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Within a couple of hours, as time passed, he entered my room, silently and secretively as a lion would his prey. I tried to play like I was sleep, but he woke me. He asked if I was ok and apologized for the way my mother spoke to me earlier. I just replied with a smile because truthfully, I didn’t’ even understand her statement as a 7yr old. Then he proceeded to tell me everything was ok and that I could trust him.

At that moment, I began to feel the same confusion I did when my mother disciplined me for the way I interacted with her “man.” He than began to hug me and touch me softly on my face. The thoughts of fatherly love softly warmed my heart. The feelings of concern drifted away as I knew he was there to protect me… so I thought.

What happened after that innocent moment was that thing that haunted me for many years afterwards. That moment of disgust later became the result of childhood nightmares, the fighting in school, loss of self-worth, confusion, hatred, and adult male trust issues. These all propelled and played a part of my life of ridiculous faith.

Yes, the ugliest moments in my life became one of the forefront reasons I had ridiculous faith in knowing God had more in store for me, and I wasn’t going to stop believing until I saw it come to pass.

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This excerpt from my upcoming book is just a piece of my unreported story as a survivor of sexual abuse from the hands of my stepfather. I state “unreported” because it was never reported to authorities and with the death threats made by my accuser, I feared my life. With this, I never (until adulthood) shared the things he did to me repeatedly.

The molestation began at the tender age of seven and grew to abuse over the years. For many years I struggled with self-worth, anger, and trust issues as a result of these horrific incidents. It wasn’t until I was forced to seek psychiatric help at the age of fourteen due to multiple failed suicidal attempts, that my thought process began to change. My early twenties would be where I no longer had the thoughts of “ALL MEN” being defiled creatures. And it wasn’t until my latter twenties where I completely released the pain that scarred me throughout my childhood.

Now I stand unashamed of the incidents that occurred as I know it too served a purpose  for my good. Through my pain, I am able to help other persevere.

Through my Teen KICK Ministry, I teach young girls how to not allow labels of hurt, shame, or even social media to define them. I lead through teaching their identity is found through Christ.

I share to state, You TOO can overcome. Know you are not alone and that with Christ… all things are possible, including overcoming sexual abuse or harassment.

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(**Thank you Tarana Burke who started the movement #MeTOO 10 years ago and to Alyssa Milano for helping gain more awareness by using your platform.)

Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Thanksgiving Style!!

Here are my Top TEN Thanksgiving style tips to try.

1. Glam it up! I love this dress shown on bloggers site LauraLily.net She showcases a beautiful pleated dress in vibrant fall colors and accessorized perfectly with pearls.

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2. Jazz your denim with a blazer and cute booties! I love this look by blogger A Keen Sense of Style. Elizabeth showcases fashion denim with classic black blazer and jazz with her statement jewelry choices.

3. Add some sparkle! I love what blogger fashionaddict.la did for her Thanksgiving look. You can still add sparkle and be comfortable if you are hosting. She kept it simple wearing black but boost her entire look by wearing what she calls “pretty sweatpants” that are covered with sequins!


4. Go for the gusto! Simple and yet very glamorous can be done by just adding the right accessory or coat! Check out blogger lovefashionlivelife.com where Joann added this beautiful shag coat to a simple classic dress along with a statement necklace!

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5. A Touch of Texture doesn’t always mean bulky. This classy blogger Melaneeshale.com added textured snakeskin leggings and a beautiful over-sized cashmere sweater to her look for the perfect comfy style that adds “additional room for the stomach area”. 🙂 I love it!!

6. Comfy, Cool, Casual & Cozy… Depending on your event and Thanksgiving activities you may just want to be comfortable and casual. This blogger ModanistaJunkie.com paired her boyfriend jeans with fun leopard print booties and bold red coat for her Thanksgiving look!

Style Challenge: What to Wear for Thanksgiving

7. Harvest colors for stylish travelers. For those of us that will be traveling the roads for work and or visiting family, keep your mood high by adding harvest colors to your look.

8. Pop of color! Even when going comfy & cozy you can add a pop of color to make the outfit more festive. Check out blogger abeautifulmess.com look below.

9. Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to mix your prints with colors and warmth all together for a fun Thanksgiving look. Check out more looks on adoremodesty.com blog.

10. Make it a family affair! Who said having a theme dress attire is dull? You don’t have to make it the exact same outfit, give specific colors and allow the family to make it there own.

A Long Way from Plymouth Rock! Left to Right, Georgia, Brittney, Caitlin, Liz, and Paula model the best fashions for this Thanksgiving.

Be sure to support all bloggers listed and also share what trends you are wearing for Thanksgiving!