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Wear it Wednesday

With my birthday 5 days away, I’m thinking of ways to reinvent my style for the new year. I decided to dedicate this Wear it Wednesday to “Ways to Reinvent your Look” with hopes to inspire you as well as get some feedback from you. Be sure to share other ways you choose to reinvent your look if it’s not listed below.

Woman with shadow in background dancing

Anytime I think about reinventing my look the first place I go to is my hair!

I think cutting your hair or changing the color can be so liberating and it will change your attitude and look instantly!

Some styles and colors I’ve considered are:












Every time I look at Tanika Ray‘s hair, I release the cut bug and want to continue on my hair growth journey.

Another way to reinvent your look is to focus on your skin. Taking care of your skin and creating a skin routine is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You older self will thank you!


Over the past 3 years I’ve become addicted to Chanel products for my daily facial routine. I will say, I do believe in using different moisturizers for different seasons and even day versus night. Taking care of your skin will definitely reinvent your look.


Also… I do believe in keeping my lips kissable! Be sure to try out my lip scrub and lip balm duo! Purchase by clicking HERE or on the photo!

Lip Collage2


Try a new hue….. step out the black box and try something new.





Simply by adding on the accessories can reinvent your look!
acc3acc2acc1Lastly I think of releasing the makeup or trying something new with it. I’m not one to wear it but when I do, I try to keep it fresh. But how cool would it be to do something unexpected?!



What are some ways you will reinvent your look?


Tuesday TEN

10 beautiful ambassadors of Blend in for What?!™  and why you should join the movement!

I spoke on this movement just yesterday and because I’m so passionate about it I had to share more. Becoming an ambassador for this brand is more than sharing what your beauty is… You are also assisting in creating your own standard of beauty. You are teaching girls all around to own their uniqueness and get out of trying to fit in with what society says you should be.

BIFW Ambassadors10

1. ASHLEY BLAINE FEATHERSON You can find this actress showing her beauty in upcoming anticipated film “Dear White People”. This actress, vlogger and writer is based in LA and states beauty is: “an inner and outer quality that will never ever go out of style.”


2. PAMELA JENKINS Creator of Koils by Nature is a native from South Carolina who focus on natural skin and hair care. To Pamela, beauty is: “being in love with the person you see in the mirror. Flaws and all!”


3. SABRINA BOISSIERE is a NY naturalista and one half of the event planners for  Natural Partners in Crime. To Sabrina beauty is, “being confident in your own skin.”


4. DEAYA “DIRECT” SMITH This Texas chic producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show is an author and motivational speaker who states beauty is, “Dressing up is how I happen to the day, before the day gets a chance to happen to me.”


5. VICTORIA SANDERS is a wardrobe stylist and costume designer located in California. Her blog VicStyles is inspirational and teaches women “to think outside of the box.” To Victoria, “confidence is key”.


6. ANGELA MCCRAE is a contributor for the and medial professional with NBC Universal. She believes beauty is, “the true essence of being comfortable in your own skin and owning it!”


7. MERISSA V. GRAYSON is an attorney dedicated to assisting clients to achieve their goals. She has a 3-part book series The Business of Co-Parentingand believes beauty is, “being who you aren’t afraid to be when no one is watching.”


8. TAYE HANSBERRY is the blogger of Stuff She Like and this blog is dedicated to everything fabulous! From food to fashion and beauty, Taye shares her perspective on things in a stylish way. For Taye, beauty is, “going with the way you feel.. jumping in 100% with your heart and knowing that we all, no matter who we are, have to work at it.”


9. ZARA GREEN owns a blog, The Grown Zone which focus on helping you become a better you. This chic speaker and author is all about personal growth. Zara has a great webinar initiating in October entitled “Ignite your Individuality” which teaches you “how to harness the amazing power of your hidden motives”.


10.  ARKEEDAH MCCORMICK is a lifestyle and fashion blogger for This lady gives readers all things fabulous with a fresh take on fashion news! To her, beauty is “Embracing everything that makes you unique.”


Reasons to become an ambassador is because this is not just a normal campaign, it’s a movement to encourage your girls and women around the globe to own their uniqueness and “to be their own standard of beauty.” Be sure to check out the website for more info and spread the word!


Blend in for What?!™


Blend in for What?!™  Campaign is “A social initiative centered around acknowledging self-worth, building confidence and teaching women and girls to be their own standard of beauty.”

With Blend in for What?!™ we believe that girls all around the world should know:

BIFW quote

…exactly as you are. No reason for us to try and blend in with others.

With the explosive desire to fit in the mode and young girls exchanging their respect for attention, it’s time to take a stand and take back what we define as beauty! Your beauty is not defined by just your body parts. Check out how some of the Ambassadors of Blend in for What?!™ defined their beauty:

BIFW Ambassadors

Celebrity Stylist FELICIA LEATHERWOOD believes Beauty is:

“anything that gives you the highest feeling of gratitude and appreciation.”


Model and Blogger NIKIA PHOENIX believe Beauty is:

” knowing who you are, accepting your flaws, and still shining bright for everyone to see. Why hide what you’ve been blessed with?”


Youtube Blogger DENISE WATKINS beliebe Beauty is:

“Organic. Lovely. Modest. Timeless. Classic. Wholesome. Graceful. Poised. Healthy. Natural. Godly.”

To me, Beauty is: varied… it can be many things but the one thing it can never be is UNSURE! Freckles, Red hair, Curly and Coiled, size 22, or size zero but above all… completely confident in the skin they are in and never unsure of what they represent.

BIFW quote4

You want to share what beauty is to you? Become an Ambassador HERE!

BIFW become

You will find great content with Blend in for What?!™ thoughts via FaceBook by clicking HERE

Check out the topic discussed on Friday:

“Appreciation or Exploitation”

Today on The Talk the ladies had a conversation about pop culture’s current fixation on “the booty” and whether we as women are simply appreciating, or exploiting, our bodies.
From Nicki Minaj having over 177MILLION views for Anaconda to JLo and Iggy Azalea‘s Booty video, many have become obsessed with fitting a certain mold by getting Butt Injections, Implants and taking surgical and non surgical methods to enhance the booty and obtain fame.
Let us underscore that Feminism and the desire to be treated as equally as men in all areas, including sexual expression, is important. But we do pose the question:
Are we simply having fun by embracing curves or are we selling ourselves short with the exploitation of our bodies? Is it important to want folks to desire our brains as well as (or, in place of) our butts? OR…Should folks just lighten up?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

BIFW beauty

 Blend in for What?!™ goal is to motivate 100,000 women and girls to take the Blend in for What?!™ beauty pledge by December 31st so on January 1st we put the world on notice as we take over owning our uniqueness and celebrating everyone’s beauty.

bifw quote2

Join the movement #blendinforwhat100k by taking the oath, following on Instagram and Facebook and SHARE WITH OTHER BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who refuse to Blend IN!

BIFW quote3

~Kisha Simmons

Blend in for What?!™  Team Member

Fab Fashion Fridays! ~ Queen B

As stated in CR Fashion Book “The empress of pop meets a force of fashion…”


Not many words are needed to express the genius of this photo shoot. Beyonce’ is completely ravishing in many ways never seen. I love the artistic simplicity! Be sure to check out more and follow the tumblr of CR Fashion Book!

QueenB2 Floor length hair and yoga poses in Givenchy all inspiring looks but I’m more drawn to her words. Check them out. It’s called “Bey the Light”





Thanks Bey for shedding your light.




Tuesday TEN

This Tuesday TEN is celebrating the beauty of women! So many times in the fashion industry we focus on the smaller girls but this one is dedicated to some of my favorite full figured or what the industry calls “plus size” beauties.

No matter the proper terminology, we all come in different shapes and sizes and this should be recognized more. Here are my Tuesday TEN bodacious beauties!

Tuesday TEN plus size


1. Anansa Sims – The daughter of Beverly Johnson is completely flawless. I love how she exudes confidence.

Anansa Sims


2. Marquita Pring – This beautiful 23 yr old model is represented by IMG and has been modeling for eight years. She’s starred in many campaigns and is greatly known for her 2011 highly-anticipated shoot for Vogue Italia.



3. Christina Mendez – This glamazon is one of the industries most in demand models and have graced the pages of, Latina Magazine,, Essence, Cosmo Latina,, The Source Magazine just to name a few.

Christina Mendez


4. Ashley Graham – this lingerie model has appeared in many fashion magazines such as Vogue, and Harper’s BazaarShe was signed in 2001with Wilhelmina Models then moved to Ford Models in 2003.

Ashley Graham


5. Candice Huffine – This beauty was the first plus-sized model to be featured on Vogue contributors page. As stated on Fashionista, “She modelsIsabel Toledo’s designs for Lane Bryant for the glossy’s “Steal of the Month” column in the April 2014 issue ”

Candice Huffine


6. Joanne Borgella – This Haitian goddess is a singer, actress, jewelry designer and model!  Most may remember her from America Idol in 2008.


7. Tara Lynn – Although Tara Lynn has stated “It’s hard to make clothes look great on big women” for this beauty it doesn’t look that difficult. She is a flawless beauty with or without clothes.

Tara Lynn

8. Robyn Lawley – This Australian hottie was the first plus size model chosen to appear in Ralph Lauren campaign in 2012. She has also graced the cover of Vogue Italia’s June 2011 issue.


9. Nadia Aboulhosn – The half-Lebanese Florida native became widely known for winning the American Apparel XL model search back in 2011.



10. Kaela Humphries – The bi-racial bombshell is the face of clothing line Evans.

Kaela Humphries


Who are some of your favorites?


Tuesday TEN – CFDA Style!

The amazing CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards are here! The mission of the Council of Fashion Designers of America is: To strengthen the influence and success of American Designers in the global economy.


Here are my Top 10 CFDA Style strutters from this years award show.

1. The Fashion Icon Award recipient Rihanna! Her gown had more than 200,000 Swarovski crystals made by Adam Selman.

rhianna cdfa

rihanna front cfda

rihanna 3 cfda












2. Chanel Iman wearing a Monique Lhuillier gown while posing with the designer.

Chanel Iman & Monique Lhuillier


3. The Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha was ravishing in one of my favorite Project Runway designers Chrisitian Siriano

Coco Rocha cfda


4. Lupita Nyong’o stood out in her Suno jumpsuit.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - June 2, 2014


5. Solange in Calvin Klein 

Solange cfda


6. Jessica Stam in Giulietta jumpsuit was so chic.

Jessica Stam cfda


7. The Puerto Rican Model Joan Smalls gave us skin in Prabal Gurung

joan-smalls cdfa


8. Emmy Rossum the actress and singer was accompanied by and dressed in Mendel

emmy-rossum w: mendel cdfa


9. Infamous Naomi Cambell was completely sleek and glamorous.

naomi-campbell cdfa


10. Blake Lively and Karen Elson shimmered in gold

Blake Lively and Karen Elson cfda


Who were some of your favorites?


Wear It Wednesday

This weeks Wear It Wednesday is dedicated to the 2014 Billboard Awards

On May 18th the Billboard Awards, hosted by Ludacris aired and captured around 10.5 million viewers! This hit a 13 year viewership high. Below are some of my fashion highlights from the red carpet!

The host was classic debonair with the right mix of colors for spring. The pop of pink was perfect.



Nikki Minaj was the surprise of the night on the red carpet. She showcased a great mix of demure and sexy at the same time. I’m so happy to see her doing something different from her usual.

Nicki Minaj Billboard


Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert brought sunshine to the red carpet in the amazing spring colors choices.

Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert Billboard


Model and wife to the lovely John Legend, Chrissy Teigen wore a strapless black and white with silver embellishments Fyodor Golan mini-dress

Chrissy Teigen Billboard

I love the way John Legend was looking at his beautiful wife… you can definitely see the love in this stylish couple.


John Legend Billboard


Ke$ha looked flawless in her black and lacy Ines Di Santo dress. She looks elegant, confident and healthy. So happy to see her doing well since being in rehab for her eating disorder.

Ke$ha Billboard


The six-season winner of American Idol, Jordin Sparks was svelte in her short black halter neckline dress and added a pop of color with her accessories.

Jordin Sparks Billboard

Her boo Jason Derulo was just as dashing in his elevated casual look.


The young Kardashians keeps up well when it comes to fashion. Check out model Kendall Jenner in her sexy jumpsuit.

Kendall Jenner Billboard

The fashion forward couple Wiz Khalifa and gorgeous beauty Amber Rose made an entrance as usual. Wiz kept it edgy with a twist of classic while his wife showed us all how to accessorize with her Moncler Lunettes glasses! Fun yet so chic.

Wiz Khaalifa & Amber Rose Billboard

Shakira hips did not lie in this peek a boo ensemble.

Shakira Billboard

Saving the best for last… Kelly Rowland was stunning in this sexy bralette and long skirt with thigh high split.

Kelly Rowland Billboard


Which were some of your favorites?


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Iman!…Model, Actress, Activist, Entrepreneur, Beauty brand name and much much more! We celebrate this living style icon during this Throwback Thursday Tribute.

Iman, the Somalian beauty was discovered by photographer Peter Beard at the University of Nairobi. She was the desired model in the late seventies and eighties and graced the runway with her unique look, flawless skin, gorgeous face and infamous long neck.


One of my favorite Cosby episodes is when Iman was a guest star:

Unlikely, Iman was not interested in fashion nor modeling and was actually in college when she was discovered. She was more interested in reading Time and Newsweekly. Iman is far more than beauty. She speaks five languages and is a brilliant business savvy woman. When she left modeling in 1989 she set out to expand herself as a brand and has done that successfully now over 20 years.

Iman used her beauty and fame to enlighten the world around her. She took a documentary film crew back to Somalia and leveraged her celebrity to bring more international assistance and awareness to her homeland.

Iman launched her cosmetics line in 1994 for women of color. Her first year of sales were a total of $12 million and after the decision of partnership with Ivax, the next year she grossed over $30 million!

She married rocker David Bowie back in 1992, celebrated 20 years last year and the couple is still going strong today.

Hats of to you Iman… The style icon!