Tuesday Testimony – SOAR

Check out one of our guest speakers Antoinette Staples share her testimony about what it means to soar!


Be sure to join us for Seek Speak Soar Empowerment Brunch this Saturday, November 5th.



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Who Are You?

Who are you? A question that I’ve witnessed plague so many due to insecurities, disappointments, and unfulfilled goals/dreams. But did you know that you can speak words that hold power and can literally change your life if you are open to it?


The tongue is the most powerful tool on your body… use it to your advantage! Discover the power of starting your day saying “I Am” and fill in the blank after those words to describe who you desire to be if you are currently non there.

Examples are:



Try it and share your experience below. Remember… You are what you say you are so give some self-love and speak greatness!

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KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


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You are WORTH IT!

So many times I come across individuals who forget or have not recognized their self worth. So this is dedicated to you. Please know… YOU ARE WORTH IT!


First… A daily affirmation to help you feel good, know your worth and know you can do anything!

Youare worth overflowing happiness

You are worth receiving your hearts joy

You are worth being respected

Do not accept anything less of this!