TGIM! Know the power of I Am!



I’m currently teaching Confidence K.I.C.K. as a LifeTeam at my local church and I’m loving every minute of it! I’ve taught this class for college freshman and even online but this class is different. This class is more intimate. Because of the small setting, I am able to gain more engagement and through this, I can see first hand when someone has an aha moment, revelation or becomes excited from the learnings.

I make my courses very interactive, which is a way to push them out of their comfort zones. One of the great things from this type of teaching is seeing the reactions and receiving the feedback in the end of how comfortable they’ve become because of this form of teaching.


Confidence, is the best make-up one could wear and it’s something that we ALL possess. Most just have not tapped into it. 🙂

Once you realize you’ve possessed this all along and then decide to tap into it is always a great outcome. Try it out and see!


If you need some assistance along the way, reach out to me and receive a FREE consultation where I will share how I can help you tap into this type of confidence in order to go after the dreams God has for you!

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Monday Motivation – Confidence

confidence:a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something


This #MotivationalMonday is all about #LivingIntentionally with confidence! Confidence is the key to getting *ish done!

From owning your own business to raising 3 kids under the age of 5… Confidence in knowing you can do it, will allow you to do it and do it well.


What could you do if you possessed the confidence to do so?

Do you need a boost to help you get there? Well, if you are in the Port Arthur, Tx area… get coached for FREE!

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Starting the week of February 8th, I will host a FREE 8 week course on Mondays entitled “Confidence K.I.C.K” to help you kickstart your confidence and go boldly after your dreams!

Email me for more details:

Remember… Confidence is the key to unlock God’s full potential already placed inside of you!

Go get it!!

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Master your Strengths


While doing weekly planning, I start by completing these questions:

  1. What are the top three priorities for the week
  2. What am I proud of and grateful for from the previous week
  3. What are my strengths… simply for personal development

I know you make look at my list and question why I do it this way. Well, I’ve recognized as an extreme organizational control freak, creating long to do lists do not always reap positive results. I’ve learned by shortening the list to the top three gives the opportunity to fulfill giving my best and give me the opportunity to stop, smell the flowers, have small celebrations and actually live and grow through the process versus just doing.

I believe in all work in life we should always showcase gratitude by ,recognizing what we’ve come from, learned, grown from and proud of. I did this on a continual basis when hosting my “TGIM Monday Motivational Moment” sharing Kisha’s Life Lessons. You can check out more here:

I also use my chic tools to help set my day and week up for success. Download them for FREE here:

Chicly Complete

I also believe it’s important to include personal development throughout each work week. This allows my to continue to grow. When looking for personal development I like to focus on my strengths to become a master at it versus focusing on my weaknesses. The reason for this is firstly, Focusing on the weakness isn’t always as inspiring and rarely produces outstanding results.

I believe it’s important to master your strengths because:


  • Developing the awareness of WHEN to use a particular strength and when NOT to use it creates leverage in how you grow.
  • Developing the awareness of HOW MUCH to use a particular strength and in what specific circumstances you should use it.
  • Developing actual skill in using a particular strength puts you as the best in the field you desire to be in.

What are your strengths and how will you master them?

Real leaders not only recognize their strengths, they know the power in outsourcing their weaknesses. If you are not good at redesigning your website and you know that is a task that needs to be complete to take your blog to the next level… reach out to those that are the masters in that area.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on that either. There are plenty of talented college students or freelancers waiting for the opportunity to showcase their work… take the risk and outsource your weakness. This doesn’t make you lazy… it makes you smart and a great business leader. It gives you the freedom to master and showcase your strengths and one of them is knowing when and where you need help. 🙂

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Show it Through Actions

God is Love


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Think. Grow. Prosper


Your thoughts control your destiny. Be sure to only allow positivity to enter and utilize it to allow yourself to grow and the prosper. God has given YOU a specific gift that only you can do. Those dreams you have are not just thoughts… use them to propel you to bringing them to life and watch how you prosper.

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Meet Me in Costa Rica!



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Today marks our 15 day promo in which we will also share 15 reasons to join us in Costa Rica! Here is #1:


Investing in you is so important. So many times we give to everyone else… our children, our husbands, our jobs, our friends, our family… but we forget to invest in what is our most valuable asset: OURSELVES! When we choose to take time to invest in ourselves so much is given back to us. When we take care of our personal self and health, we live longer, stress less and are able to give more to the things and people we love. If you don’t invest in yourself, you find yourself drained, stretched too thin and not having the energy to give your best self to others.

Take a week off this fall and join us in Costa Rica for a transformational journey! You will receive daily three meals, life coaching, meditation, yoga, fitness, nutritional coaching and so much more! You will walk away feeling renewed and ready to take on any obstacles thrown your way!

Join E3Retreats in Costa Rica at an amazing promotional offer of just $995! We would love to see you there!

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Chic Affirmation


Today’s message and affirmation PLEASE REPEAT: “I now manifest the life I have imagined ” go boldly after your dreams know you possess the power to accomplish ANYTHING!

#pursueyourpassions #LiveVisionNOW #motivation #wowwednesday #chicaffirmation #lifelessons from a #lifecoach #dreamBIG and chase them! #wordsofwisdom #quotetoliveby #meditate and make this a reality😘

In Pursuit of Happiness


Are you pursuing what excites you? If not, why?

No more excuses… life is too short to be living anything less than extraordinary so if you are not awakening with excitement to fulfill your purpose and living a life a passion, you are not fully living.

Let’s make today and each day after the days we live to be our BEST SELVES!


P.S. If you are looking for a rockstar confidence coach to assist you in living your best self, hit me up for a FREE consultation and let’s pursue what excites you together!

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Chic Affirmation of the Day


A sample of tomorrow

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Confidence K.I.C.K
It’s been stated by Mark Twain that “In order to succeed in life you need two things; ignorance and confidence.”

This course is going to help you gain the latter of the two… confidence.
What is confidence? It’s “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.”  Many studies have shown that those with confidence accomplish way more than those that do not possess confidence at all. Confidence also is “generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective.”

When you possess the confidence within one self, you have firm trust that you can and will accomplish anything.
You can compete in your first ever triathlon. You can open your dream publishing corporation, run for president or even become a stylist to the stars. With self-confidence… nothing can stop you. And you know the beauty to this… EVERYONE possesses confidence. That’s right, everyone. The issue comes because not everyone has tapped into their self confidence and realized what lives within to go after their dreams. Confidence K.I.C.K will help you unlock that confidence that lives within and propel you to go after what’s rightfully yours.

Each day for the next 28 Days you will receive the tools necessary to unlock the confidence that lives within. I will share guided meditations that will allow you to tap inward to unlock your confidence, envision empowerment with affirmation statements, assist you in redefining failure, go deeper in understanding what confidence is, and even give you confidence activities to assist you along your way.

Here is the day by day breakdown:

What is Confidence K.I.C.K. & How it Benefits you

Know who you are & Who are you destined to be

3 What are your needs from confidence?

Posture… got it?

5 What Meditation got to do with it?!

6 Say, Believe, See 4 Minute Guided Meditation

7 Affirming it All with Envision Empowerment

8 Ignite what already lives within

9 Feed, Nurture & Watch It Grow

10 Say NO Confidence Activity

11 What does HE see

12 I am…I am…I am 4 Minute Guided Meditation

13 Confidence Consistency & Redefining Failure

14 Party for one…yes you’ve won!

15 Confidently Speaking

16 Body Language Diary

17 Articulate Eloquently

18 Speaking in Gibberish Activity

19 I speak life 4 Minute Guided Meditation

20 Strength Speaks Confidence Activity

21 Confidence in That Affirming Attitude

22 Give, Give, and Give again

23 Keep it moving!

24 Embrace your Uniqueness

25 Use Criticism as a Learning Experience

26 Chakra Confidence 4 Minute Guided Meditation

27 Do it Proud Confidence Activity

28 Spread the love

There is still time for additional participants. Spread the word with someone you know and let’s help bring confidence to all who are in need.

Let’s partner together and give your Confidence the K.I.C.K needed to become who you are destined to be!
Sign up HERE!!!

Tuesday TEN

LOVE this article by MindBodyGreen

And with the new year fast approaching I thought it best to share with my readers. Be sure to sign up for Mind Body Green daily inspiration and you can receive these amazing articles via email and also see me as a featured contributor.


10 Things To Let Go Of Before The End Of The Year


As we enter the final stretch of 2014, you may be sensing an energetic shift. December is an important month because it sets the stage for the next year. Use this time to reflect on your goals and focus forward with clarity.

Do you feel weighed down by specific people or situations? Use this time to consciously create a stronger foundation for your life, which means walking away from things that drag you down.

This is an ideal time of year to release old thought patterns, fears, relationships, situations and things that no longer serve you. It shifts you into the closing down of the previous year and prepares you for the one ahead.

Rather than spending time focusing on what isn’t working, pull all of your energy into what is going well and focus on what you want. Use deliberate action toward those goals and you’ll see changes happen quickly.

In the spirit of preparing for the new year and releasing what no longer serves you, here are 10 things to let go of before 2015.

1. Let go of thinking you aren’t where you’re supposed to be.

Everything you’ve done has helped you become who you’re meant to be.

2. Release all thought patterns holding you back.

It’s time to start telling yourself a more positive story.

3. Release the idea that your challenges are long-term.

All setbacks are only temporary, but the lessons learned are forever.

4. Let go of the need to have it all figured out.

What doesn’t make sense yet will someday.

5. Let go of the idea that things aren’t working out for you.

Everything is really much better than you can imagine.

6. Stop asking “WHY” this is happening to you.

Instead ask what you can learn from the situation.

7. Release the need to control the outcome.

You may not get what you want when you want, but trust you will always get what you need when you need it.

8. Stop believing you are your mistakes.

There are no mistakes, only growth.

9. Release the need to be right.

Proving others wrong does not make you right. Instead, focus inward and align with love. When you are confident in your own choices, you don’t have to prove anything.

10. Let go of thinking it’s too late for you.

Your dreams matter and they come to you for a reason. Follow your heart, and you will be free. “

To create your own list grab this FREE Love Your Life to The Fullest Guide.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Article by: Shannon Kaiser

KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of the Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Virtual Workshop Coming Soon!

November is my birthday month and I am giving away great things during this month! The first thing I want to give is the opportunity for each of you to receive extensive coaching, strategic tools and daily motivation from me at an incredibly low cost!

Can you believe we only have 60 days until 2015!!!!???! Have you completed those things you set out to do this year? Well if not or maybe you have but still have some more to go… this workshop will help you! It will kickstart you to living your dreams NOW versus awaiting the New Year to launch.

Click the pic below for more details!





KCL Thought Of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Tuesday TEN

10 ways and reasons to go confidently after your dreams! 

I’ve had many questions since my big move back to the Big D about how I am able to just quit my job, move once again half cross country and not be afraid of failure to just go after my dreams. Well, here are my top 10 ways to kick fear in the face and go confidently after your dreams!!


1. Define what your dream is! Allow yourself to dream and define clearly what it is. When you know what your dreams are, it’s much easier to go after them.


2. Write it out and make it plain! One of my favorite bible versus and it remains true today. If you don’t write out your dreams and plans, how do you ever expect them to come true? Writing it out creates accountability even if it’s only with yourself. WRITE IT OUT!


3. Research! Read books, articles, and surf the net to find out any information that resembles what your goals are. Ex. If you desire to be a Life Coach, research those that are Life Coaches that inspire you. Find your niche… what will set you apart from the other in this field?


4. Get Educated. After all of your research, start taking classes, getting certification and learning from the best so you can then surpass them! LEARNING IS KEY! Learn all that you can so you can do like Gary Vaynerchuk and “Crush It!”


5. Embrace the small steps. Don’t fall into the microwave mentality expecting things to happen instantly. Be willing to take small strides that will lead you to the big jump. I started offering services while still employed before I decided to take the leap and quit.


6. Know there is no greater reward than following your dreams! When you realize your gift is necessary to share with the world and that your gift brings you overwhelming joy, you realize fulfilling it is a much greater reward than staying at a job fulfilling other peoples dreams.


7. You will become an inspiration to others. Aspire to Inspire! I realized when I was living out my dreams, I was inspiring a multitude of people. This was my way of giving back. One of my favorite quotes are “Be the change you wish to see” and I took a moment to imagine if I inspired someone and they paid it forward, this world would be filled with much more positive people so why not go after my dreams!


8. Never Settle. One thing that pushed me to quitting my six-figure income and focus on my dream was I refused to settle. I asked myself one question “Will I be okay with just THIS being my legacy?” THIS I was speaking of was my current job. And the answer was no. Money doesn’t define happiness. I knew I had a gift that was necessary to share with the world and I knew I was to do it on a grander scale. I was not going to settle for for just ok when I was designed to live extraordinary!


9. Remain Positive. It’s true what they say about The Law of Attraction. Whatever you put out there, you will receive in return. I’m a living witness to this. Speak positively about your projects. No matter what anyone has to share, remain positive and don’t allow naysayers to bring you down.


10. Just go after it! Don’t try to figure out the ENTIRE plan. The hardest step is the first one but trust, everything comes so easily when you are following your divine destiny and doing what you are MADE to DO!



Remember… we all possess a special unique gift that the world needs to see. You are only given one life. Live it with no regrets!

How will you go confidently after your dreams?


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New Year… New Celebrations:)

New Year… New Celebrations! Let’s Go 2014:-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

So another year has past. And what a year it has been for me. I’m an advocate of reflection so here’s my reflections on 2013 and what I’m looking for in 2014. Hope this inspires you to reflect on your year as well.

This past year has been a year of growth, travels, learning and continual tests. From the beginning to now I’ve continuously learned more about me and unceasing transformation to becoming the woman I am destined to be has occurred. I started 2013 off with this blog. I shared my learning from 2012 and said Cheers to 2013. I KNEW greatness was what I was on the brink of! I started to pour more into my craft of writing, motivating and fashion. My insights to fashion trends were accepted among my following. I was receiving a motivating response from many to continue on what I started. Most of this motivation came from those I did not know, which was even more exhilarating. I created a video blog sharing each week my “Life Lessons” from the previous weeks. Below is one of my favorite vlogs. It’s when I had the opportunity to experience world travels with a friend in Dubai. The experience was completely captivating and the inspiration still lives within almost a year later. I spoke on knowing it’s okay to Live The Life you’ve Imagined!!

This showcased me not only speaking of what we should do but being a LIVING EXAMPLE. I’m one of those, that do not like listening to people who do not LIVE by what they speak. Since I was a child, I vowed to do the opposite and actually live out any advice I shared to others.

I was told this inspired many. I was excited by the inspiration of others as this was my ultimate goal. You see, I know my destiny is to empower, enrich and ignite others to live their very best lives. With this, I continued on my journey of self value. Yes… self value. You see, to me to have value in oneself is more than just regarding it as important. As stated on Compassion Power“To value it is to appreciate its finer qualities and to invest time, energy, effort, and sacrifice in its maintenance.” This is exactly what I was doing. 2013 taught me to VALUE… invest time, energy and effort into who I am today, who I will be tomorrow and what’s to come for me in the future.

I was on a mission to make each and every moment count!

I continued on my journey of 2013 inspiring many around the globe while inwardly inspiring myself. The more I did to pour into me, the more my worries, troubles or concerns of things I could not control disintegrated. I was becoming anew every day. Each day there was a new venture, thought, or life experience to explore. I continue to write, speak and showcase creativity with those daily experiences. I lived with childlike ambition to complete any task presented to me!

Now… there were a multitude of times where things were just not as great as I wanted them to be. Throughout this year of transformation and self value, I also experienced some, well… MANY disappointments, job drama and frustrations. But the moral of my learning was how I continued to persevere, push forward and never gave up on the faith and hope for the next day. No frustrating situation is long lived… it is TEMPORARY. God continued to allow me these tests and I’m thankful I continued to past. I realized those temporary disappointments happened so I can continue to be the LIVING EXAMPLE I spoke of previously. I continued encountering people that were going through much worse and they received a sense of release when I shared my infamous line of “At the end of the day… It’s really not that serious. This is only temporary and this too shall past.” (Check out my blog on Life is Really Like a box of Chocolates HERE)

With these learning and teachings, I became a Confidence Coach. I gained more clientele throughout the end of the summer and into fall. I was really becoming more and more of the destined me. Did challenges and frustrations continue… ABSOLUTELY! As my day job underwent transformation and change, as did I on a personal level. I was no longer defining myself by my job but by who I truly am at the core. I learned how to not allow the world to affect me but for ME to affect the world. I became the epitome of “Be the change you wish to see”. I built more meaningful relationships and even had the power to let go of those that brought no positivity. I learned when you truly value yourself, when you are in tune with your self-worth, you will NOT allow situations, people, or things devalue you at any time. I stood up for what I believed in. I taught what I was passionate about. And I continue to be the LIVING EXAMPLE for anyone in search of realness in this great world.

How interesting, in my 2012 newsletter, I stated: “I know I may be challenged more, face some disappointments, adventures, surprises and more snow storms but hey… if I’m blessed to live through it… my new year will only be better because of it!”

2013 was all of that! It was about learning, growing and transforming. I understand the power of the tongue so I state today that 2014 will be the time of continued investing and fruit sown coming to life. Everything that I poured into will manifest itself to the highest possible level. I was initially on the brink of greatness but today… GREATNESS has arrived!

I am excited to share my new projects such as my iPhone and Android APP entitled Kisha’s Chic Lessons

I’m excited to continue what I began on my Birthday entitled: The Smile Project or

And I am excited to share many more announcements to come by February so stay tuned!!

Hats off to 2013… thank you for everything experienced and my many learnings. Salute to 2014! For I possess the greatness within to manifest itself outwardly. 🙂

Hope this inspires you to continue on your life journey.

Sending blessings and sunshine your way:-)