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Kisha’s Life Lessons Week 11

30 Days to Live!!!

What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?
– Spend more time with family?
– Take the vacation you’ve been saving for but never have time to take?
– Create a legacy for those to follow?

Take the 30 Day challenge!
Share your formal declaration for what you will do over the next 30 days. Let’s be accountability partners and help each other LIVE LIFE FOR TODAY!

Death is more universal than life. Everybody dies but not everyone lives! -Alan Sachs

If you are:
– not living in alignment with your purpose
– have lack of awareness of the bigger picture
– running your life on auto pilot,,,


KLL Week 10

Live the Life you’ve imagined!!!!!!

You CAN live the life you’ve imagined or live a life designed by you!

These are 3 things that will assist in doing so:

1. First acknowledge you possess the power… to live the life you’ve imagined

2. Plan for it!! To get what you want, you must plan for it!

3. Take necessary actions (stop waiting around and JUST DO IT!!)

If you can think it, you can have it! If you can dream you, you can make it happen:-)

KLL Week 9

Soul Restoration

4 steps to Soul Restoration
Found in 2 Chronicles 7:14
1. Humble yourself
2. Pray!
3. Seek Him
4. Repent
Hurt people, hurt other people or continue a life of self-inflicted pain until introduced or accept total healing.

KLL Week 7


Blessings of Meaningful Relationships!

It’s so great to have meaningful relationships… those relationships where you get as much deposited back into you as you put in.

3 Points on how to receive these types of relationships:
1. Don’t compromise YOU (be who you are no matter who or what the other person is or is NOT doing)
2. Know you are worthy of receiving such relationships (they are lucky to have YOU as a friend and know you are worthy of receiving great friends in return)
3. Put yourself in the right atmosphere to attract like minded people!

KLL Week 6

Multiple streams of income is a necessity!

Never depend on just one stream of income.
Increasing your streams of income will increase your monthly cash flow for the unexpected of what we call life or simply to afford you the dream luxuries of life such as taking that long awaited vacation!

Remember, this will assist you in financially securing your future or the future of your offspring.
Utilize your talents to bring you more money!
Here are 3 steps to finding how to create multiple streams of income:

1. Study your hobby (What is that thing you enjoy doing even when not being paid?)
2. Turn your hobby into your hustle (figure out how to make it make money for you)
3. Hustle the hell out of it!! (Don’t stop… get it, get it!! 🙂 )

Kisha’s hustles can be found at:

If you need a life coach, event coordinator or just want to buy some body products… I’m your one stop shop!

KLL Week 5

Be true to yourself!!

Don’t be afraid to be you!
You are fearful and wonderfully made.
Enjoy and embrace your uniqueness.

Be who you are destined to be.
From the words of Elle Varner song So Fly “So I decided I’m, the definition of fly… and if you want to know why… I know what money can’t buy”

KLL Week 4

Restore your Child-like Ambition

There is NO AGE LIMIT on fulfilling your destiny!
Remember that thing that you once had a burning desire to fulfill? What stopped you from fulfilling it?
Go back to those dreams and unleash what once was.

As children we were free to dream. Knowing that anything is possible and we could accomplish it all. I say lets stop dreaming and let’s start doing.
If you are a writer… WRITE!
If you are a designer… DESIGN!
If you are a teacher…TEACH!
Whatever it is or once was just DO IT… And do it now!
Stop waiting.
There is NO AGE LIMIT on fulfilling your dreams:-)

KLL Week 3

What is your Life’s Manifesto??

Life Manifesto is you life stamp that declares who you are, what you stand for in life and what’s important to you.

This is your life so why not create the life you love??

My name is Kisha. I am a determined, enthusiastic person who loves to laugh and inspire others. I stand for knowing that ANYTHING is possible. Anything that you can dream or imagine… you can create. And I create a life of growth and empowerment that is full of love and hilarity!

KLL Week 2

Clear Vision!!

Enjoy as I speak on CLEAR Vision!

3 points to remember when wanting clear vision:
1. Determination
2. Purpose
3. Focus

You must be focused on what your purpose is and be determined to fulfill it!

First week I began Kisha’s Life Lessons:

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