KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Wear It Wednesday

Halloween will be here in 3 days! Do you have your costume yet?

If you are one of those who usually awaits the last minute or don’t have the time to do it until last minute and still looking for ideas, I’ve compiled some below!


These costumes are those that are inspired to spending minimal amounts of money, in some cases none because most of us have these things lying around the house to create these frugal costumes!

Go Nostalgic!Β 

I’m sure everyone has that old bag of clothes from the nineties stuck in the attic somewhere (and for some still in the closet) that you can pull out and create these looks from!

Fresh Prince and his wacky cousin Carlton! With Alfonso currently showing his dancing moves on Dancing with The Stars, this would be fitting to pay tribute to him.


Or try Dr. Evil and Mini Me… literally πŸ™‚ Make it a family affair with this look by just getting out the blue jean button down and bandana to tie around the head. Then be sure to add stick on numbers to the front to get the whole prison look.


Or make it plain yet powerful with Sticky Stickley from Nickelodeon


Looking for more fun… try these:

Buy a roll of tulle under $5 at Hobby Lobby for more than enough and create a large loofah! And don’t forget to get the string! Watch the DIY video HERE for how to create.


Become Rosie the Riveter by putting on your spouse blue collared shirt, sleeves rolled and a red bandana.


Throw on a lampshade, cut a box and cover it with a sheet for “One Night Stand


Or make it sexy and even become a pop star for a day:

Become Fifth Element with white tube tops and tape. Make it a group effort to become Korban, Dallas and Leeloo.


Do you have a sexy red dress? Become Jessica Rabbit with a red dress and just buy some purple gloves!


Through on your black leotard or body suit, buy some cat ears and become a sexy kitten!

Lastly… so many looks from the infamous Beyonce’ from this past year you can become. If you have the items at home… recreate and become Sasha Fierce!

Rock the short bangs and a wig as Bey in Paris


Make it sexy On the Run with your black body suit and let your man be Jay-ZΒ πŸ™‚


Hope this sparked some ideas! Be sure to share what you plan to be.