Boss UP!


How do you Boss Up?

In a world where we have we literally have access to more than one billion people each day through social media, it is the perfect time for you to Boss UP in your entrepreneurial efforts!

Whether it be a product or service, platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram gives you the option to advertise for FREE in any innovative way you can dream of.

Get connected1

No, you do not need to use all platforms, but I do suggest you chose the platform that work best for your business and boss the heck out of it.

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Below I will share some tips that will assist you in becoming the marketing social media maven along with showcasing some of my favorite bosses on different platforms that you can learn from also.

1. Who is your target audience? 

Know your target audience in order to offer the right content! some tips are:

— The younger generation and even teenagers go for the Vine, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram.

— Soon-to-be-wives and moms are all about Pinterest for the photos and DIY’s.

— It’s stated young parents and grandparents alike can be found on Facebook.

— If you focusing on Business owners and leaders, find them on LinkedIn.

— Influencers and bloggers love Twitter, Tumblr and now even Instagram.

2. Be consistent with your message and your handle.

Don’t make it difficult for people to find you or know what it is you offer. My handle across all platforms is @CoachKSpeaks . What’s yours?

When you know what you are offering, you need to stick with that message across the board. Maybe it’s offering advice to young entrepreneurs or fashion tips… whatever it is, you need to be consistent with the message.



3. Network! 

Want to get discovered? Well, follow those you admire, compliment, get to know and support in order to receive the support!

4. Repurpose current content.

I’m sure you currently have lots of content that have been used on your blog or social media accounts. It’s time now for you to streamline the pipeline to repurpose the content already used. Update with current graphics. Delete those things that are not of relevance to the message you’ve committed to and start posting as it’s new.

5. Ride the wave

What is currently being discussed on social media right now? Study the hashtags and ride the wave to receive some recognition and supporters. Examples are on Instagram, #MotivationalMondays have over 4million posts which means it’s being used frequently. If you are a coach, USE THIS HASHTAG and watch your likes and followers increase with your consistency. It’s great to create hashtags when you have specific challenges going on or you already have a large following over 10k but until then, nothing is wrong with riding the wave.

Here are a few of the #bossbabes I follow and appreciate when it comes to consistent messaging and marketing.

stacia True #BossBabe! Over 150k followers and it continues to grow daily. Dr. Stacia is consistent with sharing free success and business coaching to her followers with a touch of her lifestyle for inspiration of where you can be if you utilize the awesome tools she offers.

The colors she use are vibrant and consistent throughout her page.

On FaceBook her message continues with more content. You will find blog links, quick tips and even some posts from Instagram with a longer detailed post.

When you go to her other pages such as twitter, or youtube channel you will find the same or more content shared.




Another Boss! Simple yet highly impactful. Charlotte of Confessions of a Clean Foodie does an amazing job staying consistent with her message of clean eating with dynamic photos on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.04.48 PM

My dear friend and once stylist to Bad Girl RiRi (as in the only Rihanna), Nini is crushing it on FaceBook. She shares amazing fashion moments from her daily life and gives style tips for all.

These are just three of many I admire on social media. Are there any that you follow and would like to learn from? Share below but most of all, TAKE NOTE!!


Another favorite, Hilary Rushford who is also crushing the game on Instagram with almost 100k followers, shared phenomenal advice about proper marketing on Instagram. In her words, with the algorithm going on Instagram, this is the year for you to choose to crush it or step aside. I’m taking some of her tips and plan to crush it. Will update my stats as they increase. 🙂

She grew her following of 40k+ in just one year!

Be sure to check her out for awesome advice.  <——- FREE INSTAGRAM CLASS HERE

Share your learnings and lets Boss Up together!

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Confidence Coach Podcast

Check out my podcast on sound cloud, subscribe and share!!

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Life Lesson 6 and 7



CHIC TIP: Fashion


Make your style memorable! From finding your right hue, wearing a mix of vibrant colors to adding a statement piece or conversation piece to your look are all ways to make your style memorable.

Check out these great street style fashionistas that are making their style memorable:

Adding print to the mix:



3 street style color4

Choosing bold colors:

street style color2 street stylel colorstreet style color3

Here are my Top 10 Essentials I feel we all should have in our closet:

Top 10 Essentials

How are you making your style memorable?

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KCL Thought of The Day


Tuesday TEN

me Tuesday10

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Check out 10 reflections from my past year!

1. Launched and completed #thesmileproject 

Last year I decided on my birthday to share a reason why I smile EVERYDAY for one full year and I did it! I had so many supporters around the world and so happy it impact many peoples lives!

2. Launch of KCL App!

First time to do an app and loved everything about it. Although its no longer active, trying it out was a good experience. Who knows what the future may hold… Maybe I’ll reactivate it or revamp it!


3. Free trip to Hawaii! 

My hard work pays off! With the help of a wonderful team I am rewarded with a free trip to Honolulu, Hawaii! So many great experiences… To many to recap but thankful for it all.

4. Took the leap and left retail!

Decided to finally follow my dreams, pursue my passion and allow my talent to be turned into a business! Launched Keepin Chic LLC!


5. Moved from the crazy weather of NY back to home state of Texas!

I was so over the weather… although I enjoyed the moments and the opportunities… It was time to return home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6. My book is published!!!

Texas and The City“! I followed my dreams and wrote a book in a years time then published it and launched it!


7. I’m hired for speaking engagements!

From social meet up groups to colleges, people are asking for my services and I’m enjoying every moment of it. SO BLESSED!

8. My book tour!

So after the launch of my book, I planned a Texas and The City Book tour and sold out 3 out of 5 stops. Very exciting for first published book and there is more to come next year.

9. Partnership with Blend in For What?! Campaign that I feel passionately about! Join the Movement!

FB Cover

10. He came along…

So this happened… I opened my heart to the possibility of love and it came like a wrecking ball. I’m so excited to what will come this year with who I know I’m destined to be with.

me and he

Cheers to last year and to what will be an even more amazing year this year!


Tuesday TEN

Solange Knowles… one of my favorite stylista’s was married over the weekend and she did it in such a chic way!


Completely fabulous! Solange vintage yet unique and chic style is one that will be recorded for years to come. It’s completely inspirational to see the disregard for societies tradition and going bold in their own creative direction with the entire event.

Below are my top 10 chic moments to recap from Solange and Alan Ferguson wedding.

1. The Pre-wedding Experience. Events leading up to the wedding Solange and Alan gave a sneak peak of what to expect with the chic white and khaki styled outfits.


2. For the rehearsal dinner on Saturday Nov. 14th she wooed us once again in white but this time an asymmetrical garment designed by Stephane Rolland.


3 & 4. The entire wedding party and guests were asked to wear white and it was done completely chic!




5. Riding in style through the streets of New Orleans


6. And they arrive


7. Just the two… chicly in love


8. Even the DJ QuestLove was chicly dressed in white


9. Like mother like son dancing to “No Flex Zone

10. The gown! Designed by Humberto Leon for Kenzo was a modern take on a caplet gown perfectly accessorized with gold gold arm cuffs by Jill for Lady Grey. STUNNING!



What were some of your favorite moments from Solange wedding?


Wear it Wednesday

With Beyonce’ wearing a Topshop affordable chic dress on the “Black Carpet” for new store opening, it has inspired this post of


Topshop Topman New York City Flagship Opening Dinner This amazing look worn by Queen Bey is only $130! Check out some other great night out affordable chic looks below and get ready for holiday season:


Another great look from Topshop  only $110 that can be paired with bold gold accessories.


Find this lovely long sleeved black dress for $79 at Simply Dresses


Sexy mid-sleeve mini dress only $104


Great faux leather dress from Zara LESS THAN $100 ONLY $79.90



Amazing low-cut jumpsuit with V-Back at Zara $129


Amazing sequin velveteen dress worn by Iggy for Forever 21 ONLY $32.90


LOVE this red jumpsuit for only $68 from Nordstrom


Spice it up with a dress from French Connection only $138


Alice + Olivia dress is only $138 and is perfect for a fun night out on the town


What do you think?? Will you do affordable chic as great as Queen Bey?



Fab Fashion Fridays – Salute to GabiFresh

GabiFresh… the bodacious fashion journalist who turned her hobby into income is an inspiration to all us fashion lovers and bloggers. Why you ask? Well, it’s not just her fabulous style but her incredible business sense, ability to capture a large following and unparalleled confidence!

GabiFresh Title

This fabulous lady has appeared many places from Good Morning America to the MTV Awards. She shows impeccable style and shows that know matter your dress size, you can still wear the news fashions and even better than the norm.




GabiFresh pushes the envelope, provoking thought of being your own standard of beauty. She did a great job at this when doing what she called her #fatbeyonce photo shoot but I called it simple beautiful!


You can check out more of her style, confidence and fabulousness on her blog

She does a great job of interpreting her inspirations and making them her own. I love her “But a Dream…” photo shoot inspired from the set of Zelie for She.


Be sure to follow her on social media!
Instagram: @GabiFresh

Facebook: GabiFresh

Twitter: @GabiFresh

Thanks Gabi… for being a Fab Friday inspiration!


Wear it Wednesday ~ Animal Print for Fall

Gentle breeze, less of the sneezes and the thoughts of getting cozy are all things that arrive with Fall. Now it’s time to add the fashion into the mix.


I absolutely love animal prints in the fall. Check out some chic styles for fall to help you embrace your animal instincts!

Be sure to share if you would Rock it Or Knock it!

ONLY $60 This Zara Animal Print Tunic can easily go from work to evening if paired with a black boyfriend blazer.


Purchase here: Zara Leopard Print Satin Tunic

Throw on this cute Mango printed cardigan with a white button down, black ankle pants and pop of red ballet flats for fall.


Purchase here: Mango Animal-Print Angora and Cotton Cardigan

It’s always great to add fun prints with your accessories!


How cool is this look below with the Zara Leopard Coat for fall?! Perfect pairing with white denim… yes after Labor Day! Would you rock it?


Gucci offers amazing accessories for fall in animal print such as these stylish leopard boots!

Gucci Shoes

Interested in adding them to your fall wardrobe… click here:

I adore pops of print from the leggings with everything else solid or a cuff to add a touch of fun… all these items below are great ways to add a pop of leopard to the wardrobe!


You can find the sleek handbag from Rabeanco leather bag, $498, , TheCarven cotton tank top, $260, at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, Coat above is from Burberry, We all know the red bottoms from Mr. Christian Louboutin $1,175, at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, The calf hair cuff is from Anna Pellissari $105, And lastly bold silk trousers by Sandro $340,

Here are more chic shoe wear:


One of my favorite trench with a twist is from Burberry  Only the stylish would dare to wear this!


Cavalli styles it up a notch for fall with animal print. Are you a risk taker? Would you rock this?

Roberto Cavalli


Dolce and Gabbana add print to glasses. This would be a chic addition to any look.


If you are looking to go wild for a night on the town try this gown from Roberto Cavalli



And for me… my go to fall animal instinct lies in my scarf! It’s a fave a bring out at any given moment!

Would you rock it or knock it?

What’s your go to animal print item for fall?

Blend in for What?!™


Blend in for What?!™  Campaign is “A social initiative centered around acknowledging self-worth, building confidence and teaching women and girls to be their own standard of beauty.”

With Blend in for What?!™ we believe that girls all around the world should know:

BIFW quote

…exactly as you are. No reason for us to try and blend in with others.

With the explosive desire to fit in the mode and young girls exchanging their respect for attention, it’s time to take a stand and take back what we define as beauty! Your beauty is not defined by just your body parts. Check out how some of the Ambassadors of Blend in for What?!™ defined their beauty:

BIFW Ambassadors

Celebrity Stylist FELICIA LEATHERWOOD believes Beauty is:

“anything that gives you the highest feeling of gratitude and appreciation.”


Model and Blogger NIKIA PHOENIX believe Beauty is:

” knowing who you are, accepting your flaws, and still shining bright for everyone to see. Why hide what you’ve been blessed with?”


Youtube Blogger DENISE WATKINS beliebe Beauty is:

“Organic. Lovely. Modest. Timeless. Classic. Wholesome. Graceful. Poised. Healthy. Natural. Godly.”

To me, Beauty is: varied… it can be many things but the one thing it can never be is UNSURE! Freckles, Red hair, Curly and Coiled, size 22, or size zero but above all… completely confident in the skin they are in and never unsure of what they represent.

BIFW quote4

You want to share what beauty is to you? Become an Ambassador HERE!

BIFW become

You will find great content with Blend in for What?!™ thoughts via FaceBook by clicking HERE

Check out the topic discussed on Friday:

“Appreciation or Exploitation”

Today on The Talk the ladies had a conversation about pop culture’s current fixation on “the booty” and whether we as women are simply appreciating, or exploiting, our bodies.
From Nicki Minaj having over 177MILLION views for Anaconda to JLo and Iggy Azalea‘s Booty video, many have become obsessed with fitting a certain mold by getting Butt Injections, Implants and taking surgical and non surgical methods to enhance the booty and obtain fame.
Let us underscore that Feminism and the desire to be treated as equally as men in all areas, including sexual expression, is important. But we do pose the question:
Are we simply having fun by embracing curves or are we selling ourselves short with the exploitation of our bodies? Is it important to want folks to desire our brains as well as (or, in place of) our butts? OR…Should folks just lighten up?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

BIFW beauty

 Blend in for What?!™ goal is to motivate 100,000 women and girls to take the Blend in for What?!™ beauty pledge by December 31st so on January 1st we put the world on notice as we take over owning our uniqueness and celebrating everyone’s beauty.

bifw quote2

Join the movement #blendinforwhat100k by taking the oath, following on Instagram and Facebook and SHARE WITH OTHER BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who refuse to Blend IN!

BIFW quote3

~Kisha Simmons

Blend in for What?!™  Team Member

Tuesday TEN ~ Diane von Furstenberg NYFW

Happy Tuesday!!

This is my FAVORITE time of the year! The brink of fall and the beauty of New York Fashion Week!


One of my favorite people in the world Diane von Furstenberg shared her spring line at NYFW and it was completely joyful. I planned to share my my top 10 looks from this line but I cannot choose! I decided to instead, share the replay video for you to view on your own.






BTW… Kendall is truly making a name for herself!


And I love DVF choosing the ravishing Naomi Campbell to close the show!




Wear It Wednesday – WCW Folake Huntoon

Dedicating this Wear It Wednesday to my Woman Crush Folake Kuye Huntoon of Style Pantry.  She is such a fashion inspiration!


This soulful stylish fashionista’s blog is brilliant. It offers great looks from her on the “My Style” tab while also offering insight and interviews from the fashion industry. This bohemian beauty more than insightful… she lives, breathes and wears fashion! Be sure to check out her site HERE.

Below are some of my favorite looks from Folake.


The sequin midi and boyfriend button-down is simply divine! folake1

Stella Jean Parrot Print Shirtdress styled with a pop of red is so chic.


Twist on a classic… modern Black and with a touch of red


Scenic Print Pleated Skirt and Denim Top


The Watercolor Wrap skirt gives me life!


The upgrade to basic everyday denim with kitten heels Folake‘s “Go To Outfit” is street chic



Love her “off the shoulder” look!


There are many more so be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!

All images from Style Pantry ~ Folake


Fab Fashion Friday

Celebrating the smart and chic style of well known fashion stylist – Nini Nguyen!


It was 2003 when I met Nini while we both worked at Banana Republic in West Village! My how time flies!

Back then, I knew Nini had that special eye for style. Although she started only as a janitor, she proved what she could do when given the opportunity. Nini was still in school but she stood out by styling customers with her keen eye for style and brutally honest opinion. Nini had a way that drew you in and you were so thankful in the end for taking her advice. With Nini being true to herself she was the number one sales person at BR that moved her to NorthPark then transcended her taking this power to Neiman Marcus and becoming Rookie of the year hitting $1million in sales.

FFF Nini

I knew it would only be a matter of time, she would turn her passion into her business. I still remember the conversation we had while she was on lunch break at NM… I always had such great belief in her and I knew eventually she would become a master at her craft. And that she did in a big way!


Nini became a known name in retail as she was a fashion consultant for Oscar de la Renta and  Barneys New York



This fashionista, stylist and designer became Vanity Fair’s International Best Dress 2013 first month winner and have styled many. She’s become the stylist for her girl Rihanna and even designed a gown worn on the red carpet for the launch of perfume Nude.




Nini is not just a fashionista… she is an inspiration! It’s true what she said “Hard work pays off”. This lady is the epitome of dedication, strength and style.



Yes she is incredibly chic but even with the multiple accomplishments before reaching 25, she still has a kind heart. I still remember the huge accomplishment while working at NM where she was able to purchase a home for her parents at age 21.

nini 2


2040748_nini Just recently she gave birth to baby Sage and even while pregnant she gave us amazing style!







Congrats Nini!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments, your pristine style and your new edition.

Check out more here:  Nini Nguyen –