Revive Your Passions


We are 6 months into the year and 6 more remaining.

How are your goals going for you? Are you hitting those milestones you set?

Statistics show many hit a plateau at the halfway point. Right before you hit the mile marker, only having 10lbs to your goal weight, gaining more clients, right before the business boost… the plateau comes and this post if for those who are experiencing this.

Here are 10 ways to revive your dreams and passions to have an even stronger back half of the year as you did in the beginning!

First please note,

“It is never too late or too soon to be true to yourself and to live your dream!”



  1. Take the opportunity to REFLECT! Look back over your first half. Was it everything you hoped, planned, sought it to be? Celebrate your wins, and hone in on your opportunities. That’s right, celebrate your wins first! You got those 3 clients you said you would. You lost 15lbs vs 10lbs. You joined the support group you said you would or took the opportunity to travel a bit… whatever it is, celebrate the win you had, reflect on what could have been better and lets start moving fot2rward.
  2. Get Quiet. Find a place where there are no distractions or disturbance. Get in a seated comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly, deeply and in perfect rhythm. Doing this allows you to turn inward and hear clearly what God has for you to do going forward. We must learn to quiet ourselves so we can hear clearly. Sometimes our plans are not the plans God has for us and requires us to quickly change the direction we are going… do so! The reward of doing what HE wants vs. yourself will always be greater.
  3. Turn within. Listen to the voice speaking within. Allow this voice to restore and revive your passions for life. Let it be the driving force of what to do next and be bold enough to activate your faith by putting action behind the voice. Know it is the God in you speaking louder than the you in the world. What will you do with it?
  4. t3Say bye to the nay sayers. You are your only limit!!! —–> Stop sharing your eagle dreams with chickens. <—– click to tweet! They are not where you are. They will not understand your purpose for those specific actions and will only speak negatively to encourage you to go opposite of what you know you should be doing. Those who speak down on the things you do only do so because they were not brave enough to act upon the wild dreams God gave them. Say “boy bye” or “bye Felicia” and keep it moving!
  5. Walk out the feeling. Yes… your intuition, God-voice may lead you down a different path that your first half vision and that’s ok. Follow the feelings. Your vision may change from success coach to teen coaching and you must follow it. Nothing is a coincidence… take those God-driven ideas and act upon them.
  6. Sporty womanChallenge Yourself. Are you up for the challenge to revive? At times when stress enters our world, our passion begins to die but if we deal with our stress differently, we can allow the passion to live on. Welcome balance into your life. Do not become overly consumed with one thing… Give time to you, breathe more and challenge yourself to deal with it differently so you can continue this journey! Challenge yourself and when you hit a milestone celebrate you. t5
  7. Get a mentor! We all need others. Find a mentor that will uplift, encourage and hold you accountable to completing the goals you set forth. Join a community of change agents and those with similar dreams so you can feed off their energy. Trust me, it works! Iron sharpens Iron.
  8. Be a mentor 🙂 Yes… when we give, we receive in return that very thing we are searching for so help someone else out and watch it challenge you even more.
  9. Be true to you! No one knows you better than YOU. Be true to who God created you to be. Don’t get caught up with what others are doing in the industry. There is only one you and the world needs your uniqueness!
  10. Give thanks! Gratitude always reaps gratitude. When you receive the restoration to your dreams, vision, passions… give thanks to it! Be grateful of the answered prayers. Be grateful for those things you received in the first half of the year and the many great things to follow in the later half!


Be sure to share how you will revive your passions below!

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Get connected1

Boss UP!


How do you Boss Up?

In a world where we have we literally have access to more than one billion people each day through social media, it is the perfect time for you to Boss UP in your entrepreneurial efforts!

Whether it be a product or service, platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram gives you the option to advertise for FREE in any innovative way you can dream of.

Get connected1

No, you do not need to use all platforms, but I do suggest you chose the platform that work best for your business and boss the heck out of it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 7.35.44 PM

Below I will share some tips that will assist you in becoming the marketing social media maven along with showcasing some of my favorite bosses on different platforms that you can learn from also.

1. Who is your target audience? 

Know your target audience in order to offer the right content! some tips are:

— The younger generation and even teenagers go for the Vine, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram.

— Soon-to-be-wives and moms are all about Pinterest for the photos and DIY’s.

— It’s stated young parents and grandparents alike can be found on Facebook.

— If you focusing on Business owners and leaders, find them on LinkedIn.

— Influencers and bloggers love Twitter, Tumblr and now even Instagram.

2. Be consistent with your message and your handle.

Don’t make it difficult for people to find you or know what it is you offer. My handle across all platforms is @CoachKSpeaks . What’s yours?

When you know what you are offering, you need to stick with that message across the board. Maybe it’s offering advice to young entrepreneurs or fashion tips… whatever it is, you need to be consistent with the message.



3. Network! 

Want to get discovered? Well, follow those you admire, compliment, get to know and support in order to receive the support!

4. Repurpose current content.

I’m sure you currently have lots of content that have been used on your blog or social media accounts. It’s time now for you to streamline the pipeline to repurpose the content already used. Update with current graphics. Delete those things that are not of relevance to the message you’ve committed to and start posting as it’s new.

5. Ride the wave

What is currently being discussed on social media right now? Study the hashtags and ride the wave to receive some recognition and supporters. Examples are on Instagram, #MotivationalMondays have over 4million posts which means it’s being used frequently. If you are a coach, USE THIS HASHTAG and watch your likes and followers increase with your consistency. It’s great to create hashtags when you have specific challenges going on or you already have a large following over 10k but until then, nothing is wrong with riding the wave.

Here are a few of the #bossbabes I follow and appreciate when it comes to consistent messaging and marketing.

stacia True #BossBabe! Over 150k followers and it continues to grow daily. Dr. Stacia is consistent with sharing free success and business coaching to her followers with a touch of her lifestyle for inspiration of where you can be if you utilize the awesome tools she offers.

The colors she use are vibrant and consistent throughout her page.

On FaceBook her message continues with more content. You will find blog links, quick tips and even some posts from Instagram with a longer detailed post.

When you go to her other pages such as twitter, or youtube channel you will find the same or more content shared.




Another Boss! Simple yet highly impactful. Charlotte of Confessions of a Clean Foodie does an amazing job staying consistent with her message of clean eating with dynamic photos on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.04.48 PM

My dear friend and once stylist to Bad Girl RiRi (as in the only Rihanna), Nini is crushing it on FaceBook. She shares amazing fashion moments from her daily life and gives style tips for all.

These are just three of many I admire on social media. Are there any that you follow and would like to learn from? Share below but most of all, TAKE NOTE!!


Another favorite, Hilary Rushford who is also crushing the game on Instagram with almost 100k followers, shared phenomenal advice about proper marketing on Instagram. In her words, with the algorithm going on Instagram, this is the year for you to choose to crush it or step aside. I’m taking some of her tips and plan to crush it. Will update my stats as they increase. 🙂

She grew her following of 40k+ in just one year!

Be sure to check her out for awesome advice.  <——- FREE INSTAGRAM CLASS HERE

Share your learnings and lets Boss Up together!

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Lemonade, Tea, Me & Bey


Beyonce’ dropped yet another amazing visual album and the world stopped… then carried on. 🙂


Although I absolutely loved her transparency, ability to showcase she is as human as the rest of us and creativity, I am using this forum to share how you too, can turn the lemons in life into lemonade and proudly carry on!

Here are the top 3 lessons (yes there were more) I learned from Lemonade, were able to relate with and so can you:

  1. NO ONE IS EXEMPT TO EXPERIENCE THE TRIALS IN WHAT WE CALL LIFE! In the words of the one who was once my “husband in my head” and now painting clouds purple as he passed on to glory, Prince “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Truth is, we ALL go through it. But only a few will choose to grow through it. Beyonce’ shared her trial and how she’s grown and you can too. Whatever that thing is whether it’s marital problems, infidelity, insecurities, childhood trauma, or even health scares, sweetheart, you are not the first nor will you be the last. Pick up your bed and walk free. Cry, become angry, scream, pout, question and do whatever you need to let it out, but most of all, be sure to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
  2. DON’T ALLOW IT TO “INTERRUPT YOUR GRIND!” Simply stated, *ish happens. Keep it moving. Bey shared how distractions, even those considered to be your husband can interrupt the plans God has for you if you are not careful. Do things in His will and never lose sight of the end prize. I have to be transparent and share, I fell into this trap for almost a year and when I heard those words “interrupting my grinding” all I could do was jolt up from the lying down position I was in and say in my Kevin Hart voice “wait… I wasn’t ready!” But the truth is, I needed to hear that. NOW… it’s about what I will do with that boost of inspiration. Come on now ladies, get in formation and follow suit! Don’t let anyone or anything interrupt the plans He has for you. Know your purpose and never stray away from it. If you get coins along the way, that is just an added blessing 🙂
  3. FORGIVENESS, FREEDOM AND MOVING ON! When life hands you lemons, make the best lemonade, forgive those who’ve done you wrong, own your freedom and once again, keep it moving! Forgiveness is the key to it all. Many times, why we get stuck is because we forget to forgive. Forgive the one whose wrong you, forgive what has happened to you and forgive yourself for what you’ve done to you including the extended pity party you threw. Own your freedom and let NO ONE take it from you. From family to social media to being captive to un-forgiveness, take your freedom back! “Freedom, freedom, I can’t move! Freedom, cut me loose!” 


So this is the Lemonade and Tea from me with learnings from Bey!

What are yours?

P.S. If you are needing some help in turning your lemons into lemonade, reach out to me, The Confidence Coach today for your FREE 30 minute Consultation!


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Be sure to share your learnings below!

TGIM! I’m Back! How BIG is your faith?

Hey Hey Heyyyyy!!!!


TGIM is back!

Check it out below, share and comment! Let’s kick off our Monday with motivation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.15.27 AM

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Power of the Park – #IvyPark

Let’s kick this off celebrating the brilliance of Beyonce’ .

Yes, I said it and no it’s not worship… it’s celebration. It’s inspiration. It’s empowerment. Now, let me share with you why.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.35.44 AM

It’s been 37mins that the cover of Elle was shared via internet. 35mins since Bey posted via instagram pics of the shoot and introduced #IvyPark as a hashtag and new instagram page… check out these results:

ivypark inst

yea… 25k of us already are followers and there is only ONE picture posted!

The cover of Elle is not only breaking news but literally breaking the internet!


And not only is it Elle for US but UK also!


Now let’s share the brilliance of Beyonce’ , business mindset and branding!

Beyonce’: Known for music that gets you moving physically and sometimes mentally as well due to what some consider as the recent controversy of her lyrics and video to Formation.


The celebrated truth is that she is unapologetically her. She chooses to be who she desires and does not ask the permission of you. Regardless of any backlash received, she is still doing her and refuses to address any of it. This alone is a brilliance many of us strive for our entire lifetime.

When was the last time you did something that caused a reaction but you kept moving not caring what anyone had to say?

bey gif

Carry on 🙂

Now “back to business”: Bey reminds us to keep our business mindset up. Look at what she’s done over the past 60 days:

  1. Performs epic routine, song and nationally talk about performance at Superbowl Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.16.21 AM
  2. Launch NEW song and Formation clothing line at the same time… capitalize on the opportunity Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.18.07 AM
  3. Teases with Elle cover and NEW active wear line Ivy Park 14 days prior to it’s launch date in stores! Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.18.57 AM

Not only is she about her business, she works it quietly then drops it effortlessly. This is something to learn. Know how to just WORK!

Stop talking about it and just work about it! 

Tweet: Stop talking about it and just work about it! ~CoachK #formation #slay #businessbabe

And on to Branding: The power of branding award goes to Beyonce’ . With the introduction of a clothing line 14 days to launch date, introduction to new instagram page and having 25k followers in less than 30mins, this shows the power of right content and being visually appealing to the eye.

Truth is, her branding works because:

  1. Beyonce’ is clear about her unique value proposition
  2. She knows her goal (simply to dominate and inspire along the way)
  3. Bey knows her target audience
  4. She is loyal to herself first
  5. Pays attention to the details
  6. Stays relevant

These are just a few of what makes her branding work. She stays relevant by knowing her audience (Intro to getting your Summer Body ready with Ivy Park), what’s going on in the world today (Formation) and keeping trendy with a unique flare!

If you disagree, I’m sure it’s more of a personal dislike versus respecting the truth and hustle. Either way, your opinions are welcomed.

I’m inspired by #IvyPark Not simply by the brand or Beyonce’ but the immersive experience received when watching the trailer. It inspires me to reflect back to what my park is. This has ignited a fire and I’m ready to burn it up!

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#FabFridays- Sexiness, more than what you wear!


Modest is the new sexy!

The bare-it-all is truly over-rated and although there is greatness in the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, there is equal greatness in those that can show sexiness without the need to bare it all.

Did you know there was such a thing? Let me share how to do that.


Sexy is shown though:

  1. The eyes – SMIZE!!! (Tyra-ism which means to smile with your eyes)smize1
  2. Smile on your face! A smile is so welcoming, warm, enchanting and yes even sexy at times. Keeping your lips exfoliated, soft and kissable along with your teeth properly cared for… get a brighter whiter smile ladies (and gents) and then add the right shade of lipstick and welcome sexy! Some top choices for lip colors are the right nude for you and red. A red lip is always sexy!

    3. The Hair – How you wear your hair can be sexy as well and it will not require you to be barely there either.

    4. Create it with Color – All black dress with a pop of red, wearing all red or maybe even wearing the royal color purple can showcase sexiness.blackjadore redredwhite

5.  Own YOUR style. when you confidently wear whatever your choose, sexiness can equate to it simply because you believe you are. Below are some modest fashionistas (1. Anam Shahid 2. Nadira Abdul Quddus) that have great style and can also be considered sexy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.26.18 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.25.16 AM

What are some ways you showcase sexiness without baring it all?

Please share!

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Confidence = Success… Get Some!


(article via LinkedIN)


5 Ways to Live Confidently NOW

“With confidence, you have won before you have started” ~Marcus Garvey

When you think about those people who are successful and you aspire to be like such as Oprah, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Farrah Gray, the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even the power music couple Jay-Z and Beyonce’, what is the common character trait that all of these people posses? The answer…CONFIDENCE!

Each believe, and have a firm trust in not only their talent but also themselves. And because confidence is contagious, we as viewers believe in them simply because that person has a strong belief in themselves.

It’s been stated that the number one reason people never take the leap of faith to do those things they love in life and become who they are destined to be is because of the lack of confidence. You’ve always wanted to quit the corporate life and start your own company but you say you can’t because you don’t have the money to do so. Well, here’s the newsflash, having the lack of money is not the real issue. Having the lack of confidence is.

Many of those moguls listed above did not have the money to start their brands but they definitely possessed the confidence. I still remember Farrah Gray’s story shared on Oprah of how he started selling painted rocks at the age of six and became a young millionaire with other business ventures by age fourteen just because he knew he could. With the quote that began this article, the young Farrah Gray won before he began because of his confidence! It’s time for you to do the same.

Here are 5 ways to Live Confidently NOW.

1. Know who you are. When you know who you are, and are accepting of who you are, you become not easily broken when someone else challenges you to be something different. This I will admit doesn’t happen overnight but I will also admit, once you know who you are it becomes unshakeable. Do this by identifying your strengths and opportunities then learn how to celebrate your strengths in all that you do. If you don’t know what those things are, you can start by doing the simple exercise of listing out five things that you do really well along with the top five things you know and love about yourself.

2. Know the confidence desired, already lives inside of you. Reflect back on moments from early childhood. The times before you became self aware and was told you couldn’t do something… those times are the times you possessed more confidence than you do currently. I reflect back on the days I wanted to climb trees simply because the boys were doing it. Everyday I would climb the tree and everyday I would get higher and higher. When the boys told me I couldn’t do it, I climbed higher to make fun of them. But when my granny told me that was not lady-like, I began to question myself and became more self aware. Remember you already possess the confidence, you just need to re-ignite the fire inside to allow it to show through.

3. Kick fear and take the risk! That’s right…kick fear in the face and just jump. Take the risk now. You will not know the outcome until you actually do it. Assuming is just another way for fear to take control. Taking a risk involves not always feeling safe and that is okay.

4. Become comfortable, being uncomfortable. Embracing the unknown and accepting uncomfortable situations is a key to living confidently. It goes perfectly with #3. You have to accept that you cannot plan everything. You do not know the outcome of all situations and sometimes, you will be challenged and uncomfortable. This is all a part of life. So LIVE! You have to step out of the familiar,  predictability of your comfort zone. If you focus on the endpoint and not the process, you become more welcoming of being uncomfortable.

5. Begin and end with a Smile. It’s one of the most simple things in life to do that offers a very large return. Smiling tricks the brain in thinking you are happy and guess what… When you smile, you instantly become happy. It releases endorphins and reduce stress. And it’s the number one seller for any product or service you choose to sell and this includes selling yourself as a brand.

Step out, and live confidently NOW. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow so live boldly today.

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Wear it Wednesday

Lucy and Chad Edwardes

During the winter chill, love is in the air! Here are some great chic looks for the bride and bridal party for your upcoming winter wedding.

Since Solange chic wedding pics I’ve been greatly inspired to seek other winter bridal styles. Below are some of my favorite ideas


For Winter Weddings, capes are always a chic warm and dramatic way to go!

Winter Wedding12

Winter Wedding11

Winter Wedding3

Winter Wedding5

For the wedding party, make it a furry affair! Add touches of warmth throughout the entire party!

Winter Wedding18

Winter Wedding17

Winter Wedding8

A touch of fur… faux or not is a great way to add luxury

Winter Wedding4

Winter Wedding15

Winter Wedding14

Be unique and stand out with the Zac Posen look below:

Winter Wedding7

Make it simply chic with these styles:

Winter Wedding10

Winter Wedding13

Love this look from YSL:

Winter Wedding6


Or add a touch of sparkle!

Winter Wedding2

Winter Wedding7

Aren’t these a great look for a Winter Wonder Wedding?

What are some of your favorite looks?


Tuesday TEN

Solange Knowles… one of my favorite stylista’s was married over the weekend and she did it in such a chic way!


Completely fabulous! Solange vintage yet unique and chic style is one that will be recorded for years to come. It’s completely inspirational to see the disregard for societies tradition and going bold in their own creative direction with the entire event.

Below are my top 10 chic moments to recap from Solange and Alan Ferguson wedding.

1. The Pre-wedding Experience. Events leading up to the wedding Solange and Alan gave a sneak peak of what to expect with the chic white and khaki styled outfits.


2. For the rehearsal dinner on Saturday Nov. 14th she wooed us once again in white but this time an asymmetrical garment designed by Stephane Rolland.


3 & 4. The entire wedding party and guests were asked to wear white and it was done completely chic!




5. Riding in style through the streets of New Orleans


6. And they arrive


7. Just the two… chicly in love


8. Even the DJ QuestLove was chicly dressed in white


9. Like mother like son dancing to “No Flex Zone

10. The gown! Designed by Humberto Leon for Kenzo was a modern take on a caplet gown perfectly accessorized with gold gold arm cuffs by Jill for Lady Grey. STUNNING!



What were some of your favorite moments from Solange wedding?


Wear it Wednesday

With Beyonce’ wearing a Topshop affordable chic dress on the “Black Carpet” for new store opening, it has inspired this post of


Topshop Topman New York City Flagship Opening Dinner This amazing look worn by Queen Bey is only $130! Check out some other great night out affordable chic looks below and get ready for holiday season:


Another great look from Topshop  only $110 that can be paired with bold gold accessories.


Find this lovely long sleeved black dress for $79 at Simply Dresses


Sexy mid-sleeve mini dress only $104


Great faux leather dress from Zara LESS THAN $100 ONLY $79.90



Amazing low-cut jumpsuit with V-Back at Zara $129


Amazing sequin velveteen dress worn by Iggy for Forever 21 ONLY $32.90


LOVE this red jumpsuit for only $68 from Nordstrom


Spice it up with a dress from French Connection only $138


Alice + Olivia dress is only $138 and is perfect for a fun night out on the town


What do you think?? Will you do affordable chic as great as Queen Bey?



Wear It Wednesday

Halloween will be here in 3 days! Do you have your costume yet?

If you are one of those who usually awaits the last minute or don’t have the time to do it until last minute and still looking for ideas, I’ve compiled some below!


These costumes are those that are inspired to spending minimal amounts of money, in some cases none because most of us have these things lying around the house to create these frugal costumes!

Go Nostalgic! 

I’m sure everyone has that old bag of clothes from the nineties stuck in the attic somewhere (and for some still in the closet) that you can pull out and create these looks from!

Fresh Prince and his wacky cousin Carlton! With Alfonso currently showing his dancing moves on Dancing with The Stars, this would be fitting to pay tribute to him.


Or try Dr. Evil and Mini Me… literally 🙂 Make it a family affair with this look by just getting out the blue jean button down and bandana to tie around the head. Then be sure to add stick on numbers to the front to get the whole prison look.


Or make it plain yet powerful with Sticky Stickley from Nickelodeon


Looking for more fun… try these:

Buy a roll of tulle under $5 at Hobby Lobby for more than enough and create a large loofah! And don’t forget to get the string! Watch the DIY video HERE for how to create.


Become Rosie the Riveter by putting on your spouse blue collared shirt, sleeves rolled and a red bandana.


Throw on a lampshade, cut a box and cover it with a sheet for “One Night Stand


Or make it sexy and even become a pop star for a day:

Become Fifth Element with white tube tops and tape. Make it a group effort to become Korban, Dallas and Leeloo.


Do you have a sexy red dress? Become Jessica Rabbit with a red dress and just buy some purple gloves!


Through on your black leotard or body suit, buy some cat ears and become a sexy kitten!

Lastly… so many looks from the infamous Beyonce’ from this past year you can become. If you have the items at home… recreate and become Sasha Fierce!

Rock the short bangs and a wig as Bey in Paris


Make it sexy On the Run with your black body suit and let your man be Jay-Z 🙂


Hope this sparked some ideas! Be sure to share what you plan to be.





Celebrating Queen Bey Birthday by sharing 33 of my favorite hairstyles she’s sported over the years.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are some of your favorite hairstyles from Queen Bey?


Fab Fashion Fridays! ~ Queen B

As stated in CR Fashion Book “The empress of pop meets a force of fashion…”


Not many words are needed to express the genius of this photo shoot. Beyonce’ is completely ravishing in many ways never seen. I love the artistic simplicity! Be sure to check out more and follow the tumblr of CR Fashion Book!

QueenB2 Floor length hair and yoga poses in Givenchy all inspiring looks but I’m more drawn to her words. Check them out. It’s called “Bey the Light”





Thanks Bey for shedding your light.




Wear it Wednesday

This WIW is dedicated to Reinventing your style!

Check out two of my favorite fashioistas who have reinvented their style over the years.

JLo Street Style2

The one that stands out the most of Style Evolution and has no issue reinventing their look is:


 JLo has come a long way from the days of being a Fly Girl on In Living Color. Check out some of her style choices over the years.


JLo before1

JLo before2

JLo Before5

JLo Before6

She continued to reinvent and some of her well known looks are below. Who can forget the infamous grammy dress the year she was dating Puffy

JLo After

JLo After2

JLo After3

JLo After4

JLo After6

My second stylish reinvention fashionista that I adore is Solange! Looking at Solange style today is so inspirational. It’s reminiscent of her favorite icon Diana Ross but starting on the scene, Solange was more hippie chic.






She rebelled front the standard, cut all of her hair off, went natural and gained a mod style. Below are some of my favorite styles that reinvented her entire look. She has plenty of favs but since I’ve featured her before, I will try and show some of those looks not already featured.











2013 Northside Festival - Day 4


What are some ways you will reinvent your style?


Wear It Wednesday


Check out some hot swim fashions to get you inspired for Summer Swim Parties!

Elite Swimwear some sexy swimwear for every type. I love this two tone seduction monokini! $129 HERE.


This website has many items to offer including cover-ups. Check them out!






This year fringe is big on swimsuits. From one piece to bikini and even monokini, you will see fringe. Will this be a trend you will try?



You can try this bandeau biking in fringe and bright colored from Victoria Secret.



Cut out’s are really big this summer as well. This one from Victoria’s Secret is beyond sexy.




The crop top rash guard is a new one that’s big for summer as well. Check out some colorful looks from Victoria’s Secret:

V392004 V395581











Phily Q offers swimsuits in beautiful luxurious prints and in the bold colors we are wearing this spring/summer season. Check out this royal blue:



And for the frugalista, you can find amazing swim wear from H&M for summer! Last year they partners with the amazing Beyonce’ and this year…They partnered with amazing models such as Gisele and those with bomb bodies such as David Beckham for looks that will definitely draw you in!

Check Out Gisele in H&M’s 2014 Summer Swimwear Campaign


David-Beckham-HM-Spring-Summer-2014-Swimwear-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Lastly, be sure to add prints as they are and will never go out of style of suites! I love the options from Malai Swimwear.


What style will you try tis summer?



Monday Mixtape


Let’s get moving with our Monday Mixtape:-)


1. Just became a fan! Fancy by Iggy Azalea 

2. Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter by Nikka Costa

3. Valerie by Amy Winehouse

4. Let’s it get it started by MC Hammer

5. Jump Around by House of Pain

6. Crank That by Soulja Boy

7. Grove is in the heart by Dee-Lite

8.  Bonnie and Clyde 03′ by Jay Z ft Beyonce 

9. Faith by George Michael

10. Gotta Feeling by Black Eye Peas

Just an eclectic mix to keep you moving on your day!!


Hope you enjoyed!!

What are some of your move songs?



Wear It Wednesday

Here is the Were it Wednesday Met Gala Edition!

The Met Gala is the premier fashion industry red carpet event! With a theme of Charles James: Beyond Fashion There were many looks that took us beyond!

One of my favorite events to see who’s going to wear what on the Red Carpet! Check out some of my favorite looks below:

My favorite look of the night came from Rihanna




Janelle Monae in Tadashi Shoji cape was killing it!



Diane Kruger



Selena Gomez


Charlize Theron


Gabrielle Union


Rosie Huntington-Whitely


Gisele Bundchen



Adriana Lima


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds


Anne Hathaway


Jessica Alba




I didn’t think this was that flattering on her but because I’m a fan, I had to share this pic. 🙂 Love you Bey!



What were some of your favorites?


Monday Mixtape

Beyonce’ Edition!!!

We all known Bey has many songs to get you moving and today it’s a Beyonce’ kind of day:-)





1. Get me bodied!

2. Crazy in Love

3. Run the World (My fav is when it was performed during Oprah’s farewell!!)

4. Baby Boy

5. Single Ladies

6. Lost yo Mind

7. Schoolin’ Life

8. Upgrade you

9. Grown Woman

10. Check on it


And many many more including those from the newest album but this is all for today:-)

What Beyonce’s songs help you to get moving?






Monday Mixtape

Introducing Monday Mixtape!

Sharing songs that motivate you to move! An eclectic mix to help you as you move through your journey.

I am a lover of powerful uplifting music, and I found it can alter your mood in such a positive way. I decided I will share my Monday Mixtape each Monday in hopes of starting your week off strong to move through whatever is to come your way.

Dance like there is no one watching:-)



Please note these songs shared are in no particular order.

1. My get it moving in the morning jam… Let me clear my throat! – DJ Kool

No matter how long it’s been, when I hear this song I instantly start to move! It’s a classic that will always make me feel good.

2. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

I love this song and it pushes me to continue to believe.

3. Welcome to the Good Life! – Kanye West ft. T-Pain

I go for mine… I got to shine 🙂

4. Push it – Salt-N-Pepa

“Salt-N-Pepa’s here and we’re in effect want you to push it good. Coolin’ by day then at night… working up a sweat!” LOL! I still know all the words. And here is another confession… I listen to the Salt-N-Pepa Pandora station faithfully during my drive to work. It gets me ready.

5. Don’t Stop ’til you get enough – THE ONE AND ONLY MJ

Now I will admit, Michael Jackson has many songs that will get you to move… this is just one of many I enjoy! He was so the man I wanted to marry when I was younger. I remember when the Michael Jackson experience came out I was so proud to beat my nieces and nephew on that game. I knew all the moves.

6. Countdown – Beyonce’

Just like MJ, Bey has MANY move your butt songs! I have a devoted workout playlist to my girl Beyonce’ in keeping with the theme to only post one on this list I went with Countdown. Favorite line: “Me and my boo, in my boo coup ridin’ all up in the black with his chick right beside him…”

7. Last Dance – Donna Sommer

Starts off smooth but then… 🙂

8. I’m coming out – Diana Ross

My ultimate theme song! HA! It debut the year I was born so it kind of makes sense.

9. Brave – Sara Bareilles

Such an uplifting song that I’ve played in my TGIM -Kisha’s Life Lessons on occasion. I LOVE THE WORDS SO MUCH! I swear every time I hear this song and I begin to dance like I’m Beyonce’, I shed tears of joy… every time!

10. Just Fine – MJB

This has such a great beat and “I wouldn’t change my life because my life is just fine” lyrics speak exactly to how I feel at this very moment.


What are your Monday Motivational songs that gets you moving??

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Let’s dance… the last dance… Celebrating the lovely iconic Donna Summer

The 5 time Grammy Award Winning Disco Queen has sold more than 150 million records world wide! Known for a multitude of hits and gorgeous legs, Donna Summer regularly appeared at Studio 54 nightclub in NYC and reached the status of “one of the world’s leading female singers.”

The first to create a 17 minute dance remix of a very seductive and sexy tones of “Love to Love You Baby”. Most radio stations did not know if they could even play this on the radio station but it became an instant success and demand in many clubs.

It amazes me how so many of us are uneducated and think a lot of Beyonce’, Rihana and even Gaga are originators when a lot of inspirations come from queens such as this one: Donna Summer!

Don’t get me wrong, I love B, bad girl RiRi and Gaga but just want to give credit where credit is due:-) When you listen to this… I’m sure you’ll notice some sounds that have been added to some our our today pop stars.

Subtle sexy…


Although this iconic beauty passed at tender age of 63 after fight with lung cancer, her legacy will live on forever. From songs that make you move, sultry sounds and sexy style, The Disco Queen and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is someone to never be forgotten.



Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

“Girls of Blaze!” The beautiful singer, dj, style innovator and fashion icon Solange Knowles has been appointed the art director and creative consultant of Puma

This Fab Fashion Friday is dedicated to her!

Solange wrote on her official Twitter account: “SO excited to finally announce my new role & dream job as an Art Director & Creative Consultant for the iconic @PUMA (sic)” Colorful, full of life and uniquely special are the designs of these sneakers which are great representations of the style maker Solange.

Extremely artistic with a clear point of view, Solange will add edge to this “Girls of Blaze” line in this fashion forward company. Solange partnered with her beau photographer/director Alan Ferguson and featured four creatively vibrant styles designed by NYC artist for the look-book of this new line and it’s a major hit!

pic of Solange and Alan Ferguson

This “Losing You” songstress also stated ”It is in my new role that I am able to express my love for not only design but the conception of creative ideas, and the execution of them by curating amazingly talented teams.” With the creative launch campaign, I can see exactly what she means. What an amazing collaboration!

Congrats to Puma on choosing the best style innovator… Solange!


Fab Fashion Fridays-BEYONCE

Fab Fashion Friday – Beyonce’ Edition!!

Celebrating the wonderful Beyonce’ and all of her fabulous fashion sense.

So at midnight last night 12/13/2013 Beyonce’ released a visual album on iTunes and yes I was one of those to purchase immediately! So happy I was up on the phone with my sister at this time! I saw the post from Russell Simmons Global Grind and immediately went to download on iTunes.

With this, Beyonce’ sold 80,000 records in 3 HOURS!!! AMAZING! With no promotion!

I dedicate this Fashion Friday to Beyonce’ because to make a move as she’s done is very fashionable. Not always do we need to let everyone in on what we are doing. And when the masterpiece is complete, your artistic view isn’t completed to seek someone else’s approval… just your own. Think of Karl Lagerfeld… a mastermind in the fashion world that does not seek approval of anyone and continues to change the game in some way but never compromises who he is as an artist.

With videos such as “Pretty Hurts” , “Mine” and even “Blue” you can catch fashion forward styling, conversation, dances and lifestyles. I even love in Pretty Woman she opens the door that some continue to keep closed about how some of us have hurt ourselves behind trying to be beautiful. Great song and hopefully it inspires some to change.

You can watch sneak peeks to all videosHERE on Beyonce’ Google Plus account. 

This is simply amazing! Thanks Bey for inspiring me to go even BIGGER!!

 photo beyoncevogue.jpeg


Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Before the Lady Gaga’s, Fantasia’s, Adele’s, and Beyonce’ of the world, there was the unparalleled voice and fashion envelope pusher known as the one and only Patti Labelle! This Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the woman who made a song about a hoer entitled “Lady Marmalade” a catchy tune people rocked to.

Patti‘s soulful voice is one like no other. Although many try to emulate, there is only one originator with a vocal range that will make the hairs on your neck stand!

This lady is the QUEEN of drag. Although her style has evolved with her throughout the years, in the beginning days of her is where you would find the creation of wild style statements and BIG hair!

The Philly born diva has won many awards from Grammy’s to American Music Awards and has been recognized for her 50+ years in music through Lifetime Achievement, Living Legend and even Walk a Fame Awards just to name a few.

Patti has been called one of the  pioneers of disco movement and has influenced many artists in owning originality and creativity. She is known throughout the music industry as “Momma Patti” for her amazing advice she shares to young artist.

Labelle started her career in a female group that included Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash and this is where Lady Marmalade was created. The song is still a hit today and even had a remake that included Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot. The performance for the 44th Grammy’s was epic! These ladies brought out the lovely Patti Labelle and killed it!! I still enjoy watching this from time to time.

Patti has a list of hits… too many to name. Be sure to check them out HERE.

Although Patti Labelle is known for her singing talent, she has also done acting on film and television which is where she even starred in her own sitcom named Living It Up With Patti LaBelle.

Thank you Ms Patti Labelle for not only your musical talent but your presence. You are a headliner, Diva, originator, Icon and Living Legend.


30 Memorable VMA moments

Countdown to the VMA’s!!

Top 30 Memorable VMA moments and performances to celebrate the 30th year of VMAs!

As the 2013 VMAs celebrate it’s 30th year in Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Barclays Center, we must take a moment to reflect on some of it’s most memorable moments and performances. From Gaga’s arrival in an egg to Kanye admitting and raises a toast to him sometimes being an a*$hole, the Video Music Awards always leaves us with something to talk about for years to come!

Check out MY 10 Memorable VMA moments and performances… in no particular order:-)

But of course I must begin with Mr. West!

Kanye West, Taylor Swift

The beautiful Taylor Swift was in complete shock when Kanye West chose to interrupt sharing that “Single Ladies” was the best video of all time. Although his thought had great points… he will be forever in the hall of shame and a very memorable VMA moment.

Who can forget the infamous kiss… and not just any ordinary kiss but one that consist of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the one and only Madonna!

Oh Lil Mama… She was feeling “Empire State of Mind” so much she allowed the music to move her right up on the stage during the performance! The best part of this is remembering how Jay-Z gave her the nice pat on her shoulder with a polite dismiss yet she remained until the performance was complete. Still makes me laugh thinking of it!

King B and the beautiful baby bump:-) Beyonce’ announcing to the world on the VMA’s that she is with child:-)

Eminem asked for the “Real Slim Shady” to please stand up by inviting hundreds of bleach blond guys to follow him during his performance in 2000.

Diana Ross literally took a pat to Lil Kim’s boob as Lil Kim wore a pasty to match her outfit in the year of 1999.

Lady GaGa outrageous-ness… From arriving in an egg to wearing a meat dress… she makes sure you remember her! I just wonder what her opening performance and costume will be this year!

Pink demonstrates flying acrobatics while performing “Sober” in 2009.

The late and great Michael Jackson puts on a 15 minute performance with costume changes and smooth criminal moves like no other!!

Now… for the Performances!!

20 most memorable in no particular order but why not start with the one I spoke of above…

1.Michael Jackson!

2. Janet Jackson and the tribute to Michael

3.Chris Brown jumping on tables during his performance of Wall to Wall and Umbrella in his FIRST VMA performance

4.Britney SpearsI’m a slave” performance with the snake

5. Beyonce’Baby Boy” and Crazy in Love performance 2003

6. TLCNo Scrubs” 1999 Before all of the extras… just lights, camera DANCE!

7. Lady Marmalade 2001 performance with Christina, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Patti LaBelle

8. Justin TimberlakeLike I love you” 2002 performance

9. P Diddy, Ginuwine, Usher, Pharrell and Busta Rhymes I need a girl and other!

10. Beyonce’ Single Ladies performance 2009

11. Missy ElliottGet your Freak on

12. Lady GagaPaparazzi” 2009 performance

13. MadonnaVouge” 1990 performance

14. Kanye West Runaway 2009

15. Jay-Z and Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind” simply for the Lil Mama interruption:-)

16. Like a Virgin Madonna come back with Britney and Christina

17. NSYNC 2000 performance of Bye Bye Bye

18. New Edition Reunion 1990

19. Beyonce’ Ring the Alarm 2006

20. Janet JacksonThat’s the way love goes” 1993 performance

What’s to come for 2013?? I guess we will soon find out!


The Bodacious Beyonce’

Yes…I’m taking a moment to discuss this

Hair Raising News… literally!


So while on my commute to the city I am reading the news of the day… Beyonce’ cuts her hair! This is too funny to me. I love me some King B but it’s comical how this has caused a twitter frenzy along with top news via Yahoo and many blogs such as mine!

I think Bey’s new look is bold and to me about time! I love when people dare to be different. I KNOW this will start a new movement with most going to do the big chop as well but my hope is that it actually revive those to BE THEMSELVES and BE DIFFERENT! Try something new… not because Beyonce’ did but because you want to. BE YOU peeps!

And my last comment… I await the day my haircut causes as much news as hers! LOL!


Beyonce’ Before:


Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Celebrating style Risk Takers!

Are you a risk taker??

“Can I get a Refill…” singer Elle Varner is multi-talented artist. With bright colors, fashionable prints and geek chic glasses Elle Varner stands out as a risk taker with creative style! When doing a poll most women try to stray away from prints on the bottom but not this CHIC BEAUTY! She has the courage to rock whatever she wants and she does it well!

Elle Varner Collage

Solange’ Knowles known as a singer, model, dancer, DJ, songwriter and above all fashion risk taker! Even in her video’s she’s shown taking risks such as the fun and quirky video for “Losing You” which was introduced last year. Solange’ is a ChicCHICK that rocks always!

SolangeCollage1  SolangeCollage2

Jessie J!!! Her name is a risk statement itself! She is a soulful English singer and song writer. Yes this “Who you are” London native style is as loud as her voice and I love them both!


Kanye West… Enough said! He’s a Style Risk Taker to the highest degree. No matter your feelings on his personal decisions, comments and behavior, you must recognize the man has style! The “Good Life” singer is so into fashion that his girlfriends become female versions of him! Don’t believe me… Google it!*:D big grin

KanyeWestCollage   KanyeWestCollage2

Regardless if you choose to wear it or not these Style Risk Takers above stand out from the crowd… proudly representing their own uniqueness!