So today marks the day that I get revived!

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I invited others to join me on this journey for the next 21 days and you can join us too.

This #Revive21DayChallenge is to strengthen, add energy to, or bring life to three areas in our lives. Those three categories are Prayer, Physical Activity, & our Purpose.


What do you need to focus on UNINTERRUPTED?

Inspired by P Daren’s “Power Hour,” I am challenging myself and others to REVIVE for 21 days.
-20 mins of prayer
-20 mins of movement/workout
-20 mins of completing a goal EACH DAY (1 HR UNINTERRUPTED!)

When broken down in increments, it makes it more obtainable.

I’m sure there is something God has been calling you to focus on that you have not truly been consistent with. Come join our private FaceBook REVIVE 21 Day Challenge Group and get revived together!

I went LIVE today, so be sure to check out the video once you join.

See you there!

-Coach K

It’s 2016… Live Intentionally!

Many Blessings to you and yours for the year of 2016 and beyond!!


It’s a New Year and another opportunity for you to live out your purpose! Being transparent, 2015 definitely had many more valleys than mountains but To God be the glory as it ALL works for the good of HIM!

This year, I have decided to live with intention and I want you to join me on this journey.

Live Intentionally Base

Each month I will focus on one specific area to live with intention. I believe if we take the opportunity to enjoy the moments, find purpose in it all and truly live with intention, we will find accomplish many more goals and truly live our best lives!

This is the opportunity to build a circle of accountability while being encouraged along the way with great tips from none other than Coach K!

Here are the focus for each month:

JANUARY – Wellness

FEBRUARY – Confidence

MARCH – Organization

APRIL – Clarity

MAY – Growth

JUNE – Self

JULY – Family

AUGUST – Learning

SEPTEMBER – Reflection

OCTOBER – Breathe



Take a minute or five or thirty and think about those things in 2015 you didn’t get the opportunity to finish or those things you wish you could do differently. Then, recognize since you are still living, you have the opportunity to turn them into real goals for 2016. Write them down, give a rough time frame, and begin to take action steps all while surrendering to Jesus, letting Him lead you. Let’s prayerfully take action and live intentionally. We can do this together with laser focus and I’m here to help encourage along the way with a specific focus each month.

So to kick it off… please be sure to join me starting January 4th to get tips and encouragement from me for Wellness! Let’s live with intention each and every step of 2016!

Jan Wellness

Be on the look out! Much more to come!!!

Get ready to #LiveIntentionally

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Love Change


REPEAT: ” I love change and easily adjust myself to new situations”

Remember, change is inevitable but growth is optional. We ALL will experience change and for some it may be a daunting task but if you speak positivity in the midst of and even before, you can prepare yourself for anything that comes your way.

It’s not about what you go through but how you choose to deal with those things you encounter.

KCL Thought of the Day



Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to ENERGIZE yourself instantly!

With the many duties of our daily lives, we may at times feel energy escaping us. Below are my Top 10 ways to energize yourself instantly throughout the day!

1. Never skip the most important meal of the day… BREAKFAST! It is truly an energy booster and when you fuel your body with healthy options, you fill it with energy!

2. Get to moving! Exercise and feel energized! Either it’s a brisk walk, jumping rope, 30 mins on the elliptical or yoga… moving adds 2 hours of energy and happy endorphin’s after your workout is complete.

Jump rope is awesome cardio

3. S T R E T C H!!!! Stretching is needed. It gives you better posture, build confidence and give a boost of energy.

4. Sing out loud… per research from the University of Manchester in England, singing immediately reaches a pleasure zone. It doesn’t if you can “sing” and sound good… that doesn’t matter. Just sing and sing out loud! ” I want to see you be BRAVE!!”

5. Have a laugh break! Nothing feeds the soul positively like laughter:-) Watch something funny on YouTube like the dancing baby, call up someone to hear a funny reflecting moment or just be brave enough to laugh out loud at work behind or in front of doors!!

6. Take a power nap. Taking a 20-60 min power nap can revitalize you and even give you clarity for decision making.

7. Three minute meditation does the same thing as napping but also grants you relaxation. It releases stress, lower your blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

8. Go outdoors. Step away from the office by stepping outside. Sit under a tree, soak in the sun and breathe in the fresh air… it helps to restore energy.

9. Drink more water!!!! No explanation needed:-)

10. Surround yourself with positive people! Be the change you wish to see… Gandhi  Be sure to keep the negative nelly’s away. Create an environment of positive peeps… it’s contagious! Find that atmosphere or take a Que from Gandhi by creating it!

Enjoy and get energized!



Tuesday TEN

Ten reasons why I love me some Janelle Monae!

Janelle Monae1    Janelle Monae3

The “easy breezy beautiful…Cover GirlJanelle Monae is a Grammy nominated artist that is currently signed to Wondaland Arts Society and Bad Boy/Atlantic Records. She’s known for her alternative and contemporary R&B style along with a taste of Neo-Soul. It’s an eclectic mix. Her inspirations actually are heavily influenced by Nona Hendryx’s blend of funk and rock. This Chic CHICK has a numerous amount of talent and below are the TEN reasons I love Janelle Monae.

1. She Maintains strong femininity while rocking menswear tailored styled suits
1. She maintains strong femininity while rocking menswear tailored styled suits

2. Her Song and video below Q.U.E.E.N is AMAZING!!!! “While you keep selling dope we gonna keep selling hope!” Simple yet brilliant lyrics! another line I love… “Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am!”

3. Because I can’t get her lyrics out my head!!! “She who writes the movie owns the script and the sequel. So why ain’t the stealing of my rights made illegal?” You better preach Electric Lady!!

5. She's the perfect beauty edition to ConverGirl
4. She’s the perfect beauty edition to ConverGirl

5. Her dance moves are filled with energy. She’s not only mastered the infamous James Brown footwork, in my opinion she does it even better than the legend himself. See for yourself below:

6. Although her signature look involves black and white tailored suits with red lips... She looks even more stunning in variety of colors
6. Although her signature look involves black and white tailored suits with red lips… She looks even more stunning in variety of colors
7. Another look in color... simply stunning
7. Another look in color… simply stunning
8. Now back to her black and white... She has done photo shoots with Karl Lagerfelt and says he is her personal inspiration for her style.
8. Now back to her black and white… She has done photo shoots with Karl Lagerfeld and says he is her personal inspiration for her style. But pays homage to her parents as considering the look her “uniform”

9. The footwork spoke about in #5 is evident and even more relevant in #9. Her 2010 hit Tightrope still will ignite your mood and make you want to dance!

10. Her new album The Electric Lady comes out September 10th and I’ve already pre-ordered it!

Janelle Monae4   Janelle Monae9

Janelle Monae8   Janelle Monae6