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Are you a queen or king fashionista? Do you stay up on current trends, know what’s hot and what’s not… Are you able to share great tips in an inspiring and uplifting way? Are you a foodie at heart and love sharing health tips to the boss babes? Or maybe you are a yoga/fitness/mediation junkie with positivity exuding from you…

Well, we want you!


We are looking for bloggers who would like to expose NEW content through our blog on the topics of fashion, food, fitness and female empowerment. It is a great way to share your expertise with the world and get seen on multiple platforms.

Requirements include: 

  • NEW content only (not published on any other website or publication)
  • Clear point of view on topic of discussion
  • Promote female empowerment in all content (positive vibes only! This blog is created to share insight and inspire creativity and wellness among readers)
  • Understand that this currently is not a blog for pay opportunity but does grant you the opportunity to showcase your work on additional platforms, gain partnership for future endeavors and credibility for all work published as you will have a personal signature that will link back to your social media and websites

If you are interested, send samples of your best work, relevant to current style trends to with “F4 BLOGGER” in the subject!

Look forward to working with you!

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CHIC TIP: Fashion


Make your style memorable! From finding your right hue, wearing a mix of vibrant colors to adding a statement piece or conversation piece to your look are all ways to make your style memorable.

Check out these great street style fashionistas that are making their style memorable:

Adding print to the mix:



3 street style color4

Choosing bold colors:

street style color2 street stylel colorstreet style color3

Here are my Top 10 Essentials I feel we all should have in our closet:

Top 10 Essentials

How are you making your style memorable?

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Fab Fashion Friday

Celebrating the smart and chic style of well known fashion stylist – Nini Nguyen!


It was 2003 when I met Nini while we both worked at Banana Republic in West Village! My how time flies!

Back then, I knew Nini had that special eye for style. Although she started only as a janitor, she proved what she could do when given the opportunity. Nini was still in school but she stood out by styling customers with her keen eye for style and brutally honest opinion. Nini had a way that drew you in and you were so thankful in the end for taking her advice. With Nini being true to herself she was the number one sales person at BR that moved her to NorthPark then transcended her taking this power to Neiman Marcus and becoming Rookie of the year hitting $1million in sales.

FFF Nini

I knew it would only be a matter of time, she would turn her passion into her business. I still remember the conversation we had while she was on lunch break at NM… I always had such great belief in her and I knew eventually she would become a master at her craft. And that she did in a big way!


Nini became a known name in retail as she was a fashion consultant for Oscar de la Renta and  Barneys New York



This fashionista, stylist and designer became Vanity Fair’s International Best Dress 2013 first month winner and have styled many. She’s become the stylist for her girl Rihanna and even designed a gown worn on the red carpet for the launch of perfume Nude.




Nini is not just a fashionista… she is an inspiration! It’s true what she said “Hard work pays off”. This lady is the epitome of dedication, strength and style.



Yes she is incredibly chic but even with the multiple accomplishments before reaching 25, she still has a kind heart. I still remember the huge accomplishment while working at NM where she was able to purchase a home for her parents at age 21.

nini 2


2040748_nini Just recently she gave birth to baby Sage and even while pregnant she gave us amazing style!







Congrats Nini!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments, your pristine style and your new edition.

Check out more here:  Nini Nguyen –       


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Fashion forward…style creator…designer…philanthropist…and icon! Diane von Furstenberg is a name that is still very prominent in today’s fashion industry and will NOT go anywhere. The lovely DVF was a game changer and this tribute is for her!

Diane von Furstenberg | El armario de las famosas

Diane entered the fashion industry in the 1960’s, but she became widely known for creating what every woman has as a staple in her closet even today. This is the introduction to the iconic wrap dress that entered our worlds in 1974.

Although the wrap dress was introduced in 1974, by 1976 this brilliant designer sold over one million of this dress! It was re-launched in 1997 and still to this date continues to be a girls go to fashion item. Then when launching her perfume, Diane gathered ladies in her iconic wrap dress to initiate a flash mob! EPIC!

Diane von Furstenberg continued innovation within the fashion industry as she is also known for her beautiful prints.

In 2011 DVF brought her love for patterns, prints, colors and textures to home. She launched DVF Home and it is equally amazing.

Her fashions are so divine and iconic that she was chosen for partnership with London hotel The Claridge’s for re-design of several rooms and suites. Although this was stated to be the first time DVF did a project like this one on such a large scale, she maintained her classic glamour and style with signature prints and bold colors. Besides, it’s also stated she is a long time guest and friend of this five star hotel! Check out more HERE.


In 2005 she was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award by Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). She was then named the president in 2006.

2014 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the wrap dress…

Journey of the Dress

Diane has consistently delivered gorgeous prints, bold colors and examples of bold femininity throughout every collection. This is the only designer I know that combines glamour and wear-ability at its best! What I admire the most about this icon is that in her words “I am against anything that objectifies women.” She stands firm on female empowerment and has no issue in voicing her opinion whenever she sees fit.

File:Diane von Furstenberg 2012 Shankbone.JPG

Diane von Furstenberg is the most powerful woman in the fashion industry and for everything you have done and continue to do… I pay tribute to you.

Thanks for continuously inspiring me!


Fab Fashion Friday

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Winter White Wonderful.

Dear December,

Oh how I love showing off white during this month! This Fab Fashion Friday is highlighting the purity of street style, Winter White!

Below showcases the perfect way to wear white during the winter. Due to the weather you will need a chic coat to protect the purity of the outfit under so why not style it with a camel colored jacket like the one below:

winter white street style

Camel over winter white once again with a pop of red lip.


White from head to toe including nails, hair and hat is completely chic.


White adds luxury and illumination during what sometimes can be a cold winter, depending on geographical location. It promotes feelings of new beginnings and provides clarity. Although white is usually considered a summer color, long gone are fashion traditions and this color is worn throughout all seasons.

Adding a pop of color to your Winter Whites creates fashion interest.

winter white, white winter street style (14)

winter white, white winter street style (2)

Are you wearing Whites during Winter?

Be sure to share with me your Winter White street style.


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

This is dedicated to those NATURAListas with great style!

Check it out and share if you would be brave enough to sport any of these looks.

This beautiful lady with luxurious locks are completely street chic.

Natural bloggers everywhere are becoming more and more visible to the mainstream. These sisters, like myself embrace our natural hair and showcase a great sense of style.

Folake Kuye Huntoon, Style Pantry, @

Jessie Adore, Adore Daily, @

Tamia, The Style Sample, @

Kendra, Closet Confections, @

Mela, Mela Vond, @

My goal is to get my hair as big as this one below. She is completely gorgeous to me.

SECURITY… I’m loving this:-)

Check out some celebs that are rocking Natural Chic!

I love this chic sister from!

I love that naturalista’s are versatile. Natural hair no longer means dashiki’s and African Prints… it’s simply a statement of preferring natural over relaxed hair and it’s more chic than ever. The versatility ranges from vibrant looks to more preppy but all wearing it well with the crown of glory:-)


The blog gives great chic advice and style inspiration. Be sure to check it out.

#naturalhair #hair #style #fashion #kinkycurlsla

To all of you naturalista’s out there, keep being gorgeous and let’s continue to show how natural hair can be chic!


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Rainy Day Style!

With the past couple of days of fall rain I though it would be great to showcase some great rainy day street style! Just because it rains doesn’t mean fashion ends. Bring the sunshine with Hunter boots, a colorful umbrella and lots of fashion sass.

Have fun in the rain with a fun umbrella like the one shown above. Can you imagine how many smiles it would bring as you walk your city streets:-)

If you are one of those that prefer darker shades, keep your street style sexy like this fab fashionista below:

Another favorite of mine on rainy days is to lighten up the day with COLOR!!!  Either through your Hunter boots or outfit chosen, be sure to add color to a gloomy day. It’s guaranteed to make your day feel better.

My boots of the rainy and snow season to come:

I love fashion that is universal across seasons, weather and geographical areas.

What are your go to styles on rainy days?


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Shoe Edition!

Booties, Thigh Highs, stiletto’s, loafers, and much much more.

What are your go to shoes for fall?

I love seeing the street style shoes from Milan Fashion Week via blog.

Per the “Grown Man Shoes” offer many options for stylish working men nowadays. My favorite are below:

Fall Back: Grown Man Shoes to Get Right Now

New styles with side cutouts are in for fall. They are considered to be the “boyfriend shoe” which has a more masculine look to it. Check out below these are by Balenciaga

Boots by Givency

For those ladies wanting to dress up their athletic shoes, check out the styles below:

Tell me… Are these styles you would rock or knock?


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Dapper and Debonair! 

Are you a Renaissance man? Do you like seeing stylish debonair gentlemen strolling the streets in modern and traditional suiting options? For me, I can never get enough of it!

So this Fab Friday is dedicated to him!

Mixing plaids and prints throughout suiting items creates a distinctive and stylish look.

These simply debonair gentlemen below showcase different ways and styles of fall coats.

A classic suit tailored to fit him perfectly then appropriately accessorized is a great subtle way to get someone’s attention.

A little extra drama is never wrong…

During fall you can find gentlemen everywhere sporting a stylish coat. I love the three quarters coat below.

Even guys sport the color of the year in a stylish way such as below:

Men… keep suiting up. It’s simply dapper and debonair!


Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

Leggings! What has become a fashion style staple in every girls closet. Leggings have transitioned through every season and can be seen in many different fabrics. Check out some fun ways to wear leggings both casual and dressy during this fall season.

Badgirl RhiRhi leggings style always has a fun yet fashionable edge.

Below are how some wear leather leggings both for day and a night out.

Classic black in leather, lace, jean or cotton can be used as a base to create a cute fall look by pairing it with a fun blazer or cardigan similar to shown below:

Fun fashion printed leggings add a pop to any fall wardrobe.

Create a classic or trendy look with the many legging options but be sure to make it uniquely you.

Tell me… Does this staple live in your closet? Are any of these looks you would rock? Or do you prefer for it to be knocked?


Fab Fashion Friday

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Cerulean… a color of 2013 being worn in fall. Check out some ways chic guys and girls wear this color.

Would you Rock it or Knock it?


Pair it with a pop of yellow or alone from head to toe. Either way would be great.

I love the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag below in this bold color from the summer collection that you can transition into fall.

Guys add it muted and bold from sweaters to suits. Would you rock it?

Mixing this color with patterns can add that extra pop in your fall wardrobe such as below:

You can take it a step further from the wardrobe and add cerulean to your nails!

Would you be bold enough to wear cerulean through fall?


Fab Fashion Fridays!

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Androgyny across both genders. Women in structured suiting, men strutting stilletoes… It’s everywhere:-)

Is it a trend you would Rock… or Knock?

The lovely Micah from showcases great androgyny in all white below:

Micah Gianneli_Raww blog_Jesse Maricic Melbourne photographer_White fashion editorial_White street style_Windsor Smith_Asos_Mossman_Amber Sceats_Arnette_Androgynous model_Top fashion blog_Gucci white heels_Best personal style blog

From stiletto stomping, handbags in tow and even wig wearing… men are showcasing androgynous style as well.

Check out the lovely B. Scott standing next to Ms Janelle Monae…

Some even wear the handbag to match…

Guy or girl… androgyny is just a way to showcase the lack of the norm which to me can be respected. Everyone is entitled and respected for their own opinions.

I’m just curious if this is a trend you would rock? 🙂

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Diana Ross… style icon, actress, and music legend for this Throwback Thursday tribute!

Diana Ross… who became known through the 60’s girl group The Supremes reigned above all and is known widely not only for her undeniable talent but also for her Big Hair, long lashes and sequins!

The legendary Diana Ross has over 50 years in the music business and not one but TWO stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


She’s a living legend where multiple young artist try and emulate her style. Many artist have tried but my favorite by far is the lovely Solange’. Check out some of the Diana Ross inspired styles, including hair below:

Thank you Diana… for your timeless music, great movies and unforgettable fashion!


Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

With the wrapping up of fashion week in NYC let’s check out some of the chic street style runway artists was wearing. 

I love these ladies above in simply debonair styled suits with feminine flare!

Even the models showcased their best street style.

Guys show up with over sized accessories and mixed patterns with classic pieces.

Qui style street style 2013-09-12 (28)

This fun fashion forward crew below was captured by Raydene Salinas on HuffPost Style‘s. I love them!

new york fashion week street style

Is it just me or does the guy in the middle remind you of Jermaine Jackson? 🙂

I love the fun mix of prints from the stylista below.

It’s so inspiring to see fashion at it’s best… worn on real people in their own particular way:-)


Throwback Thursday Tribute!

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting a fashion rebel and icon who’s been pushing the envelope since 1992 and still stands out above the crowd… Andre’ 3000 !

Although Andre’ is known for his cool lyrics that began with group Outcast and still continues solo, he is even more so recognized for his style. From outlandish costumes to Harlem Renaissance inspired suiting Andre always puts his special twist that then becomes tattooed in the minds of fashionistas like myself.


Take a look at some of the fun throwback costumes that kept the blogs buzzing…

Andre’ continues to woo and keeps us talking even off the stage. He is simply debonair! I love his ability to mix patterns and the way he ensures he has the perfect tailored fit.It was no surprise when he introduced his personal line  “Benjamin Bixby” in 2008. Although short lived, there has been talk in GQ of Andre’ returning his line.

Even in his videos he makes a statement with his style! Below is ONE of my favorites…

Salute to you Mr. André Lauren Benjamin… Thanks for being a style icon that can never be forgotten!


Wear it Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Seasons changing :-)

With a trend following patterns, prints and plaids… 

Would you… Rock it or Knock it?

From prints bottoms up, full body and across unexpected fabrics, there are many ways to continue the 2013 trend.

Even for guys… prints are everywhere! Would you Rock it??

Head to toe prints in luxury fabrics like shown below share great ways to rock prints at the workplace in both skirt and pant options.

You can even dress up the prints for a night out…

Plaids will remain a part of the fashion cycle returning in luxe fabrics, over sized coats and dresses.

Styles for men include modernizing the plaids to create a cleaner feel.

Mixing plaids when done right can be seen as a genius yet fun fashion risk.


Are you bold enough to make these trends your own?

However you choose to do it, remember patterns, prints and plaids may be the trend but you can create the style!


Fab Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Summer Short Chic!

With only 22 days of summer remaining, I wanted to share some great ways to wear shorts during the last days of summer!


Starting with all white shorts done right! I love this look, so clean and stylish.

Cream shorts & top... cute outfit for summer ~ Valentin Yudashkin

Rompers are such a breezy, comfortable yet stylish way to dress up or down in the last days of summer. Wear it to a Labor Day party or just cat-walking the city!


Throwing a blazer with shorts always elevates the look and a pop of color adds pizzazz.


Adding a full blouse to shorts and nice stilettos is street chic at it’s best!


Lastly… add a touch of sparkle to cap of the last nights of summer.


What are some ways you will wear shorts during the last days of summer?


Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Let’s talk about 2013 Accessory Trends

From men bags, ear cuffs, hair jewelry and turbans… There are many accessories to choose from for every season!

Turbans were well known in 1940’s and made memorable in the 70’s by the great Sophia Loren and even Barbra Streisand. It made a huge comeback with Sex in the City 2 in 2010 and still in 2013 is going strong. Would you rock it?

wiw acc12wiw acc13wiw acc14

Ear cuffs were statements back in the mid 90’s and it’s back with a vengeance! From celebs to street runway artist you can find these everywhere! My favorites are the gem encrusted styles that are serious ear candy! What are your thoughts… would you rock it or knock it?

wiw acc1wiw acc4wiw acc15

Men bags… murse… whatever you choose to call it. It’s not new but what is, are the amazing colors and trends they now come in. How refreshing to see all men regardless of sexual orientation, carrying them in the most stylish ways.

wiw Macc3   wiw Macc4

Lastly… I’m loving the hair jewelry for ladies. Known in Indian culture for weddings, the fashion scene has used this as inspiration for everyday fashionista obsession.

wiw acc16wiw acc17wiw acc9wiw acc10

All trends to me are worth a try… although it may not suit us all the same as the models posing with it but hey… fashion is about risks and making it your own!


Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Celebrating style Risk Takers!

Are you a risk taker??

“Can I get a Refill…” singer Elle Varner is multi-talented artist. With bright colors, fashionable prints and geek chic glasses Elle Varner stands out as a risk taker with creative style! When doing a poll most women try to stray away from prints on the bottom but not this CHIC BEAUTY! She has the courage to rock whatever she wants and she does it well!

Elle Varner Collage

Solange’ Knowles known as a singer, model, dancer, DJ, songwriter and above all fashion risk taker! Even in her video’s she’s shown taking risks such as the fun and quirky video for “Losing You” which was introduced last year. Solange’ is a ChicCHICK that rocks always!

SolangeCollage1  SolangeCollage2

Jessie J!!! Her name is a risk statement itself! She is a soulful English singer and song writer. Yes this “Who you are” London native style is as loud as her voice and I love them both!


Kanye West… Enough said! He’s a Style Risk Taker to the highest degree. No matter your feelings on his personal decisions, comments and behavior, you must recognize the man has style! The “Good Life” singer is so into fashion that his girlfriends become female versions of him! Don’t believe me… Google it!*:D big grin

KanyeWestCollage   KanyeWestCollage2

Regardless if you choose to wear it or not these Style Risk Takers above stand out from the crowd… proudly representing their own uniqueness!