Master your Strengths


While doing weekly planning, I start by completing these questions:

  1. What are the top three priorities for the week
  2. What am I proud of and grateful for from the previous week
  3. What are my strengths… simply for personal development

I know you make look at my list and question why I do it this way. Well, I’ve recognized as an extreme organizational control freak, creating long to do lists do not always reap positive results. I’ve learned by shortening the list to the top three gives the opportunity to fulfill giving my best and give me the opportunity to stop, smell the flowers, have small celebrations and actually live and grow through the process versus just doing.

I believe in all work in life we should always showcase gratitude by ,recognizing what we’ve come from, learned, grown from and proud of. I did this on a continual basis when hosting my “TGIM Monday Motivational Moment” sharing Kisha’s Life Lessons. You can check out more here:

I also use my chic tools to help set my day and week up for success. Download them for FREE here:

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I also believe it’s important to include personal development throughout each work week. This allows my to continue to grow. When looking for personal development I like to focus on my strengths to become a master at it versus focusing on my weaknesses. The reason for this is firstly, Focusing on the weakness isn’t always as inspiring and rarely produces outstanding results.

I believe it’s important to master your strengths because:


  • Developing the awareness of WHEN to use a particular strength and when NOT to use it creates leverage in how you grow.
  • Developing the awareness of HOW MUCH to use a particular strength and in what specific circumstances you should use it.
  • Developing actual skill in using a particular strength puts you as the best in the field you desire to be in.

What are your strengths and how will you master them?

Real leaders not only recognize their strengths, they know the power in outsourcing their weaknesses. If you are not good at redesigning your website and you know that is a task that needs to be complete to take your blog to the next level… reach out to those that are the masters in that area.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on that either. There are plenty of talented college students or freelancers waiting for the opportunity to showcase their work… take the risk and outsource your weakness. This doesn’t make you lazy… it makes you smart and a great business leader. It gives you the freedom to master and showcase your strengths and one of them is knowing when and where you need help. 🙂

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Hey There!

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TGIM Motivational Moment Wk 3

Be Patient and Trust the Process!


KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Throwback Thursday Tribute

A tribute to a living legend…

To the epitome of strength… my granny Corita Simmons.





1.the quality or state of being strong, in particular.

2.a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.


granny783 years of age… married for 36 years before he was called home… 9 children(8 girls and 1 boy), grandmother to 22, great-granny to 29 and great-great granny to 1.


She had her right arm amputated at the age of 14 due to her being kicked by a mule and the doctor’s leaving the cast on to long. She relearned how to do basic functions like writing with her left arm although she was dominate with her right.


Although she had one arm, you would never know. She sewed garments for her children, she would paint a room, garden, cook meals for plenty, and was the neighborhood babysitter. She did things that amazed me still to this day. She is the epitome of STRENGTH!!!


My fondest memory of my granny and her strength…

I was no older than 10 years old. I remember I would study her every move. The way she did so much… without never once complaining was admirable. I remember I would put my right arm in my sleeve and try to do everything with just my left arm, like she did… I tried washing dishes with one arm… like she did and I would become so tired!

I recall the time she asked me to sweep and I truly did not know how. She first showed me how to do it and then I did just like her… grabbed the broom with my left arm and swept like her. She said to me “Kisha… use both of your arms. I sweep with one arm because I only have one. You have two!” I cried as I tried and tried to be successful at sweeping for her and she just smiled until we both started laughing.


After this incident I asked her “Granny, how do you never get tired?” Her response to me was one of the main reasons I believe in God today. She said to me “what you don’t see Kisha is that, what I lack… God make up 100 fold. I have never felt that I only have one arm because God has always been my right arm.”



Strength… the quality or state of being strong.

With her being hospitalized for only the second time in her life, I’m reminded daily of her strength. She was in ICU for eleven days, had a major surgery and came out a survivor and although she is still currently hospitalized… she is on a road to recovery and have surprised the doctors with her progress. She is amazing and God continues to show Himself through her.


While speaking to her neighbors and many visitors that have come by, they have all shared such great words of this remarkable woman I call granny. The one word that repeatedly came from every persons mouth was strength. They spoke of how kind Corita Simmons is, how she shared such wisdom when it came to raising a family, how so many respected her for being an example to everyone else in the neighborhood, how her belief in Christ was one to emulate and they all spoke highly of her strength.


Thank you granny for being the example of strength, a true believer and above all greatness.


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Singer, Dancer, completely chic performer and one of my favorite people to study… Josephine Baker, this tribute is for you!

I’m not intimidated by anyone. Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach, and a head. Just think about that.
—Josephine Baker

Completely gorgeous! The St Louis born beauty became the famously known Europe entertainer known not simply by her dancing but what she chose to wear while dancing! She was bold and wildly admired as she sashayed in her banana skirt.

Josephine was so fabulous that she even had a pet cheetah named Chiquita who she allowed to wonder streets of Paris alongside of her. And talk about style… even her pet had a diamond encrusted necklace!

This fashionista showcased fabulousity to the fullest on and off the stage. Not only was her clothing stylish but her Renaissance castle was as well. It was decked to the nine with a J shaped pool, African huts outside and even wax figurines that were made to recreate scenes of her life! FABULOUS!

Although in the end she lost her french Chateau due to her idealism not matching her extravagance, it is still a beauty to marvel at today. She adopted children from many nations calling them her “Rainbow Tribe” and lost her home in debt. But luckily the home has been kept in tact as what is now known as the Josephine Museum.

Josephine’s Rainbow Tribe 10 boys and 2 girls

Josephine was not only known for her extravagance and style. She also became recognized and even honored with the Croix de guerre (the French military honor) for her service during World War II. She relayed information overheard between German officers during her performances and exposed French officials secretly working for the Germans.

I loved how Josephine’s style was highly influenced by the Art Deco movement that was happening in Paris at that time. From slick down hair, geometric shapes and sleek lines, she was the epitome of Art Deco and was even considered a muse to many. And forget the saying “Less is More” when it comes to accessories… not with Josephine Baker who stayed adorned in long strands of pearls, over the top hair pieces and over-sized cocktail rings!

Josephine Baker celebrated 50 years of show business before passing. She was then honored by being the first American woman to receive French Military honor at her funeral and had over 20,000 mourners.

Salute to Ms Josephine Baker! The epitome of style, elegance and strength!