Power of the Park – #IvyPark

Let’s kick this off celebrating the brilliance of Beyonce’ .

Yes, I said it and no it’s not worship… it’s celebration. It’s inspiration. It’s empowerment. Now, let me share with you why.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.35.44 AM

It’s been 37mins that the cover of Elle was shared via internet. 35mins since Bey posted via instagram pics of the shoot and introduced #IvyPark as a hashtag and new instagram page… check out these results:

ivypark inst

yea… 25k of us already are followers and there is only ONE picture posted!

The cover of Elle is not only breaking news but literally breaking the internet!


And not only is it Elle for US but UK also!


Now let’s share the brilliance of Beyonce’ , business mindset and branding!

Beyonce’: Known for music that gets you moving physically and sometimes mentally as well due to what some consider as the recent controversy of her lyrics and video to Formation.


The celebrated truth is that she is unapologetically her. She chooses to be who she desires and does not ask the permission of you. Regardless of any backlash received, she is still doing her and refuses to address any of it. This alone is a brilliance many of us strive for our entire lifetime.

When was the last time you did something that caused a reaction but you kept moving not caring what anyone had to say?

bey gif

Carry on 🙂

Now “back to business”: Bey reminds us to keep our business mindset up. Look at what she’s done over the past 60 days:

  1. Performs epic routine, song and nationally talk about performance at Superbowl Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.16.21 AM
  2. Launch NEW song and Formation clothing line at the same time… capitalize on the opportunity Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.18.07 AM
  3. Teases with Elle cover and NEW active wear line Ivy Park 14 days prior to it’s launch date in stores! Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.18.57 AM

Not only is she about her business, she works it quietly then drops it effortlessly. This is something to learn. Know how to just WORK!

Stop talking about it and just work about it! 

Tweet: Stop talking about it and just work about it! ~CoachK #formation #slay #businessbabe

And on to Branding: The power of branding award goes to Beyonce’ . With the introduction of a clothing line 14 days to launch date, introduction to new instagram page and having 25k followers in less than 30mins, this shows the power of right content and being visually appealing to the eye.

Truth is, her branding works because:

  1. Beyonce’ is clear about her unique value proposition
  2. She knows her goal (simply to dominate and inspire along the way)
  3. Bey knows her target audience
  4. She is loyal to herself first
  5. Pays attention to the details
  6. Stays relevant

These are just a few of what makes her branding work. She stays relevant by knowing her audience (Intro to getting your Summer Body ready with Ivy Park), what’s going on in the world today (Formation) and keeping trendy with a unique flare!

If you disagree, I’m sure it’s more of a personal dislike versus respecting the truth and hustle. Either way, your opinions are welcomed.

I’m inspired by #IvyPark Not simply by the brand or Beyonce’ but the immersive experience received when watching the trailer. It inspires me to reflect back to what my park is. This has ignited a fire and I’m ready to burn it up!

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#FabFridays- Sexiness, more than what you wear!


Modest is the new sexy!

The bare-it-all is truly over-rated and although there is greatness in the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, there is equal greatness in those that can show sexiness without the need to bare it all.

Did you know there was such a thing? Let me share how to do that.


Sexy is shown though:

  1. The eyes – SMIZE!!! (Tyra-ism which means to smile with your eyes)smize1
  2. Smile on your face! A smile is so welcoming, warm, enchanting and yes even sexy at times. Keeping your lips exfoliated, soft and kissable along with your teeth properly cared for… get a brighter whiter smile ladies (and gents) and then add the right shade of lipstick and welcome sexy! Some top choices for lip colors are the right nude for you and red. A red lip is always sexy!

    3. The Hair – How you wear your hair can be sexy as well and it will not require you to be barely there either.

    4. Create it with Color – All black dress with a pop of red, wearing all red or maybe even wearing the royal color purple can showcase sexiness.blackjadore redredwhite

5.  Own YOUR style. when you confidently wear whatever your choose, sexiness can equate to it simply because you believe you are. Below are some modest fashionistas (1. Anam Shahid 2. Nadira Abdul Quddus) that have great style and can also be considered sexy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.26.18 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.25.16 AM

What are some ways you showcase sexiness without baring it all?

Please share!

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Hey There fellow follower, supporter, creative being and fashionista…



The New Year is fast approaching and with a new year, there are new things to come! Kisha’s Chic Lessons is currently looking for writers who are passionate about helping others in the areas of Fashion, Fitness, Food and Finance!


Are you a queen of any? Do you stay up on current trends, know what’s hot and what’s not… Are you able to share great tips in an inspiring and uplifting way?

Well, we want you‼️ We’re looking for the fashion blogger who would like to expose NEW content through


It’s a great way to share your expertise with the world and get seen on multiple platforms.

If you are interested, send samples of your best work, relevant to current style trends to kishaschiclessons@gmail.com with “F4 BLOGGER” in the subject!

Look forward to working with you.

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Fashion-Food-Fitness Bloggers WANTED!


Are you a queen or king fashionista? Do you stay up on current trends, know what’s hot and what’s not… Are you able to share great tips in an inspiring and uplifting way? Are you a foodie at heart and love sharing health tips to the boss babes? Or maybe you are a yoga/fitness/mediation junkie with positivity exuding from you…

Well, we want you!


We are looking for bloggers who would like to expose NEW content through our blog on the topics of fashion, food, fitness and female empowerment. It is a great way to share your expertise with the world and get seen on multiple platforms.

Requirements include: 

  • NEW content only (not published on any other website or publication)
  • Clear point of view on topic of discussion
  • Promote female empowerment in all content (positive vibes only! This blog is created to share insight and inspire creativity and wellness among readers)
  • Understand that this currently is not a blog for pay opportunity but does grant you the opportunity to showcase your work on additional platforms, gain partnership for future endeavors and credibility for all work published as you will have a personal signature that will link back to your social media and websites

If you are interested, send samples of your best work, relevant to current style trends to kishaschiclessons@gmail.com with “F4 BLOGGER” in the subject!

Look forward to working with you!

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CHIC TIP: Fashion


Make your style memorable! From finding your right hue, wearing a mix of vibrant colors to adding a statement piece or conversation piece to your look are all ways to make your style memorable.

Check out these great street style fashionistas that are making their style memorable:

Adding print to the mix:



3 street style color4

Choosing bold colors:

street style color2 street stylel colorstreet style color3

Here are my Top 10 Essentials I feel we all should have in our closet:

Top 10 Essentials

How are you making your style memorable?

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Fab Fashion Fitness Friday

As usual, a new year brings an influx of fitness resolutions! Well, if you are just starting, going strong or this is just a part of your lifestyle, below are some great fitness wardrobe pieces to workout in style!


Victoria’s Secret, Nike and Lululemon are the places I frequent for stylish fitness gear. Here are some of my favs:

Go with classic colors or be bold… Either way there are options to still show style.




Something about adding a pop of color to your workout gear that just makes you feel so damn happy!




Also be sure to add the FuelBand to your workout essentials. It’s a fun and inspiring way to become more active! Check out more HERE:



Below are hot workout gear that can transition to day lounge wear if you like.






What are some of your favs? Where do you like to shop for workout gear?

Share your journey and inspire someone else.


Wear It Wednesday

Thank you Michael Kors for this amazingly chic transitional line!

This Wear It Wednesday is dedicated to Pre-Fall 2015! It’s been stated on Fashionistyle that “Michael Kors has gone girly — sort of. For transeason, he said he riffed ‘on what I would call clichéd feminine things that I would never touch, like bows and pearls, but looking at them in a very graphic way.’ ”

Here are some great looks:

Images from WWD

What are some of your favorite looks?


Wear it Wednesday



As I get ready to enter my journey on the open road, I dedicate this Wear it Wednesday to Ways to Travel Chic!


When traveling, I love to be comfy chic. For me it’s always about choosing fabrics that are breathable, has stretch and looks effortless chic. Call me what you want but to me, there is a way to still make sweats chic and not careless! Check out some of road warrior looks that I will definitely adapt.


One of my favorite tips: Layer up! It’s easy to remove when warm and a perfect option to add on when crossing over states not knowing what the weather will bring.



Lightweight Joggers and track pants from ASOS are great for the road warrior! They are comfortable yet can be paired with a leather moto jacket to elevate the look. Only $34.11!!






Another great way to travel the open road is to bring items that are interchangeable. Items that you can wear multiple different ways allow you to pack minimally and still be stylish!




How can you go wrong with basics and a splash of color?



I love the bottom looks! Minimize what you bring but once again make it interchangeable for all events. LOVE THIS!






My goal is to get at least fifteen looks in one duffle bag out of maybe ten items. Let’s see if I reach my goal. 🙂

What tips do you have to share?


Wear it Wednesday

Lucy and Chad Edwardes

During the winter chill, love is in the air! Here are some great chic looks for the bride and bridal party for your upcoming winter wedding.

Since Solange chic wedding pics I’ve been greatly inspired to seek other winter bridal styles. Below are some of my favorite ideas


For Winter Weddings, capes are always a chic warm and dramatic way to go!

Winter Wedding12

Winter Wedding11

Winter Wedding3

Winter Wedding5

For the wedding party, make it a furry affair! Add touches of warmth throughout the entire party!

Winter Wedding18

Winter Wedding17

Winter Wedding8

A touch of fur… faux or not is a great way to add luxury

Winter Wedding4

Winter Wedding15

Winter Wedding14

Be unique and stand out with the Zac Posen look below:

Winter Wedding7

Make it simply chic with these styles:

Winter Wedding10

Winter Wedding13

Love this look from YSL:

Winter Wedding6


Or add a touch of sparkle!

Winter Wedding2

Winter Wedding7

Aren’t these a great look for a Winter Wonder Wedding?

What are some of your favorite looks?


KCL Thought of the Day


Wear it Wednesday



With wind chills steadily dropping and some experiencing seven feet of snow already, it’s only right to share some chic coats for this season!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Share some of your favorite chic coats for this winter.


Wear It Wednesday

Love this post from fashion.allwomentalk.com! They share “7 brilliant ways to winterize your summer clothes” This post is perfect for today as the temperature went from 72 degrees yesterday to 44 degrees today!

Hope you enjoy!

The original post can be found on fashion.allwomentalk.com

“Every #girl should know ways to winterize your summer clothes. No need to break the bank just to have cute clothes for every season! You can combine your summer and #fall wardrobe to make an equally fashionable winter wardrobe! All you need is a little inspiration to get you jumpstarted. I’d loveto share my secrets for ways to winterize your summer clothes. These are tips that have worked for me, so please keep reading to find out what they are!



One of the #best ways to winterize your summer clothes is by adding a jacket. You can wear any of your fun summer maxi dresses by adding a jacket or a blazer for extra warmth. Experiment with sweaters and shrugs too. Even a faux fur vest can add some extra warmth for those chilly days that aren’t quite brisk enough for a coat. Broaden your collectionof jackets and sweaters to have one of each color!


Putting on layers is not only a good way to keep warm, but it’s also very trendy! Try wearing a button up shirt under a sweater, or layer a vest over a tee. Putting leggings or tights under dresses and skirts can keep you warm without sacrificing fashion. Don’t forget you can layer bracelets and watches too!


I love boots! There are so many different styles! I love that I can wear my short maxi skirts in the winter if I wear a pair of boots with them. Even summery, floral printed skinny jeans can look like a fall staple with the right boots. Boots can make nearly any item #look like a winter piece.


Go crazy with tights in the winter! Wear printed and patterned tights, or throw on a solid pair if you prefer. You can even wear your shorts in the #winter if you add a pair of tights under them! Also try layering boot socks or boot cuffs over the tights for an extra fashion statement!


Winter fashion comes with some very cute accessories! Scarves, mittens, earmuffs, gloves, and cute caps are a few ideas of winter accessories you can wear with any outfit. Knitted infinity scarves are cute and warm, and if you get a neutral color you can wear it with multiple outfits. Don’t forget that your style of jewelry can also change an outfit’s appearance from summer to #winter.


Just because it’s mid-winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear that bright blue chevron maxi dress! But try adding a pair of dark brown boots and a jacket to “tone it down” for winter. Season appropriate colors are usually dark for winter and bright for summer. You can bend that rule with the right balance. We all love a nice “pop” of color to our outfits!


Your hair and makeup can change a #look dramatically! Try wearing a dark lip or plum shades of eye shadow to winterize your #face. Hairstyles can also be changed with the season. Go for more of a curl and less of a beachy wave for wintertime. I like to pin flowers in dark reds and browns in my#hair for the winter season!

Just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite summer clothes. You just have to be creative and figure out a way to convert a summer item into a winter piece! These tips will get you started on the right track. Do you plan to wear any of your summer pieces this winter?”

The original post can be found on fashion.allwomentalk.com.  Please be sure to check this site out  for more information and other amazing and informational posts.



Wear it Wednesday

With Beyonce’ wearing a Topshop affordable chic dress on the “Black Carpet” for new store opening, it has inspired this post of


Topshop Topman New York City Flagship Opening Dinner This amazing look worn by Queen Bey is only $130! Check out some other great night out affordable chic looks below and get ready for holiday season:


Another great look from Topshop  only $110 that can be paired with bold gold accessories.


Find this lovely long sleeved black dress for $79 at Simply Dresses


Sexy mid-sleeve mini dress only $104


Great faux leather dress from Zara LESS THAN $100 ONLY $79.90



Amazing low-cut jumpsuit with V-Back at Zara $129


Amazing sequin velveteen dress worn by Iggy for Forever 21 ONLY $32.90


LOVE this red jumpsuit for only $68 from Nordstrom


Spice it up with a dress from French Connection only $138


Alice + Olivia dress is only $138 and is perfect for a fun night out on the town


What do you think?? Will you do affordable chic as great as Queen Bey?



Wear It Wednesday

Halloween will be here in 3 days! Do you have your costume yet?

If you are one of those who usually awaits the last minute or don’t have the time to do it until last minute and still looking for ideas, I’ve compiled some below!


These costumes are those that are inspired to spending minimal amounts of money, in some cases none because most of us have these things lying around the house to create these frugal costumes!

Go Nostalgic! 

I’m sure everyone has that old bag of clothes from the nineties stuck in the attic somewhere (and for some still in the closet) that you can pull out and create these looks from!

Fresh Prince and his wacky cousin Carlton! With Alfonso currently showing his dancing moves on Dancing with The Stars, this would be fitting to pay tribute to him.


Or try Dr. Evil and Mini Me… literally 🙂 Make it a family affair with this look by just getting out the blue jean button down and bandana to tie around the head. Then be sure to add stick on numbers to the front to get the whole prison look.


Or make it plain yet powerful with Sticky Stickley from Nickelodeon


Looking for more fun… try these:

Buy a roll of tulle under $5 at Hobby Lobby for more than enough and create a large loofah! And don’t forget to get the string! Watch the DIY video HERE for how to create.


Become Rosie the Riveter by putting on your spouse blue collared shirt, sleeves rolled and a red bandana.


Throw on a lampshade, cut a box and cover it with a sheet for “One Night Stand


Or make it sexy and even become a pop star for a day:

Become Fifth Element with white tube tops and tape. Make it a group effort to become Korban, Dallas and Leeloo.


Do you have a sexy red dress? Become Jessica Rabbit with a red dress and just buy some purple gloves!


Through on your black leotard or body suit, buy some cat ears and become a sexy kitten!

Lastly… so many looks from the infamous Beyonce’ from this past year you can become. If you have the items at home… recreate and become Sasha Fierce!

Rock the short bangs and a wig as Bey in Paris


Make it sexy On the Run with your black body suit and let your man be Jay-Z 🙂


Hope this sparked some ideas! Be sure to share what you plan to be.


KCL Thought of the Day


Tuesday TEN

I’m sitting at my sisters while working on Monday night and I’m smiling as her and her hubby laugh while trying to get privacy to go take a shower. It inspires me that love will come for me one day.


With the talk of my sister planning the renewal of her vows where they will make 10 years of marital bliss in March… I thought I’d share 10 cool ways to renew your vows.


1. Remix the Unity Candle – Include the kids by allowing them to write a note about the parents and share during the ceremony. Find out more HERE.


2. Although there is no wedding certificate and no officiant needed, create a renewal certificate!


3. Make it religious! It’s up to you… maybe you want to use an officiant and renew with a fresh start.


4. Make it a destination. Turn it into a vacation and make it a destination renewal ceremony with the family.


5. If you didn’t have enough money to do it the way you wanted to the first time, use this time to go all out… sparkle and shine!

Vow Renewal1

6. Incorporate photographed memories throughout. Relive the memories of the years with your guest by placing photos as centerpieces or even as a hanging photo wall.



7.  Make it a surprise! Invite all your friends and family to what will be the “party of the year” without worrying about who will or will not attend, bask in the moment and suprise all of your guest while partying with a special unconventional vow renewal.


8. Let the kids officiate. You have the freedom to make it unique… Do so by allowing your kids to officiate the renewal.


9. Relive the first date! Have it at an unique location such as the park you met at many years ago.


10. Just show up! Let someone else do the planning for you and be completely surprised by the outcome.

Bride and Wedding Coordinator (Me)
Bride and Wedding Coordinator (Me)


KCL Thought of the Day


Fab Fashion Fridays – Salute to GabiFresh

GabiFresh… the bodacious fashion journalist who turned her hobby into income is an inspiration to all us fashion lovers and bloggers. Why you ask? Well, it’s not just her fabulous style but her incredible business sense, ability to capture a large following and unparalleled confidence!

GabiFresh Title

This fabulous lady has appeared many places from Good Morning America to the MTV Awards. She shows impeccable style and shows that know matter your dress size, you can still wear the news fashions and even better than the norm.




GabiFresh pushes the envelope, provoking thought of being your own standard of beauty. She did a great job at this when doing what she called her #fatbeyonce photo shoot but I called it simple beautiful!


You can check out more of her style, confidence and fabulousness on her blog gabifresh.com

She does a great job of interpreting her inspirations and making them her own. I love her “But a Dream…” photo shoot inspired from the set of Zelie for She.


Be sure to follow her on social media!
Instagram: @GabiFresh

Facebook: GabiFresh

Twitter: @GabiFresh

Thanks Gabi… for being a Fab Friday inspiration!


KCL Thought of The Day


Tuesday TEN

In memory of the legendary Oscar de la Renta, I wanted to utilize this Tuesday TEN to share SOME of my top Oscar de la Renta red carpet looks & celebrity moments.


1 & 2. SJP



Infamous Oscar de la Renta gown given to character Carrie Bradshaw by Romantic Russian Lover Aleksandr Petrovsky just because she was looking at it in her Vogue magazine!


3. He dresses and escorts “momma O” Oprah Winfrey for the 2010 Met Gala

oscar and oprah

4. Jennifer Lawrenceoscar-de-la-renta-jennifer-lawrence

5. Lea Micheleoscar-de-la-renta-lea-michelle

6. Lupita Nyong’o oscar-de-la-renta-lupita-nyongo

7. Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington

8. Who can forget the gold gowns dazzling on the runway in 1996…


9. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

10. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn and Mr. De La Renta 



Oscar de la Renta was not only an extraordinary designer but a kind and gentle soul. His legacy will live on. Rest in Peace to one of the worlds greatest. May comfort and condolence be with his family.

What are some of your memorable Oscar moments?


KCL Thought of the Day


Over-the-Knee Leather Boots @ Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Shows

Fab Fashion Fridays!

Get ready to Fall back in Fashion with over the knee boots for Fall and Winter!
Love this post by Cristina HH.



What do you think about over-the-knee boots? I personally have been quite on the fence about wearing a pair. And that’s mostly because they can come across as tacky. However, they can look incredibly chic if they’re paired with the right items. For the fall 2014-2015 collections, the designers have come up with a lot of variations, from the classic black leather boots, to the suede, patched or lace-up ones.  Here they are:

View original post 62 more words

KCL Thought of The Day


Wear it Wednesday ~ Animal Print for Fall

Gentle breeze, less of the sneezes and the thoughts of getting cozy are all things that arrive with Fall. Now it’s time to add the fashion into the mix.


I absolutely love animal prints in the fall. Check out some chic styles for fall to help you embrace your animal instincts!

Be sure to share if you would Rock it Or Knock it!

ONLY $60 This Zara Animal Print Tunic can easily go from work to evening if paired with a black boyfriend blazer.


Purchase here: Zara Leopard Print Satin Tunic

Throw on this cute Mango printed cardigan with a white button down, black ankle pants and pop of red ballet flats for fall.


Purchase here: Mango Animal-Print Angora and Cotton Cardigan

It’s always great to add fun prints with your accessories!


How cool is this look below with the Zara Leopard Coat for fall?! Perfect pairing with white denim… yes after Labor Day! Would you rock it?


Gucci offers amazing accessories for fall in animal print such as these stylish leopard boots!

Gucci Shoes

Interested in adding them to your fall wardrobe… click here: gucci.com

I adore pops of print from the leggings with everything else solid or a cuff to add a touch of fun… all these items below are great ways to add a pop of leopard to the wardrobe!


You can find the sleek handbag from Rabeanco leather bag, $498,rabeanco.com. , TheCarven cotton tank top, $260, at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, Coat above is from Burberry, We all know the red bottoms from Mr. Christian Louboutin $1,175, at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, The calf hair cuff is from Anna Pellissari $105, annapellissari.com. And lastly bold silk trousers by Sandro $340, sandro-paris.com

Here are more chic shoe wear:


One of my favorite trench with a twist is from Burberry  Only the stylish would dare to wear this!


Cavalli styles it up a notch for fall with animal print. Are you a risk taker? Would you rock this?

Roberto Cavalli


Dolce and Gabbana add print to glasses. This would be a chic addition to any look.


If you are looking to go wild for a night on the town try this gown from Roberto Cavalli



And for me… my go to fall animal instinct lies in my scarf! It’s a fave a bring out at any given moment!

Would you rock it or knock it?

What’s your go to animal print item for fall?

KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Tuesday TEN ~ Enrich your life!


1. Take a moment and Give Thanks for Today! – Humility will enrich your life daily.

Give Thanks

2. Stay active! Keeping the blood flowing will increase longevity, creativity and this will flow into better living.


3. Read something good! From funny to inspirational… any reading even for 20 mins will enrich your life. And if you’re interested in a good read try Texas and The City


4. Give something of yourself to someone else. Share your gift with the world.

5. Turn off the distractions for at least one hour! Social Media, Cell Phone, TV… all of it. Shut it down for one hour of your day and you will be amazed how much you will accomplish and how great you will feel.


6. Be true and honest with yourself. Be true about what’s working or not for you in your life, and be honest about whatever change is needed.


7. Write about it. Keeping a daily journal is a great enrichment choice. It allows you to reflect on the greatness of your day and is also used as a tool to review in the future to reflect back on what you’ve overcome!


8. Treat your body well. Drink lots of water, eat well and keep yourself healthy. This will keep you energized to live your best life each day!


9. Be creative! Paint, take photos, decorate your home, draw, color in a coloring book or even take up pottery making… Doing something creative each day will enrich your life!


10. S M I L E There is always something to smile about! Share it with the world… it will make a difference in your life! Join the movement and share why you smile: www.chicsmileproject.tumblr.com



Do you have other ways you enrich your life daily? Be sure to share!


KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day