Put a little effort! TGIM

Hey there you!!


This is an oldie but goodie so I had to re-share this throwback!

Hope you enjoy:-)

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KLL 20

Kisha’s Life Lessons Week 20

My quote for the day…

Effort is the gross under estimated aspect of everything that’s going on in the world. Do the same exact thing with a little applied effort and you’ll get much more up side! Β -Gary Vaynerchuk

A little EFFORT goes a long way!!

Wake up… and put some effort in your day!

Put a little more effort into your day and who you are.

What if you put just a little more effort into…

– Finishing that book

– Studying for the LSAT

– Your Cake Pop Business

– Yoga Business

-Giving the world YOU!

Remember, a little effort goes a long way!


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