Wear it Wednesday



As I get ready to enter my journey on the open road, I dedicate this Wear it Wednesday to Ways to Travel Chic!


When traveling, I love to be comfy chic. For me it’s always about choosing fabrics that are breathable, has stretch and looks effortless chic. Call me what you want but to me, there is a way to still make sweats chic and not careless! Check out some of road warrior looks that I will definitely adapt.


One of my favorite tips: Layer up! It’s easy to remove when warm and a perfect option to add on when crossing over states not knowing what the weather will bring.



Lightweight Joggers and track pants from ASOS are great for the road warrior! They are comfortable yet can be paired with a leather moto jacket to elevate the look. Only $34.11!!






Another great way to travel the open road is to bring items that are interchangeable. Items that you can wear multiple different ways allow you to pack minimally and still be stylish!




How can you go wrong with basics and a splash of color?



I love the bottom looks! Minimize what you bring but once again make it interchangeable for all events. LOVE THIS!






My goal is to get at least fifteen looks in one duffle bag out of maybe ten items. Let’s see if I reach my goal. πŸ™‚

What tips do you have to share?


Wear it Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!!

Radiant Orchid is Pantone Color of 2014. Check out some ways to wear this beautiful color.

From Hair to Home you will see it everywhere! Will you rock it or knock it?

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2014 - Radiant Orchid 18-3224

Pairing radiant orchid with black is simply classic. This shade of purple is stated to be more “expressive, creative and embracing.” I would completely agree as this color definitely draws me in. Will you would rock?

Men… don’t worry, there are ways you can rock it also! From expressive neck ties to bodacious bottoms men are strutting this color in style. Check out these stylish debonair’s below:

Spring and spruce it up by adding colorful clashes or base of white.

This color in accessories add the subtle punch necessary for any going out girls look.

In make-up I love this luscious look on lips. I will agree that not everyone can rock it but those who can… will rock it well!

You can even go wild with adding this color to your home:)

Will you rock this color in your 2014 wardrobe, make-up or home? Or will this be a color you knock?