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#FabFridays- Sexiness, more than what you wear!


Modest is the new sexy!

The bare-it-all is truly over-rated and although there is greatness in the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, there is equal greatness in those that can show sexiness without the need to bare it all.

Did you know there was such a thing? Let me share how to do that.


Sexy is shown though:

  1. The eyes – SMIZE!!! (Tyra-ism which means to smile with your eyes)smize1
  2. Smile on your face! A smile is so welcoming, warm, enchanting and yes even sexy at times. Keeping your lips exfoliated, soft and kissable along with your teeth properly cared for… get a brighter whiter smile ladies (and gents) and then add the right shade of lipstick and welcome sexy! Some top choices for lip colors are the right nude for you and red. A red lip is always sexy!

    3. The Hair – How you wear your hair can be sexy as well and it will not require you to be barely there either.

    4. Create it with Color – All black dress with a pop of red, wearing all red or maybe even wearing the royal color purple can showcase sexiness.blackjadore redredwhite

5.  Own YOUR style. when you confidently wear whatever your choose, sexiness can equate to it simply because you believe you are. Below are some modest fashionistas (1. Anam Shahid 2. Nadira Abdul Quddus) that have great style and can also be considered sexy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.26.18 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.25.16 AM

What are some ways you showcase sexiness without baring it all?

Please share!

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Hey There fellow follower, supporter, creative being and fashionista…



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Are you a queen of any? Do you stay up on current trends, know what’s hot and what’s not… Are you able to share great tips in an inspiring and uplifting way?

Well, we want you‼️ We’re looking for the fashion blogger who would like to expose NEW content through

It’s a great way to share your expertise with the world and get seen on multiple platforms.

If you are interested, send samples of your best work, relevant to current style trends to with “F4 BLOGGER” in the subject!

Look forward to working with you.

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Wear it Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!!

Fur files…

Ways to wear faux fur throughout December.

With temperatures steadily dropping here in NY, it is the perfect time to bring out the faux fur. You can sport faux fur in many different styles such as vests, jackets and accessories. And this little luxury can be worn during day and evening to dress up or down.

Check out some great ways to sport faux fur during December.

I love this look below on this miniature fashionista… Pairing a vest over long sleeve knit with shorts and tights is very chic.

Small touches of faux fur on pieces of clothing such as blazers creates a touch of luxury to an everyday classic item.

I love the touch of Faux Fur on the sleeves of this stylish jacket below!

Faux fur vests are completely versatile! I love how the same vest can be worn with jeans or trouser pants and create a different look.  The lovely Rachel Zoe even states this herself and always shows great style when she wears faux fur vests. She has stated that this item can be a great LBD replacement during this season by pairing it with a silk blouse and tuxedo pants and booties. Read more HERE.

Faux fur accessories is a great addition to any look during this season. Have fun with it and make it your own.

Try something different with your faux fur buy putting it UNDER your blazer versus on top to create a different look. This is uniquely stylish.

The detachable faux fur shawl collar is a great addition to any jacket and it can give an elevated look. This can also be removed for more subtlety.

Take a style tip from Anna Wintor with adding a pop of color to the fur.

Are these styles you would Rock or Knock?

Be sure to share ways you choose to wear this trend.


Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Holiday Home style!!

Thanksgiving has past and it’s now time to set the house for Christmas! Check out 10 chic ways to transition and decorate your home for the holidays with simple touches.

1. Bring out the old photographs and Christmas Cards. That’s right… this is the time of the year we bring out old winter photographs, along with great Christmas Cards and place around the home. You can create a booklet for them or even hang on a stylish tree or line like shown below:

Display New and Old Photographs

or try this one from

2. Gather a bowl of ornaments for a different centerpiece. I love this idea! You can use this as a way to add a pop of color for holiday cheer. Decorate with extra ornaments in bowls, glass cylinders and other containers.

Gather Ornaments in a Bowl

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Ornaments in Cylinders

3. Simply make a pillow swap! Changing out the pillows on a sofa can transition the home for any season you want it. I took away the basic pillows on my sofa and added a touch of sparkle and love:-)



4. A little luxe goes a long way. I love to add glamour to the holidays. Simple adds such as a faux fur throw or sequin pillow can make it really feel like a glamorous holiday.

5. Give love to the mantel. Don’t forget to decorate the mantel and this year try something different. If you have additional ornaments, you can showcase them here or even add fresh flowers for a different look.

6. Set the stage from the outside coming in. For this years wreath, try something new like the one I created from ornaments. Or you can choose simplicity with a twist with an evergreen wreath and garland.

Christmas Decorating: Bright White Door

7. Keep it simple by decorating with colors that match your current decor. This is one of my biggest tips I try to stick with. I love that southern living has shared this tip through the years. Although I may add a pop of color, I do keep the base decorations the same with current decor.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Cream Decorations

8. Hang some twinkling lights! Idea from I plan on doing this to my balcony. I will post pics once complete:-)

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Twinkling Lights

9. Pretty wrap… not red & green. I love gift wrapping and I love doing it in an unusual way. This year when wrapping gifts, allow your creativity to shine through brown paper, burlap, rhinestones, lace & ribbons.

Found this great idea from!

10. Spray paint old ornaments for the tree! Versus buying new ornaments to match a certain theme, try spray painting the old ones and go for a monochromatic look.

Spray Paint Ornaments

What additional tips do you have when transitioning and decorating the home for the holidays?

Please do share!


KLL 32 Introducing The Sm:)e Project



Sharing 365 reasons to smile:-)

Each day for one full year, beginning 11/25 (My Birthday) I will post a picture entitled “I smile because______________”

This is a reminder sharing no matter what you may be going through, there is ALWAYS a reason to smile 🙂 !

Join this movement by submitting your photos using this pdf file (BELOW) to print and hold in your photos. Who knows, you may be the spotlight smile cause of the day!

Be as creative with your photo as you like.




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Submit your photo by clicking the link HERE.


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

This is dedicated to those NATURAListas with great style!

Check it out and share if you would be brave enough to sport any of these looks.

This beautiful lady with luxurious locks are completely street chic.

Natural bloggers everywhere are becoming more and more visible to the mainstream. These sisters, like myself embrace our natural hair and showcase a great sense of style.

Folake Kuye Huntoon, Style Pantry, @

Jessie Adore, Adore Daily, @

Tamia, The Style Sample, @

Kendra, Closet Confections, @

Mela, Mela Vond, @

My goal is to get my hair as big as this one below. She is completely gorgeous to me.

SECURITY… I’m loving this:-)

Check out some celebs that are rocking Natural Chic!

I love this chic sister from!

I love that naturalista’s are versatile. Natural hair no longer means dashiki’s and African Prints… it’s simply a statement of preferring natural over relaxed hair and it’s more chic than ever. The versatility ranges from vibrant looks to more preppy but all wearing it well with the crown of glory:-)


The blog gives great chic advice and style inspiration. Be sure to check it out.

#naturalhair #hair #style #fashion #kinkycurlsla

To all of you naturalista’s out there, keep being gorgeous and let’s continue to show how natural hair can be chic!


EXTENDED by demand – Wear it Wednesday

EXTENDED by demand – Wear It Wednesday for Kids!!

Can’t forget about the kids:-) By demand, I’ve created a kids edition for Warm & Cozy.

When the tempature begins to drop outside and the leaves began to fall, our outfits will too transition. Question presented was “How to dress kids warm, cozy and COMFORTABLE!”

Well AttractiveMommie, the best way to keep the kids comfortable while keeping them warm is answered below…



Here are my Top 5 ways to keep cuties warm, stylish and comfortable.

1. Make sure the outside gear is double and triple lined therefore you don’t have to add as much bulkiness underneath. I love these parkas  from Dolce & Gabbana Bambino Kids Collection for extra warm with lots of style:

omg this will be my child one day!

2. Layer them up!! When dressing the kiddos in layers it gives them the option to remove a cardigan, scarf and or Sherpa lined jackets when becoming too warm at school. Then when time to depart, they can add it back on under jacket to fight off the wind. Remember, they are miniature versions of ourselves so layer them as you would do yourself.



oh, hey adorable. nice shoes.

My kid will have fashion like this.

Can THIS be my little man??!!

Dots, Spots & All Sorts | Sparkle and Spin

fall boy style

3. Sweater it up!! Add a warm and cozy sweater to basic jeans and underneath you can add a long sleeve t-shirt or button down for warmth but charming style.



Stylish Kids


4. Add fun and fashionable tights under favorite skirts and dresses this way she can still transition some of her favorites from previous seasons into fall.



Or add leggings and legwarmers for warmth, comfort and highly fashionable! (Zara for kids)

lotuslovely: {zara kids fall}

5. Give them some fashion freedom… You’ll be surprised with you fashionable these little people can be while still keeping themselves warm. Check out the video blog below by a little fashionista!


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Rainy Day Style!

With the past couple of days of fall rain I though it would be great to showcase some great rainy day street style! Just because it rains doesn’t mean fashion ends. Bring the sunshine with Hunter boots, a colorful umbrella and lots of fashion sass.

Have fun in the rain with a fun umbrella like the one shown above. Can you imagine how many smiles it would bring as you walk your city streets:-)

If you are one of those that prefer darker shades, keep your street style sexy like this fab fashionista below:

Another favorite of mine on rainy days is to lighten up the day with COLOR!!!  Either through your Hunter boots or outfit chosen, be sure to add color to a gloomy day. It’s guaranteed to make your day feel better.

My boots of the rainy and snow season to come:

I love fashion that is universal across seasons, weather and geographical areas.

What are your go to styles on rainy days?


Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

Mad Hatter style!!

Fall Hats! From beanies, ball caps and even berets, hats can add edge, femininity, strength or just straight cool to your outfit. Check out some ways to wear hats and share if you would rock it or knock it!

The baseball hat trend:

During Fall 2013 Hervé Léger by Max Azria  baseball caps were showcased in a more sleek, non team traditional type of way. This “Borrowed from the boys” look can give a sexy tomboy look to any hot night on the town look.

From the runway to the streets, chic chicks find great ways to sport this trend.

Beanies simple or with fur attachments are a hat oldie but goodie  that returns every fall season.

The Fedora. Worn across genders in bold or basic colors throughout multiple seasons but seen in influx during fall. It ranges in brim size but the classic shorter brim is mostly common.

The beautiful velvet brim Maison Michel fedora worn by Elena Perminova is simply divine! Check the photo captured and posted on

Elena Perminova’s fedora

Bowler style hat is also known as the derby. This 1850’s hat still stands strong that adds a modern look to this vintage hat during this fall season.

The military inspired French style hat also known as a beret can be found all throughout this season as the go to accessory for fall.

Great way to update this vintage look with luxury for less is by adding a brooch to it like shown below.

Turbans which were known as a religious millinery hat has been around for many years and will remain. Although the basis does not come from fashionable accessories, it has become that throughout many seasons. Rock this in bold colors or prints for sass to the fall wardrobe.

What hats are your go to accessory for fall?

Whichever you choose, share a fun and inspiring way you wear these trends this fall season.


Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Ten Fall back Fashion ideas to rock! 

From pastel colored coats to mid-century suit styled skirts, there are plenty new fashion trends to try this fall.

1. Pastel Colored Coats

Louis Vuitton introduced this beautiful pastel pink coat that will add a touch of luxury and femininity to any girl’s wardrobe.

Valentin Yudashkin:

2. Menswear fabrics

Taking menswear traditional prints such as hounds-tooth and even pinstripes then add it to feminine fabrics and drape flawlessly and you have a new way to wear menswear.

Some of the best draping of menswear done below by designer Haider Ackermann

The Parisian designer Bouchra Jarrar showcased this cross superbly done below:

3. Hourglass silhouettes 

Showcasing your feminine form is in full swing for fall. Cinch in the waist with a belt and show off your decolletage with the right neckline.

Off the shoulder dresses and tops such as the one below from Prada shows the decolletage and feminine form at its best while still being classic.

4. The “Midi” mid-length skirt

Calf-cut skirts whether full, A-line or pencil all are great choices for fall.

Victoria Beckham:


5. Romantic and frilly. Feathers of femininity is brought in both day and night wear. Add a feathered finished look to your fall wardrobe for a piece of luxury and mystery.

One of my favorite pieces. This winter white cocktail dress by Jason Wu  (keeping the accessories to a minimum is a must with such a statement look of feathers)

6. Bandeau’s... yes even in fall and winter!

JW Anderson shows its nothing wrong with showcasing some shoulder during the fall season

7. Cape escape through fall

My favorite dramatic look is a cape! I love the long cape look #2 by designer Yigal Azrouel

Raoul Yigal Azrouël Red Valentino Mulberry Etienne Aigner

8. Under wraps Tight hugging wraps and stoles are a go to fall trend.


9. Texture! Coats to skirts, pants and accessories… don’t be afraid to add texture to your look and even double it!

Ralph Lauren takes texture to another level with these intricate details:

10. Rise and Shine. Add a little metallic shine to this seasons looks.

J. Mendel

Marc Jacobs:

Have you added any of these trends to your wardrobe already? Is there another trend worth sporting this fall season? Be sure to share!


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Shoe Edition!

Booties, Thigh Highs, stiletto’s, loafers, and much much more.

What are your go to shoes for fall?

I love seeing the street style shoes from Milan Fashion Week via blog.

Per the “Grown Man Shoes” offer many options for stylish working men nowadays. My favorite are below:

Fall Back: Grown Man Shoes to Get Right Now

New styles with side cutouts are in for fall. They are considered to be the “boyfriend shoe” which has a more masculine look to it. Check out below these are by Balenciaga

Boots by Givency

For those ladies wanting to dress up their athletic shoes, check out the styles below:

Tell me… Are these styles you would rock or knock?


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Dapper and Debonair! 

Are you a Renaissance man? Do you like seeing stylish debonair gentlemen strolling the streets in modern and traditional suiting options? For me, I can never get enough of it!

So this Fab Friday is dedicated to him!

Mixing plaids and prints throughout suiting items creates a distinctive and stylish look.

These simply debonair gentlemen below showcase different ways and styles of fall coats.

A classic suit tailored to fit him perfectly then appropriately accessorized is a great subtle way to get someone’s attention.

A little extra drama is never wrong…

During fall you can find gentlemen everywhere sporting a stylish coat. I love the three quarters coat below.

Even guys sport the color of the year in a stylish way such as below:

Men… keep suiting up. It’s simply dapper and debonair!


Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

With the nice 60 degree breeze I want to share different ways to wear scarves. 


One of my favorite YouTube vids on 25 ways to wear a scarf is below:

Here are some celebs styled with scarves:

From :

Below are some instructional ways to wear scarves that I found on Be sure to check the website out.

1. Wrap and tie! Find instructions on how to do this HERE.

how to tie a neck scarf

2. Double wrap neck knot. Instructions are HERE.

how to tie a scarf

3. Double Scarf Loop Knot… Instructions are HERE.

how to tie a scarf

4. Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot… Instructions HERE.

how to tie a scarf

Go ahead and Fall into the accessory of a scarf. It can add so much to a basic look and it helps to keep your neck warm:-)



Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to transition your home for Fall!

With the temperature dropping and the leaves changing, it’s time to transition your home for a cozy fall feel. Below are some of my tips and tricks to help transition your home for Fall.

My Photos iPhone 177

1. Re-accessorize with pillows, throw, curtains and even slip covers.

Nothing says a new season more than a change of scenery. Just changing out your decorative pillows in the living room and bedroom can make the home feel more Fall. Adding a luxe throw blanket to the sofa creates the warm and cozy ready to snuggle with on those more cooler days.

2. Change out the scents! Ignite your sensory by switching to scents like spice apple, pine cones, apple cider or even sage.

DIY fall potpourri

You can do this by purchasing new candles or oils to light, infuse or use all together. You can also opt in creating your own scent by making a potpourri that combines cinnamon sticks, vanilla and allspice.

3. Use fall leaves to create interior decor!

Fall Leaf Press- Martha Stewart

By pressing your own leaves you can spray paint, use them in picture frame, decorating votives and other throughout the home.

4. Pumpkins, scones and pine cones oh my!

Add decorative pumpkins and pine cones with glitter covering, spray paint or its natural form throughout the home to give the feel of Autumn.

5. Add seasonal Plants or Flowers

6. Add a cozy throw on a chair or sofa

This is perfect for snuggling, book reading or just getting warm when it’s cold outside.

7. Keep in clean and simple

Although you are adding fall decor, remember to keep it clean which means take away the previous decor, don’t go overboard with the new and let it speak without being overpowering.

8. Lighting!

Lantern Home Decoration Lamps

Set the perfect fall mood with lighting from candles, lamps, and or lanterns.

9. Prep the fireplace

Be sure to not only give your fireplace a physical 🙂 but to also decorate the mantle with simplistic autumn pieces.

10. Fall outdoors!

Don’t forget to decorate your porch, steps, sidewalk or add a wreath to the door to welcome fall from outside to in.

Do you have any additional fall transitional ideas for home? Please share!


Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

48 degrees!!! Yup… it was 48 degrees yesterday morning here in NY so I found it only proper to discuss coat styles!

Fall coats from trench, motorcycle and other optional lightweight jackets… 

Check out some of the fall jacket trends and share if you would Rock it or Knock it!

fall cometh  fall cometh5

fall cometh3 fall cometh7

Follow the lead of the beautiful Angela Simmons with adding a pop of color in a moto style jacket.


You can also choose a wrap style from brand Massimo Dutti like the one below worn by Toni Garrn. This jacket adds enough warm while remaining fashionable. (Photo by Mario Testino)

Pick and choose from bold colors to prints or those adding the details!
fall cometh womens8 fall cometh womens5 TT J Crew details fall cometh womens2

Men… go bold in color as well to add a little extra to the classic styles.

Men fashion trends are also going more chic and modern like shown below…

What style jacket are you looking to sport this fall?


Throwback Thursday Tribute!

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting a fashion rebel and icon who’s been pushing the envelope since 1992 and still stands out above the crowd… Andre’ 3000 !

Although Andre’ is known for his cool lyrics that began with group Outcast and still continues solo, he is even more so recognized for his style. From outlandish costumes to Harlem Renaissance inspired suiting Andre always puts his special twist that then becomes tattooed in the minds of fashionistas like myself.


Take a look at some of the fun throwback costumes that kept the blogs buzzing…

Andre’ continues to woo and keeps us talking even off the stage. He is simply debonair! I love his ability to mix patterns and the way he ensures he has the perfect tailored fit.It was no surprise when he introduced his personal line  “Benjamin Bixby” in 2008. Although short lived, there has been talk in GQ of Andre’ returning his line.

Even in his videos he makes a statement with his style! Below is ONE of my favorites…

Salute to you Mr. André Lauren Benjamin… Thanks for being a style icon that can never be forgotten!


Wear it Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Seasons changing :-)

With a trend following patterns, prints and plaids… 

Would you… Rock it or Knock it?

From prints bottoms up, full body and across unexpected fabrics, there are many ways to continue the 2013 trend.

Even for guys… prints are everywhere! Would you Rock it??

Head to toe prints in luxury fabrics like shown below share great ways to rock prints at the workplace in both skirt and pant options.

You can even dress up the prints for a night out…

Plaids will remain a part of the fashion cycle returning in luxe fabrics, over sized coats and dresses.

Styles for men include modernizing the plaids to create a cleaner feel.

Mixing plaids when done right can be seen as a genius yet fun fashion risk.


Are you bold enough to make these trends your own?

However you choose to do it, remember patterns, prints and plaids may be the trend but you can create the style!



Tuesday TEN

Ten transitional ways to wear summer into fall…

YES…. you can transition some summer items into the new fall season. Below are some ways how!

1. Take your favorite maxi dress and adorn it with a great leather jacket! Take a cue from the fashionable Rachel Zoe below!

Or use this idea as well…

2. Fall forward your stylish satin shorts with tights and and a long sleeve blouse

trans2    trans2.2

3. Take a maxi skirt and pair it with a chunky sweater for a fall transitional look


4. For men… take your favorite color trousers from previous season and layer up with a blazer, cardigan and additional accessories for fall.

How To Wear Colored Trousers?Men colored trousers9 How To Wear Colored Trousers?

5. Same with women… just change out your accessories, add a jacket with your colored pants and new look for new season!

trans6     trans3

6.Transition short summer dresses by adding thicker layers, tights and boots

7. Take a silk romper and do the same as above!

8. Add layers of texture to any summer outfit as a transition to fall

scarf fall autumn layering dress leather jacket tights green black bun boots jacket

9. Add different sleeve lengths to those favorite tuxedo pants for a fall look

10. Pullover over a dress

Remember, the only rule in fashion is: There are NO rules! You can wear white after labor day, you can transition that maxi dress into fall… just switch up the accessories and add some layers and you are good to go!

What tips or tricks do you have to transition summer wardrobe into fall?


Fab Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Summer Short Chic!

With only 22 days of summer remaining, I wanted to share some great ways to wear shorts during the last days of summer!


Starting with all white shorts done right! I love this look, so clean and stylish.

Cream shorts & top... cute outfit for summer ~ Valentin Yudashkin

Rompers are such a breezy, comfortable yet stylish way to dress up or down in the last days of summer. Wear it to a Labor Day party or just cat-walking the city!


Throwing a blazer with shorts always elevates the look and a pop of color adds pizzazz.


Adding a full blouse to shorts and nice stilettos is street chic at it’s best!


Lastly… add a touch of sparkle to cap of the last nights of summer.


What are some ways you will wear shorts during the last days of summer?


Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Let’s talk about 2013 Accessory Trends

From men bags, ear cuffs, hair jewelry and turbans… There are many accessories to choose from for every season!

Turbans were well known in 1940’s and made memorable in the 70’s by the great Sophia Loren and even Barbra Streisand. It made a huge comeback with Sex in the City 2 in 2010 and still in 2013 is going strong. Would you rock it?

wiw acc12wiw acc13wiw acc14

Ear cuffs were statements back in the mid 90’s and it’s back with a vengeance! From celebs to street runway artist you can find these everywhere! My favorites are the gem encrusted styles that are serious ear candy! What are your thoughts… would you rock it or knock it?

wiw acc1wiw acc4wiw acc15

Men bags… murse… whatever you choose to call it. It’s not new but what is, are the amazing colors and trends they now come in. How refreshing to see all men regardless of sexual orientation, carrying them in the most stylish ways.

wiw Macc3   wiw Macc4

Lastly… I’m loving the hair jewelry for ladies. Known in Indian culture for weddings, the fashion scene has used this as inspiration for everyday fashionista obsession.

wiw acc16wiw acc17wiw acc9wiw acc10

All trends to me are worth a try… although it may not suit us all the same as the models posing with it but hey… fashion is about risks and making it your own!