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Start Today!

Can you believe we have only 44 days until our new year of 2016??


So many times we wait until the new year to make a resolution or necessary changes to see different results in our lives.

But, did you know that only about 8% of those who set resolutions actually follow through with them? Speaking of your dreams without planning and action remains just a dream. No matter how great the dreams may be, action is required to make them a reality.


I want to help you change those dreams into goals and accomplish them. So I say, choose to start NOW… don’t wait until the first of the year but put action to it today. If you put action to it today, you are setting yourself up for more future success!


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  • Take the pressure off
  • Discover who you are and what you desire
  • Create implementation goals that allows you to succeed
  • Establish a reward system
  • Implement accountability for the year to come and going forward

Reach out TODAY and let’s get started on those goals NOW!

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Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

10 Holiday Party Themes to try!

December is all about holiday. Many people all around are planning, throwing and attending Holiday Parties. If this is your first year hosting a holiday party and you need some help with themes… here are some of my favorites to try!

1. Christmas Carol Karaoke! You read it right:-) This year try something different with recreating a stage, plug in the karaoke machine and have fun songs lined up such as Babyface rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” or Nsync “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”!

2. The Ugly Sweater Theme… We all have heard of this classic theme and it is a fun one to keep around. You can create a contest for the most ugly or creative sweater along with other great contests to keep guest entertained. You can even make it an annual affair to attend by adding a fun photo booth! Have the theme not only be a dress code but also decorate with it!

3. Have a Holiday Movie and Martini night! Create a great holiday martini with such flavors as peppermint, eggnog or even cranberry. Then be sure to rent, buy or borrow classic holiday movies such as “It’s a Wonderful Life“,  “A Christmas Story“, “Elf” or even “Christmas Vacation” to watch, laugh and enjoy on a winter night. You can create fun games around the movie you will watch like movie Bingo and Trivia. Then even take it up a notch by asking guests to dress as their favorite characters from the movie! Check out great tips and pictures below from 

4. Cookie Swap! This is where you have your guests bring their most memorable cookie and recipe from childhood. You can set out for a tasting and even bake some of them together. It’s a fun way to get some holiday baking done over girl talk and sampling sweet treats. Be sure to have packaging for the guests so everyone can take some sweet treats home as a party favor. Find out more tips at

My Baking Addiction - Host

5. Santa’s Workshop Giving Back Theme.  Create Santa’s Workshop and have a giving back activity where you build wagons for children together. You can also do a silent auction during this event where guests donate memorabilia from childhood such as baseball cards or comic books and all proceeds go to charity. This is a great way for a group to give back during the holidays. It’s a party with a purpose!

6. Holidays Around the World Celebrate the many holidays around the world with this unique theme. Allow yourself and guests to become more enlightened with the many traditions around the world and be sure to match the menu with the different traditions. From dreidels for Hanukkah, and a kinara candle holder for Kwanzaa be sure to explore all.

7. Season Flip.  You know how most say and celebrate “Christmas in July” well for this theme flip it  and create a Caribbean in the winter type of party. Encourage all guests to arrive wearing island gear, have palm trees set up and pass out leis while serving tropical food favorites.

8. Hollywood Black Tie Christmas Party Bring out all the glitz and glamour for this party. Have your guests arrive in black tie and be sure to have a red carpet for them to enter on with paparazzi awaiting. Give out Oscars to the best dressed:-)

9. Christmas Tree Trimming Party Make it a family and friend affair when trimming the tree this year. You can have creative stations set up for guest to create their own ornaments as well as fun games to complete certain tasks with the tree trimming.

Christmas Tree-Trimming Party

10. Holiday Brunch Gathering instead of a party at night, try doing a holiday brunch gathering where you serve savory bites and sparkling cider mimosas by the fire.

Smoked Salmon Frittata

Do you have any other ideas for hosting a holiday party?

Be sure to share!