5 Podcasts every #BossBabe should give a listen


I’m a big advocate of personal development which = self investment. One of the ways I invest in myself is listening to other inspiring and kick ass boss babes that have started from the bottom now they here! Women who struggled and still made it inspire me to keep pushing.

Below are my Top 5 Female Podcasts that will positively affect your life, business and even relationships! Be sure to share who you listen to that keeps you motivated.

  1. Myliek Teele of My Taught You

Myliek is the founder of CurlBOX and has transparently shared her story. She speaks openly on how she started before she was completely ready without even having enough packaging… literally sending product in basic brown boxes. She speaks on her fall with a DUI while starting her company and how she rose to being one of the best in the game right now! Her authenticity is what I love about her! One of my favorite podcasts of hers is one that was posted just recently entitled “Maintaining Momentum”. Give it a listen and be sure to follow her work.


2. Courtney Sanders of Think & Grow Chick!

Courtney’s gift is to give to other female entrepreneurs. She focus on helping business owners like myself, unlock the full potential to think & grow into our purpose. She shares openly about the unsuccessful launch of her business back in 2009 and talks candidly about the steps she took to succeed and how you can do the same thing. Click her pic below to follow her podcast. One of my favorites is entitled “Do You Boo: Defining Your Own Success vs. Learning from the Best”

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3. Sophia Amoruso the original #GirlBoss 

Another fabulous and open book entrepreneur! Sophia is the founder of Nasty Gal but literally came from rags to riches by personal poor choices. She dropped out of school and found herself dumpster diving, hitchhiking and stealing prior to finding her purpose and creating Nasty Gal. She recently launched #GirlBoss Podcast late 2015 and I’m already loving her interviews and candid conversations.

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4. Jess Lively of The Lively Show

This inspiring lady is all about encouraging you to live with “value-based intention.” Her podcast has over 2 million downloads and is true boss babe status! “The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday.” From topics of wellness to career and business, Jess Lively covers it all. One of my favorite interviews is with Nicole Balch that gives business advice. Be sure to check out more by clicking her photo below.

jess lively

5. Koereyelle of The Single Wives Club

Koereyelle “Confessions of a Werkaholic” podcast series interviews various boss babes around the US sharing their learnings. Not only is this a great addition to my podcast listening pleasures, her “Mindset Mondays” are equally informative. So this one is not really a podcast but must not go unmentioned. Koereyelle offers weekly “Mindset Mondays” conference calls and shares her personal advice, learnings and motivation for savvy ladies everywhere. Sign up to get a part of the action here! The one I received this past Monday entitled “Pray then Prepare” was phenomenal. Don’t miss out on her great advice.

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Are you listening to these ladies already? Who else out there in the podcast world is worth a listen? Please share below!!

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30 Memorable VMA moments

Countdown to the VMA’s!!

Top 30 Memorable VMA moments and performances to celebrate the 30th year of VMAs!

As the 2013 VMAs celebrate it’s 30th year in Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Barclays Center, we must take a moment to reflect on some of it’s most memorable moments and performances. From Gaga’s arrival in an egg to Kanye admitting and raises a toast to him sometimes being an a*$hole, the Video Music Awards always leaves us with something to talk about for years to come!

Check out MY 10 Memorable VMA moments and performances… in no particular order:-)

But of course I must begin with Mr. West!

Kanye West, Taylor Swift

The beautiful Taylor Swift was in complete shock when Kanye West chose to interrupt sharing that “Single Ladies” was the best video of all time. Although his thought had great points… he will be forever in the hall of shame and a very memorable VMA moment.

Who can forget the infamous kiss… and not just any ordinary kiss but one that consist of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the one and only Madonna!

Oh Lil Mama… She was feeling “Empire State of Mind” so much she allowed the music to move her right up on the stage during the performance! The best part of this is remembering how Jay-Z gave her the nice pat on her shoulder with a polite dismiss yet she remained until the performance was complete. Still makes me laugh thinking of it!

King B and the beautiful baby bump:-) Beyonce’ announcing to the world on the VMA’s that she is with child:-)

Eminem asked for the “Real Slim Shady” to please stand up by inviting hundreds of bleach blond guys to follow him during his performance in 2000.

Diana Ross literally took a pat to Lil Kim’s boob as Lil Kim wore a pasty to match her outfit in the year of 1999.

Lady GaGa outrageous-ness… From arriving in an egg to wearing a meat dress… she makes sure you remember her! I just wonder what her opening performance and costume will be this year!

Pink demonstrates flying acrobatics while performing “Sober” in 2009.

The late and great Michael Jackson puts on a 15 minute performance with costume changes and smooth criminal moves like no other!!

Now… for the Performances!!

20 most memorable in no particular order but why not start with the one I spoke of above…

1.Michael Jackson!

2. Janet Jackson and the tribute to Michael

3.Chris Brown jumping on tables during his performance of Wall to Wall and Umbrella in his FIRST VMA performance

4.Britney SpearsI’m a slave” performance with the snake

5. Beyonce’Baby Boy” and Crazy in Love performance 2003

6. TLCNo Scrubs” 1999 Before all of the extras… just lights, camera DANCE!

7. Lady Marmalade 2001 performance with Christina, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Patti LaBelle

8. Justin TimberlakeLike I love you” 2002 performance

9. P Diddy, Ginuwine, Usher, Pharrell and Busta Rhymes I need a girl and other!

10. Beyonce’ Single Ladies performance 2009

11. Missy ElliottGet your Freak on

12. Lady GagaPaparazzi” 2009 performance

13. MadonnaVouge” 1990 performance

14. Kanye West Runaway 2009

15. Jay-Z and Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind” simply for the Lil Mama interruption:-)

16. Like a Virgin Madonna come back with Britney and Christina

17. NSYNC 2000 performance of Bye Bye Bye

18. New Edition Reunion 1990

19. Beyonce’ Ring the Alarm 2006

20. Janet JacksonThat’s the way love goes” 1993 performance

What’s to come for 2013?? I guess we will soon find out!