It’s 2016… Live Intentionally!

Many Blessings to you and yours for the year of 2016 and beyond!!


It’s a New Year and another opportunity for you to live out your purpose! Being transparent, 2015 definitely had many more valleys than mountains but To God be the glory as it ALL works for the good of HIM!

This year, I have decided to live with intention and I want you to join me on this journey.

Live Intentionally Base

Each month I will focus on one specific area to live with intention. I believe if we take the opportunity to enjoy the moments, find purpose in it all and truly live with intention, we will find accomplish many more goals and truly live our best lives!

This is the opportunity to build a circle of accountability while being encouraged along the way with great tips from none other than Coach K!

Here are the focus for each month:

JANUARY – Wellness

FEBRUARY – Confidence

MARCH – Organization

APRIL – Clarity

MAY – Growth

JUNE – Self

JULY – Family

AUGUST – Learning

SEPTEMBER – Reflection

OCTOBER – Breathe



Take a minute or five or thirty and think about those things in 2015 you didn’t get the opportunity to finish or those things you wish you could do differently. Then, recognize since you are still living, you have the opportunity to turn them into real goals for 2016. Write them down, give a rough time frame, and begin to take action steps all while surrendering to Jesus, letting Him lead you. Let’s prayerfully take action and live intentionally. We can do this together with laser focus and I’m here to help encourage along the way with a specific focus each month.

So to kick it off… please be sure to join me starting January 4th to get tips and encouragement from me for Wellness! Let’s live with intention each and every step of 2016!

Jan Wellness

Be on the look out! Much more to come!!!

Get ready to #LiveIntentionally

KSP sig

Happy Saturday


Just a friendly reminder to have a fabulous, exciting, loved Saturday!

Chic Affirmation

Chic Aff2

Chic Affirmation of the Day


Chic Affirmation


Tuesday TEN

me Tuesday10

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Check out 10 reflections from my past year!

1. Launched and completed #thesmileproject 

Last year I decided on my birthday to share a reason why I smile EVERYDAY for one full year and I did it! I had so many supporters around the world and so happy it impact many peoples lives!

2. Launch of KCL App!

First time to do an app and loved everything about it. Although its no longer active, trying it out was a good experience. Who knows what the future may hold… Maybe I’ll reactivate it or revamp it!


3. Free trip to Hawaii! 

My hard work pays off! With the help of a wonderful team I am rewarded with a free trip to Honolulu, Hawaii! So many great experiences… To many to recap but thankful for it all.

4. Took the leap and left retail!

Decided to finally follow my dreams, pursue my passion and allow my talent to be turned into a business! Launched Keepin Chic LLC!


5. Moved from the crazy weather of NY back to home state of Texas!

I was so over the weather… although I enjoyed the moments and the opportunities… It was time to return home.

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6. My book is published!!!

Texas and The City“! I followed my dreams and wrote a book in a years time then published it and launched it!


7. I’m hired for speaking engagements!

From social meet up groups to colleges, people are asking for my services and I’m enjoying every moment of it. SO BLESSED!

8. My book tour!

So after the launch of my book, I planned a Texas and The City Book tour and sold out 3 out of 5 stops. Very exciting for first published book and there is more to come next year.

9. Partnership with Blend in For What?! Campaign that I feel passionately about! Join the Movement!

FB Cover

10. He came along…

So this happened… I opened my heart to the possibility of love and it came like a wrecking ball. I’m so excited to what will come this year with who I know I’m destined to be with.

me and he

Cheers to last year and to what will be an even more amazing year this year!


Blend in for What?!™


Blend in for What?!™  Campaign is “A social initiative centered around acknowledging self-worth, building confidence and teaching women and girls to be their own standard of beauty.”

With Blend in for What?!™ we believe that girls all around the world should know:

BIFW quote

…exactly as you are. No reason for us to try and blend in with others.

With the explosive desire to fit in the mode and young girls exchanging their respect for attention, it’s time to take a stand and take back what we define as beauty! Your beauty is not defined by just your body parts. Check out how some of the Ambassadors of Blend in for What?!™ defined their beauty:

BIFW Ambassadors

Celebrity Stylist FELICIA LEATHERWOOD believes Beauty is:

“anything that gives you the highest feeling of gratitude and appreciation.”


Model and Blogger NIKIA PHOENIX believe Beauty is:

” knowing who you are, accepting your flaws, and still shining bright for everyone to see. Why hide what you’ve been blessed with?”


Youtube Blogger DENISE WATKINS beliebe Beauty is:

“Organic. Lovely. Modest. Timeless. Classic. Wholesome. Graceful. Poised. Healthy. Natural. Godly.”

To me, Beauty is: varied… it can be many things but the one thing it can never be is UNSURE! Freckles, Red hair, Curly and Coiled, size 22, or size zero but above all… completely confident in the skin they are in and never unsure of what they represent.

BIFW quote4

You want to share what beauty is to you? Become an Ambassador HERE!

BIFW become

You will find great content with Blend in for What?!™ thoughts via FaceBook by clicking HERE

Check out the topic discussed on Friday:

“Appreciation or Exploitation”

Today on The Talk the ladies had a conversation about pop culture’s current fixation on “the booty” and whether we as women are simply appreciating, or exploiting, our bodies.
From Nicki Minaj having over 177MILLION views for Anaconda to JLo and Iggy Azalea‘s Booty video, many have become obsessed with fitting a certain mold by getting Butt Injections, Implants and taking surgical and non surgical methods to enhance the booty and obtain fame.
Let us underscore that Feminism and the desire to be treated as equally as men in all areas, including sexual expression, is important. But we do pose the question:
Are we simply having fun by embracing curves or are we selling ourselves short with the exploitation of our bodies? Is it important to want folks to desire our brains as well as (or, in place of) our butts? OR…Should folks just lighten up?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

BIFW beauty

 Blend in for What?!™ goal is to motivate 100,000 women and girls to take the Blend in for What?!™ beauty pledge by December 31st so on January 1st we put the world on notice as we take over owning our uniqueness and celebrating everyone’s beauty.

bifw quote2

Join the movement #blendinforwhat100k by taking the oath, following on Instagram and Facebook and SHARE WITH OTHER BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who refuse to Blend IN!

BIFW quote3

~Kisha Simmons

Blend in for What?!™  Team Member

KCL Thought of The Day


KCL Thought of The Day


Tuesday TEN

I LOVE Dallas, TX!

With June creeping around the corner, I thought I’d share my summer list as I did last year. Here are just a few of the things I plan to accomplish this summer in Texas! And I always make sure it’s not all about work but enjoying pleasures as well.

Check out my TOP 10!

1. I’m hosting my first Happy Hour Book Launch!! If you’re in Dallas on June 12th, be sure to stop by! (Bread Winners on McKinney Ave 6/12/14 at 7pm!)



2. Enjoy The Spring/Summer Cool Thursday Concert Series at Summer At The Arboretum 


3. Yoga in the Park. Partake in all free activities at Klyde Warren Park 🙂


4. Skyline Trapeze! This is something I have on my bucket list and must mark off this summer!!


5. Hike a trail at Cedar Ridge Preserve


6. Be the I in B.I.G!


7. Bike ride at White Rock Lake


8. Rent a Ski Boat or Jet Ski and enjoy Lake Ray Hubbard!


9. Kick off “Chic Talks Brunch Series“! (Coming soon:-) )


10. Hustle the hell out of my craft! Keepin’ Chic LLC

E3Retreats, Life Coach, Texas and the City Book



What’s on your list?


KLL Week 40

Celebrate your wins

As I planned for this TGIM I realized that next week will make a full year I’ve been doing this. How exciting!

I’m extremely SICK which is why I can’t tape today but thankfully, I can still write:-)


So many times we forget to stop and celebrate along the journey. I will admit, I struggle with this too and have to remind myself to do so. No matter if the win is big or small… a win is a win and a celebration is still necessary. I read something that sparked a thought, it said “Small Wins Prepare You for Big Wins”

“Wouldn’t it be awful to win a big prize, and not receive it because you didn’t know what a win notification looks like, or where to find a notary for your affidavit?

Small prizes help prepare you for big wins by teaching you what to expect when you win a prize.”

So minuscule yet so essential.

Can you imagine finally getting that partnership, launching that book, opening your own corporation or even receiving that right investor and NOT realizing how big of a win that is? We must stop to recognize the small wins in order to receive the larger ones. More found at A Win is a Win

So here are a few wins I celebrate today:

1. I celebrate the inspiration to continue the blog

2. I celebrate my 3,283 following! Small to some but great to me:)

3. I celebrate the launch of additional projects such as The Smile Project and Texas and The City book campaign.

4. I celebrate the blogs that choose to reblog me and gain inspiration from me and even quote me such as “Connect The Cloths

Once again this is just a few but reflecting back, I have many of small wins to celebrate.


What are some of the things you celebrate along your journey?


Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to invest into YOU!

After speaking with a friend, I had to share more in detail. These are just quick ways to invest more into YOU. Remember your value is worth far more than anything else you are surrounded with. Here are ten ways to invest in YOU!

1. BE HUMBLE Never forget where you came from. Simple reflections each day are the best moments of investing in you. Give thanks, remember when and be humble.

2. Get to know YOU Get to know who you are and what you are destined to be. Know this… purpose is a powerful thing and when you know YOUR purpose… you can release greatness! “Be yourself; everyone is already taken” ~Oscar Wilde

3. Develop your skills Take some additional courses, research and even enroll in workshops to consistently develop your skills. Consistent learning is a great investment for oneself.

4. Nurture your body Care for your body by staying active. When your body is a well oiled machine, your mind will be also. This will then aid in more creativity flowing, time prioritizing and allow you to reap the benefits of investing in you.

5. Hang with like minded individuals Get involved with positive groups of people. Iron will sharpen iron. Surrounding yourself with a positive and encouraging group of people will propel you to consistently follow your dreams, believe in yourself and invest more into YOU.

6. Create a morning ritual Perfect time for productivity. This investment can add so much to your life. More exercise, quiet time, reflection time, or even affirmation time… these are all additions from one investment that pours back into YOU.

7. Get lost in a good book. Simply stated… Knowledge is power and this investment will improve creativity and understanding.

8. Become debt-free! Nothing more rewarding than not having the stress of debt!

9. Celebrate YOU We sometimes become so caught up in the task, next task or big project that we forget to take a moment to celebrate our success. So starting today… Celebrate you and all of your awesomeness!

10. Hire a coach! Whatever your struggle area may be, the right coach will pay off tremendously. A coach will support, encourage, challenge and constantly empower you along your journey of greatness. Looking for the right one… Hire Me!

Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

10 things to try in 2014!

In light of the New Year, I thought to share 10 things to put on the list and try for 2014.

1. Do something you’ve NEVER done! It can be zip lining, taking a shot at a triathlon, telling someone that you think they’re cute or going without TV for a week. No matter how big or small, find a way to challenge yourself differently and do something you haven’t done. The reward is much greater than the challenge:-)

2. Cut the negative out of your life! From thoughts to people to places or things… let go of which does NOT bring you the utmost joy and happiness at all times. Life is too short to be wasted on negative thinking or negative people.

3. Take a vacation for YOU! Treat yourself and use your earned vacation time for a special getaway for you. You can go to the beach in Bali or a 3 hour drive to the countryside but do a special trip to explore with you! It’s guaranteed to make you feel great.

4. STAY active! Most of us make the New Years Resolution to get fit or loose weight but drop off after a month at the gym. I challenge you during 2014 to not just make a goal to get fit but to just STAY active. It can be through dance classes, aerobics, training for a marathon or daily yoga but find what works and STAY active. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

5. Treat yourself to something special. Enjoy the fruit of your labor and buy that special thing you’ve been wanting. New handbag, iPhone, bracelet…whatever! If you have to save for it, dedicate a special fund for it and buy it! You deserve it.

6. Write handwritten notes to friends and family. Something that always makes me feel good is to see someone surprised on just a regular day. No birthday… No holiday… just Tuesday. Send a handwritten note to a loved one and as you lighten someones day, you will receive it 100 fold.

7. Volunteer more. Schedule volunteering time like it’s an event and non-negotiable. Remember… giving back never goes out of style!

8. Add something! Don’t think about taking away those bad things from your diet such as soda. Instead add something healthy. It can be adding 2 additional glasses of water a day, 10 minutes of meditation or even adding protein to your snack. You will notice once you start adding… you will have no room for unhealthy eating.

9. Say NO to your phone! During dinner… hanging with a friend or loved one… or nestled with a good book… TURN YOUR PHONE OFF! FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages and calls can all wait! Immerse yourself fully in the moment either with someone else or yourself. Don’t be so glued to checking the phone. LET IT GO! 🙂

10. Take time to breathe and smile:) In America we work so hard, plan so much and are always on the go. Take those moments to breathe and smile.

Hope this inspires you to try something different during 2014. If you have an idea to share… please SHARE! Send me a comment. I would love to hear.