Will you have Brunch with me?


One of the best meals of the day! Add uplifting words and empowerment from speakers ignited by God and you’ve got an event you don’t want to miss!


Get your ticket today and save $10!!!

Yes…we are running a short sale on our tickets. General Admission has $10 off thru 10/12.

Be sure to get your ticket today and save! Remember, if you bring a teen girl, it’s only an additional $5.

If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsoring a great event that will impact the women and teen girls of the community, please reach out to me! You can also check out more here: Seek Speak Soar Sponsorship

We hope you will join us!

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Introduction to CHIC Chicks!

CHIC Chicks

Get to know CHIC Chicks who are conquering the world with their own uniqueness!

These are, Business owners, Writers, Motivators, Thought provokers and Life educators… Movements all by themselves AND…

All women who work it well!*:-)/\:-) high five

Meet Annette and visit her Latin Super Club. A place where you can enjoy great food, fun, live entertainment and lots of dancing!!

Annette owns Coquito in Warwick, NY which is a restaurant that serves brunch on specific days, lunch and dinner.

My favorite night is Saturdays where you can eat great food and dance until you drop!!

Read the article below and make sure to check back on the tab CHICChicks for more chicks that rock!

CLICK:  ChicCHICK Annette Barretto to read more!


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