It’s 2016… Live Intentionally!

Many Blessings to you and yours for the year of 2016 and beyond!!


It’s a New Year and another opportunity for you to live out your purpose! Being transparent, 2015 definitely had many more valleys than mountains but To God be the glory as it ALL works for the good of HIM!

This year, I have decided to live with intention and I want you to join me on this journey.

Live Intentionally Base

Each month I will focus on one specific area to live with intention. I believe if we take the opportunity to enjoy the moments, find purpose in it all and truly live with intention, we will find accomplish many more goals and truly live our best lives!

This is the opportunity to build a circle of accountability while being encouraged along the way with great tips from none other than Coach K!

Here are the focus for each month:

JANUARY – Wellness

FEBRUARY – Confidence

MARCH – Organization

APRIL – Clarity

MAY – Growth

JUNE – Self

JULY – Family

AUGUST – Learning

SEPTEMBER – Reflection

OCTOBER – Breathe



Take a minute or five or thirty and think about those things in 2015 you didn’t get the opportunity to finish or those things you wish you could do differently. Then, recognize since you are still living, you have the opportunity to turn them into real goals for 2016. Write them down, give a rough time frame, and begin to take action steps all while surrendering to Jesus, letting Him lead you. Let’s prayerfully take action and live intentionally. We can do this together with laser focus and I’m here to help encourage along the way with a specific focus each month.

So to kick it off… please be sure to join me starting January 4th to get tips and encouragement from me for Wellness! Let’s live with intention each and every step of 2016!

Jan Wellness

Be on the look out! Much more to come!!!

Get ready to #LiveIntentionally

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Speak into the Atmoshpere



CHIC Foodie2

Today I am sharing my Chic Tip for food! Please follow my FaceBook Page for daily Chic Tips on Food, Finances, Fashion, Business, Lifestyle and Following your Passions!

Add more color to your diet to ensure you are getting proper nutrients daily. And don’t be afraid to try something new!


Like this recipe for a great breakfast sandwich:
2 slices of bread of your choice
3 eggs
1 tsp. of pesto sauce
1/4 cup cheddar cheese
Handful of baby spinach
2 tomato slices
1/8 avocado
Sriracha to taste
(See how to cook on IG page With Peanut Butter on Top)
Love this recipe from her!

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Think. Grow. Prosper


Your thoughts control your destiny. Be sure to only allow positivity to enter and utilize it to allow yourself to grow and the prosper. God has given YOU a specific gift that only you can do. Those dreams you have are not just thoughts… use them to propel you to bringing them to life and watch how you prosper.

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Tuesday TEN

me Tuesday10

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Check out 10 reflections from my past year!

1. Launched and completed #thesmileproject 

Last year I decided on my birthday to share a reason why I smile EVERYDAY for one full year and I did it! I had so many supporters around the world and so happy it impact many peoples lives!

2. Launch of KCL App!

First time to do an app and loved everything about it. Although its no longer active, trying it out was a good experience. Who knows what the future may hold… Maybe I’ll reactivate it or revamp it!


3. Free trip to Hawaii! 

My hard work pays off! With the help of a wonderful team I am rewarded with a free trip to Honolulu, Hawaii! So many great experiences… To many to recap but thankful for it all.

4. Took the leap and left retail!

Decided to finally follow my dreams, pursue my passion and allow my talent to be turned into a business! Launched Keepin Chic LLC!


5. Moved from the crazy weather of NY back to home state of Texas!

I was so over the weather… although I enjoyed the moments and the opportunities… It was time to return home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6. My book is published!!!

Texas and The City“! I followed my dreams and wrote a book in a years time then published it and launched it!


7. I’m hired for speaking engagements!

From social meet up groups to colleges, people are asking for my services and I’m enjoying every moment of it. SO BLESSED!

8. My book tour!

So after the launch of my book, I planned a Texas and The City Book tour and sold out 3 out of 5 stops. Very exciting for first published book and there is more to come next year.

9. Partnership with Blend in For What?! Campaign that I feel passionately about! Join the Movement!

FB Cover

10. He came along…

So this happened… I opened my heart to the possibility of love and it came like a wrecking ball. I’m so excited to what will come this year with who I know I’m destined to be with.

me and he

Cheers to last year and to what will be an even more amazing year this year!


Tuesday TEN ~ Enrich your life!


1. Take a moment and Give Thanks for Today! – Humility will enrich your life daily.

Give Thanks

2. Stay active! Keeping the blood flowing will increase longevity, creativity and this will flow into better living.


3. Read something good! From funny to inspirational… any reading even for 20 mins will enrich your life. And if you’re interested in a good read try Texas and The City


4. Give something of yourself to someone else. Share your gift with the world.

5. Turn off the distractions for at least one hour! Social Media, Cell Phone, TV… all of it. Shut it down for one hour of your day and you will be amazed how much you will accomplish and how great you will feel.


6. Be true and honest with yourself. Be true about what’s working or not for you in your life, and be honest about whatever change is needed.


7. Write about it. Keeping a daily journal is a great enrichment choice. It allows you to reflect on the greatness of your day and is also used as a tool to review in the future to reflect back on what you’ve overcome!


8. Treat your body well. Drink lots of water, eat well and keep yourself healthy. This will keep you energized to live your best life each day!


9. Be creative! Paint, take photos, decorate your home, draw, color in a coloring book or even take up pottery making… Doing something creative each day will enrich your life!


10. S M I L E There is always something to smile about! Share it with the world… it will make a difference in your life! Join the movement and share why you smile:



Do you have other ways you enrich your life daily? Be sure to share!


KCL Thought of The Day


What they are saying about Texas and The City

It’s now been 3 months since I introduced Texas and The City to the world. I kicked off a book tour throughout Texas in August and so far it has been going great.


In less than two weeks I will conclude the Texas and the City Barnes and Noble Book Tour throughout Texas in Houston and I’m so excited to round it up in H-town at the Barnes and Noble on Westheimer.



To hear the stories from different readers on how my book inspired them is completely amazing! I feel overwhelmed with joy because this is exactly what I sought out to do. Check out some of the comments here:

A TxandCity


Ashlyn TXandCity

Some comments from Amazon readers:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.54.46 PM


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.55.43 PM


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.56.03 PM

Some pics from book signings:










More amazon posts:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.58.33 PM


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.58.45 PM


Have you gotten your Texas and The City copy yet? If so… share what you love about it. If not… purchase TODAY at discounted price HERE!!!


FREE TOTE GWP at Texas and The City Book Signing in Dallas!

College GWP


Be sure to RSVP on FaceBook and share on Instagram!!

Texas and The City Barnes & Noble Book Tour!!!

Texas and The City Book Tour kicked off Aug16th in Beaumont, TX and here are the results:


It was great turn out and inspirational event. Many people came out to support and all were sure to get their autographed copy of Texas and The City! Check out some photos from the event below:



Being from a small town and bringing my first stop of the book tour back home gave the opportunity for loved ones to come out and support. Was so happy to see Momma Tena below to come out and share support and of course one of the worlds best hugs 🙂


It was so exciting to speak to so many different people. I was told I inspired them just by sharing a summary of my book. This is my ultimate goal. Already heard a review from someone via FaceBook who read my book after purchasing it Saturday and said it was truly inspirational. So many are interested in reading the sequel… Guess that will come soon 🙂








After selling out the General Manager at Barnes and Noble shared with me how I was the first ever at that location to sell out of all books during a book signing. He said he was inspired by my engagement with everyone who came in and how I had a team of people to assist in making this event successful. Well… with a background in retail… I can’t help but bring the seller/presenter/manager/motivator out of me. This is who I am and this is what I do! I didn’t expect anything less. Thank You Beaumont Barnes and Noble for having me! Next stop Dallas, TX! Check out the flyer below for more details. 



Thank you family for supporting me and helping make this a successful event!


Click the dates below to receive more information and to attend in the city of your choice! Look forward to meeting you and sharing inspirational stories! Never give up on your dreams!

BN @ Lincoln Park in Dallas, TX Aug. 23rd

BN @ Sunset Valley in Austin, TX Aug. 30th




Check out Interview by GG Renee

Hello all!

I’m excited to share interview and feature about me and my book on by GG Renee. She is one of my favorite writers! Please check it out and share the link!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kisha’s Chic Lessons // Texas and the City

 Original post HERE!!!!
“Once I gained the power to know that I am not defined by the environment I was born in, I gained the power to enjoy the beauty of living.”

*When did you discover your passion for writing?
At the age of seven I experienced much trauma at home. During the time of abuse and neglect I found a way to release my pain through writing. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

*What books/authors have influenced you the most?
Maya Angelou has always been an influence to me. The way she wrote was completely captivating.
I love inspirational tales and all seven of her autobiographies are just that. I also enjoy reads from Marianne Williamson, T.D. Jakes and fun inspirational reads from Emily Giffin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gary Vaynerchuk and Kim Gruenenfelder.

*What inspired you to write Texas and the City?
When moving to New York I had a complete plan of what it was going to be like for me. From enjoying broadway shows to creating a following of fabulous forward thinking fashionistas, I knew this would be where I would make it big. But, I found myself living in the mountains of upstate New York far from the actual City. I experienced a bear crossing my back yard and crazy snow storms which made me realize although I had a specific plan, God had a different one and with that I began to write about it.

*How is your personal vision for your life reflected through this book?
Texas and the City is my journal entries turned into an inspirational true tale about my life as a Texas girl moving to New York. My personal vision for my life is about enjoying the moments, sharing the life lessons and always finding something to smile about. This book shares all of this. It shares how I’ve always taken any lemons thrown at me and made lemonade.

*Can you share a couple of your favorite excerpts from the book?

“September 4, 2012

This is the day set forth for me to go on my journey—the journey of a lifetime… the journey led with inspiration, questioning, excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty! I’m leaving at 6:00 a.m. on my twenty-eight-hour drive to New York! I can’t even believe I just said that. And although I was set to leave at 6:00 a.m., I actually didn’t depart until around 9:00 a.m., thanks to me sleeping in! It was hard for me. My soul was smiling grandly while my body shivered with anxiety. The “what ifs” attempted entering my thoughts but were instantly overtaken by the “you can do this” thoughts, and eventually, the “you can do this” won the battle that lived within. I’m doing this drive alone! I’ve never really done this before. But so what, Kisha? I say to myself. There are a lot of things you’ve never done and will do if you continue to follow the bucket list you’ve written for yourself. So instead, I chose to look at it as a conversation starter and positive releaser. I guess when they ask “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I can respond with this! 

I’m driving cross-country on a road not taken, alone and in question. Nevertheless, I’m elated. My second mom stayed over the night before, assisting me in cleaning my condo before I departed and getting rid of what she considered unnecessary—items such as my ninety-seven pairs of shoes, which she said I will never wear and will more than likely buy more due to me moving to a fashion state such as New York. She also said in her loving yet condescending tone, “You ain’t gonna have no damn space for ninety-seven pairs of shoes! Leave that shit here along with those plastic containers you have them in!” I laughed loudly as I tried to bargain with her on why I needed them, even though I hadn’t worn most of them but once and some never at all.

This five-foot-five lady, thick in the hips and breasts, forever wearing her curly coiled wig, and with a personality like no other, is someone never to be forgotten or bargained with! She is what the Puerto Rican culture would call La Dona’, which is the female powerhouse that’s highly respected, in control, and running things. “I remember being ten years old and how I would mimic her every move—the way she sashayed into the room and demanded attention without even speaking, her loud laugh and matter-of-fact tone, and her being always the woman in charge that everyone respected. Her daughter and I would play superstars where she would choose to be Whitney Houston and I never failed to choose to be Linda Steward, my second mom!

She’s a character you wanted to be! But every time I chose her, I remember that Shemica (her daughter) would quit the game, stating how I didn’t know how to play right because I was supposed to choose a superstar, and my rebuttal would always be “But your mom is a superstar! [Well, to me.]” Oh, how I love this woman. She drives me completely crazy, but I could never imagine my life without her. I call her my second mom because although she didn’t give birth to me, she’s been a mother figure that has shared unconditional love as if I were one of her own. She’s been what I needed at the times I needed it most. I thank God for her and all her craziness. And for those wondering, I call my granny mom, and my mom, my biological momma. It’s a bit complicated, interesting yet all serving a purpose, and it’s… a story for a different book!

Anyway, on September 3, my second mom helped me transport twelve boxes to FedEx, which she considered, and I quote her, “Twelve boxes of a bunch of nothing,” but she helped me nonetheless and shook her head while I paid the bill. Then on the morning of my journey, she was there to see me off, trying not to shed a tear while she hugged me and prayed over me quietly for traveling grace. She smiled, shared loving words of how proud she was of me, and said, “Don’t look back, and remember, this move is way bigger than the job you are transferring with.” How interesting. This is now the third time I’ve heard this and from three distinctly different people that have not conversed with one another. It has to be true, and I can only speculate what this journey will bring.

My Infiniti FX35 is filled literally beyond its capacity, and I feel as if I’m suffocating! I’m trying to breathe, but it’s not flowing smoothly. I’m sweating. I have all the windows down and the sunroof open, and it is not enough. Even my passenger seat is piled high. The claustrophobia in me can’t take it! So what do I do? I drive to the nearest Goodwill and dump almost everything off! This is too funny. I pull up through the drive-through area of the Goodwill in what seems as a panic. A guy comes out to assist me, and I’m just taking stuff out like a madwoman. I’m moving much faster than he is, and the startled facial expression of the assistant stops me in my tracks, only to laugh hysterically. I then apologize and tell him, “I just need to get this stuff out of my car!” He laughs along with me and says no worries. He says he is just confused on how fast I was moving while breathing so deeply. He asks me, “Do you need a receipt?” and oddly I say no! My response is more that I just need to move along on my journey. Now, when I look back at this situation, I laugh even more when I realize what I was dumping off were my sheets, pillows, comforters, all bed linens along with towels, some clothes, dishes, and everyday needs! Then when looking at what remained in my car, it was two boxes of nonsense, books, and a damn industrial steamer! What the heck was I going to do with that! This is funny beyond words, especially when I don’t realize it until a month later!

Nevertheless, I’m on the road again, and my first stop is Dallas, Texas. This is where I did a brief stop, only to give my very best friend and mentor a hug in the parking lot as he was finishing a store visit. It’s funny. I held back the tears when saying good-byes to my very best team ever at San Marcos store 471. I held back the tears when my second mom hugged me. I held back the tears when hugging and saying good-bye to my sister from another mother, Neely, but when I hugged Steve Arocha and he made jokes as he always did about my big hair, along with sharing some words of wisdom and encouragement, I drove away crying more than ever! Seeing him choke up while telling me how proud he was of me and that I will conquer anything I put my mind to still to this day bring tears to my eyes. I tried figuring out why he touched me so, and after many thoughts of analyzing it, I’ve come to the realization that he was a godsend. I was blessed with the mentorship and work relationship that turned into the best friendship anyone could ever receive. He was one of my biggest cheerleaders. He believed in me even when I didn’t. He encouraged me during the times I needed it most. He allowed me to be simply me and called me out if I were to ever try and be something else. He had a great way of developing, nurturing, and genuinely loving another person while never compromising his true self. This is what I admired about him most. Whew, mushy enough, Kisha?”

*What role does writing play in your self-discovery or spiritual practice?
Writing is therapeutic for me. Anything I am feeling inside comes out through my writing. At age seven I started writing letters to God as a spiritual practice and I found this to be the best way for me to release my anger, questions and thoughts.

*When do you feel most creative? What inspires you?
I am inspired by life! Experiencing verbal and sexual abuse as a child, having a mother addicted to drugs for the entirety of my childhood, not meeting my farther until 18, and battling suicidal thoughts through my teen years turned me into an adult that treasures every moment. Once I gained the power to know that I am not defined by the environment I was born in, I gained the power to enjoy the beauty of living.
It seems I find creativity in everything but I’m most creative when I’m jogging in my neighborhood while listening to music. It never fails… I get some of the most creative thoughts during that time or right after.

*What advice would you offer to women who are uninspired in their work and want to create a business or project of their own? 
If you are looking to create a business my advice today and forever is to do what you love. Take your hobby and turn it into your hustle. When you are doing what you love, the money will follow. Start while you are still working your day job and create a six month vision board for where you want to see it go. This should include those who inspire you in your specific hobby, by month financial expectations, and photos of how you see yourself as your own boss. You also need to create an exit strategy that is completely detailed. This exit strategy should include your financial details for living expenses, savings, business expenses and sacrifices you can make now to build your savings even quicker so you can then leave your job to pursue your creative career.

*Where else can we find your work?
I am a contributing author on and also post regularly on my personal blog My book is available via and

You can also follow Kisha on twitter @KishaSpeaks.

Follow her work!

Tuesday TEN

10 Reasons to support my NEW BOOK “Texas and The City”

1. It’s published by a freaking awesome and upcoming author… ME 🙂cropped-img_0583.jpg

2. I’m offering multiple ways for you to win a FREE autographed copy! Check out numbers 3-6 for details!9781499005301_p0_v1_s260x420

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7. Read the reviews from those who’ve read it on Amazon!! photo 2


8. More reviews!! Thanks Carla!photo 1

9. Check out one more:  (thanks Natalie!)photo 2

10. Lastly because I support you:-)

Texas and the City: The Journey Less TraveledTexas and the City: The Journey Less Traveled by Kisha Simmons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Being cooped in the house over the past four days fighting a horrible cold gave me some additional reading time I don’t always get. With that, I thought it would be great to share my Top Ten reads! Some fun, some stylish, and some that ignites thought but all read worthy. 

Check out my Top 10 Reads! 


Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink by Kim Gruenenfelder

Fabulously funny novel of three girlfriends experiencing life in some planned and perfectly unplanned ways. Filled with great one liners and extremely enticing. I could not put it down once I got started!


There’s Cake in My Future (same author)

If you plan on reading book #1, You must first read book #2. I will admit, I did it the other way around as I was not familiar with this author but once I finished Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink, I wanted to read her other novels. There’s Cake in My Future was written before and now reading both, I’ve experienced some “ahhh…” moments but wasn’t completely lost as both books are well written.


The Beautiful Disruption by GG Renee Hill

One of my favorite bloggers. When she shared that she wrote a book I knew I would purchase as support regardless but once I read a few inserts, I purchased a couple more for friends. Exploring family mental illness and her self-prophecy this book is perfectly poetic. It sheds light onto her story dealing with a mom who suffered from mental illness but also showcases bravery as she continues to learn who she is and learning to live life differently from what she originally imagined. Heroic and a must read.

4. GoodLuckofRightNow-199x300

The Good Luck of Right Now By Matthew Quick.

An emotional roller coaster as you experience it all from funny to sad but great read.


The Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I bought this during the summer when it came out and read it over two nights. LOVED it! I’m anxiously awaiting a movie screen adaptation. I can read this over and over.


Seriously… I’m Kidding By Ellen DeGeneres

Who does not love Ellen? Her book will keep you laughing from beginning to end. I will never forget when I picked this book up in Target and turned it over to read the back and I immediately started laughing and could not stop. This is what it stated “Oh, hi. I’m so glad you decided to turn the book over. As you probably know, this is normally where authors put nice quotes from fancy people praising their book. I’m a little uncomfortable with that. It feels like a gimmick to get people to buy it and I don’t believe in cheap tricks like that…” It goes on with more hilarity and it immediately had me. I had to purchase! I’m so glad I did:-)


Man Repeller

Another one of my favorite bloggers Leandra Medine put together a hilarious read. It’s a collection of her essays which I love how she recalls everything by what she wore. Highly entertaining.


The Asylum by Simon Doonan

This book is as witty as he. Known for some of the fashion worlds most extravagant window displays at Barneys, Simon shares insight to his world in the fashion industry.


In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon 

Female empowerment to the fullest makes this book a must read. Tamara is the co-founder of Jimmy Choo and shares a real and honest look into her life within this iconic brand.

10.  The World according to Karl

Great book of quotes from the fashion power mind Karl Lagerfeld 

What are some of your fun and stylish reads?