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Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Iman!…Model, Actress, Activist, Entrepreneur, Beauty brand name and much much more! We celebrate this living style icon during this Throwback Thursday Tribute.

Iman, the Somalian beauty was discovered by photographer Peter Beard at the University of Nairobi. She was the desired model in the late seventies and eighties and graced the runway with her unique look, flawless skin, gorgeous face and infamous long neck.


One of my favorite Cosby episodes is when Iman was a guest star:

Unlikely, Iman was not interested in fashion nor modeling and was actually in college when she was discovered. She was more interested in reading Time and Newsweekly. Iman is far more than beauty. She speaks five languages and is a brilliant business savvy woman. When she left modeling in 1989 she set out to expand herself as a brand and has done that successfully now over 20 years.

Iman used her beauty and fame to enlighten the world around her. She took a documentary film crew back to Somalia and leveraged her celebrity to bring more international assistance and awareness to her homeland.

Iman launched her cosmetics line in 1994 for women of color. Her first year of sales were a total of $12 million and after the decision of partnership with Ivax, the next year she grossed over $30 million!

She married rocker David Bowie back in 1992, celebrated 20 years last year and the couple is still going strong today.

Hats of to you Iman… The style icon!


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

With the introduction to their biopic its only fitting to celebrate the number one girl group of all time… TLC!

Before Destiny’s Child, in the early 90’s there was the Crazy Sexy Cool ladies of TLC that everyone in my era aspired to be like. They wore what they wanted, spoke of whatever came to their mind and showcased a new female empowerment movement greater than ever been shown previous. I remember during the 90’s I wanted to be so much like T-Boz that I even did the L hair cut.

They were the first girl group ever to hit DIAMOND status and sell an amazing 23 million records worldwide.

As many of you know, with all the success they didn’t start off with multiple millions. I love the biopic on VH1 and thought the story was well displayed. Although we all are aware of the trials the group faced, it was great to see the behind the scenes most did not share prior to this movie. The biopic drew in 4.5 million viewers! This was the networks highest telecast!

I was and still am a HUGE fan of this girl group. Some of my favorite videos are below.



Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating one of the most hip & fun yet highly educated mom’s from tv’s highest rated 80’s sitcom The Cosby ShowClair Huxtable🙂

Clair was not only a character for TV, she was who little girls and women aspired to become  and above all a fashion icon nonetheless.

She was so classy with her evening looks.

Clair was full of life, very playful but still held her ground as an assertive attorney you did not want to cross. I would marvel at the way she spoke so eloquently. She knew how to be relate-able without compromising her true self.

In a poll of Opinion Research Survey back in 2006, Clair was voted as “TV’s Favorite Mom”.

Although I didn’t have the luxury of watching this amazing show as a kid, I did watch it repeatedly in the 90’s and still to this day as an adult!! I own the entire 8 seasons. 🙂

One of my favorite Clair go off moments is when Vanessa goes to Baltimore to see the Wretched… See below:

Too many great things to share on the lovely Clair Huxtable. Her fashion sense was classy, age appropriate and with a subtle sexy unlike some of TV’s moms nowadays. We all as women can learn a thing or two from this sophisticated character who can never be forgotten.


I loved the “looks” she would give as she raises one eyebrow…

Color blocking at it’s best in the many sweaters Clair wore.

Working mom fashion at its best:

What’s your favorite Clair episode, outfit or power line?


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Due to my 80’s posting and celebration on Wear it Wednesday… and I dressed as this person… it’s only fitting to have Throwback Thursday Tribute to the lovely and talented Janet Jackson!!

1st… check out my modernized rendition of Janet with brother Michael for the 80’s party on yesterday below:

Inspired by Nasty Boy video:

Janet although in all black was a walking fashion statement in the 80’s and even after!

Most memorable was the big hair:-)

Janet… is a fierce and fearless phenomenon! She sings, dances and acts. She pushes the envelope continuously with her sensual dances during her tours that she has become known for. Wikipedia shared “Having sold over 100 million records, she is ranked as one of the best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music.”

One of my all time favorite dance videos come from Rhythm Nation 1814 album!

April 20th, 1990 was when Janet Jackson received the Hollywood Star.

The evolution of Janet’s style is something to note as no matter the decade… she still was noted as a style icon!

Janet arguably has some of the best music videos ever! I love how she transitioned from girl to women  and brought sexiness to a whole new level for all of us to aspire to!

Thanks Janet… for being a great icon of our times!!

Ending with just a few of my top videos from her:


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Diana Ross… style icon, actress, and music legend for this Throwback Thursday tribute!

Diana Ross… who became known through the 60’s girl group The Supremes reigned above all and is known widely not only for her undeniable talent but also for her Big Hair, long lashes and sequins!

The legendary Diana Ross has over 50 years in the music business and not one but TWO stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


She’s a living legend where multiple young artist try and emulate her style. Many artist have tried but my favorite by far is the lovely Solange’. Check out some of the Diana Ross inspired styles, including hair below:

Thank you Diana… for your timeless music, great movies and unforgettable fashion!


Throwback Thursday Tribute!

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting a fashion rebel and icon who’s been pushing the envelope since 1992 and still stands out above the crowd… Andre’ 3000 !

Although Andre’ is known for his cool lyrics that began with group Outcast and still continues solo, he is even more so recognized for his style. From outlandish costumes to Harlem Renaissance inspired suiting Andre always puts his special twist that then becomes tattooed in the minds of fashionistas like myself.


Take a look at some of the fun throwback costumes that kept the blogs buzzing…

Andre’ continues to woo and keeps us talking even off the stage. He is simply debonair! I love his ability to mix patterns and the way he ensures he has the perfect tailored fit.It was no surprise when he introduced his personal line  “Benjamin Bixby” in 2008. Although short lived, there has been talk in GQ of Andre’ returning his line.

Even in his videos he makes a statement with his style! Below is ONE of my favorites…

Salute to you Mr. André Lauren Benjamin… Thanks for being a style icon that can never be forgotten!


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting an Icon – GRACE JONES

grace jones dolph1 765x1024 OLD: Grace Jones   Pull Up To The Bumper

Grace Jones, who entered as a model in the 70’s opened doors for many in an industry that never embraced the type of beauty she exuded in abundance. Grace was proudly unique and unapologetic! I pay tribute to Grace because not only was she a fashion icon beginning in modeling but she gracefully transition into music and film which will forever label her a legend.

My favorite memories of Grace Jones is definitely her in the movie Boomerang as Strange’, the colorful, unapologetic, wildly untamed character that still has me laughing when thinking of the infamous scene in the restaurant with Eddie Murphy and in the board room discussing “the essence of sex!”

grace jones4  grace jones5

Overall Grace Jones is one that will forever be remembered even many years after her death. But while she is still here with us, I wanted to pay tribute to this phenomenal legend.

Hope you enjoyed!