snow already, it’s only right to share some chic coats for this season!

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Share some of your favorite chic coats for this winter.


Wear It Wednesday

Love this post from fashion.allwomentalk.com! They share “7 brilliant ways to winterize your summer clothes” This post is perfect for today as the temperature went from 72 degrees yesterday to 44 degrees today!

Hope you enjoy!

The original post can be found on fashion.allwomentalk.com

“Every #girl should know ways to winterize your summer clothes. No need to break the bank just to have cute clothes for every season! You can combine your summer and #fall wardrobe to make an equally fashionable winter wardrobe! All you need is a little inspiration to get you jumpstarted. I’d loveto share my secrets for ways to winterize your summer clothes. These are tips that have worked for me, so please keep reading to find out what they are!



One of the #best ways to winterize your summer clothes is by adding a jacket. You can wear any of your fun summer maxi dresses by adding a jacket or a blazer for extra warmth. Experiment with sweaters and shrugs too. Even a faux fur vest can add some extra warmth for those chilly days that aren’t quite brisk enough for a coat. Broaden your collectionof jackets and sweaters to have one of each color!


Putting on layers is not only a good way to keep warm, but it’s also very trendy! Try wearing a button up shirt under a sweater, or layer a vest over a tee. Putting leggings or tights under dresses and skirts can keep you warm without sacrificing fashion. Don’t forget you can layer bracelets and watches too!


I love boots! There are so many different styles! I love that I can wear my short maxi skirts in the winter if I wear a pair of boots with them. Even summery, floral printed skinny jeans can look like a fall staple with the right boots. Boots can make nearly any item #look like a winter piece.


Go crazy with tights in the winter! Wear printed and patterned tights, or throw on a solid pair if you prefer. You can even wear your shorts in the #winter if you add a pair of tights under them! Also try layering boot socks or boot cuffs over the tights for an extra fashion statement!


Winter fashion comes with some very cute accessories! Scarves, mittens, earmuffs, gloves, and cute caps are a few ideas of winter accessories you can wear with any outfit. Knitted infinity scarves are cute and warm, and if you get a neutral color you can wear it with multiple outfits. Don’t forget that your style of jewelry can also change an outfit’s appearance from summer to #winter.


Just because it’s mid-winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear that bright blue chevron maxi dress! But try adding a pair of dark brown boots and a jacket to “tone it down” for winter. Season appropriate colors are usually dark for winter and bright for summer. You can bend that rule with the right balance. We all love a nice “pop” of color to our outfits!


Your hair and makeup can change a #look dramatically! Try wearing a dark lip or plum shades of eye shadow to winterize your #face. Hairstyles can also be changed with the season. Go for more of a curl and less of a beachy wave for wintertime. I like to pin flowers in dark reds and browns in my#hair for the winter season!

Just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite summer clothes. You just have to be creative and figure out a way to convert a summer item into a winter piece! These tips will get you started on the right track. Do you plan to wear any of your summer pieces this winter?”

The original post can be found on fashion.allwomentalk.com.  Please be sure to check this site out  for more information and other amazing and informational posts.



Wear It Wednesdays!

Wear It Wednesday!!


With frigid weather conditions of wind chills feeling like -35 degrees, here are some chic ways to staying warm during winter!

Layer it up!! Don’t be afraid to layer it up. I love the idea of wearing not one but two stylish coats that combined make one smart chic fashion statement!

I love Wendy’s take on doubling coats:

Revenge on Winter-11

Fun faux fur accessories always add warmth during winter and adds a touch of luxe

Even the fashion style setter Mr. Andre Leon Talley drapes fur scarves during winter… by Louis Vuitton of course:)

Layer up with Infinity Tube scarves that double as a hat. Or try keeping warm with Russian Style Hats and Mittens.

Russian hats:

Mittens oversized and I love it! It’s been stated that “mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves.” This is because you get to cluster your fingers together to produce more warmth.

Would you wear any of these styles to keep warm?