Interior Home Make-over 
  • -Interior styling -Room analysis
  • -De-clutter and re-organize room
  • -Personal shopping to create personal style for residential and commercial space
  • -Feng Shui your space
  • -Lighting and window treatment
  • -Clutter management and organization
  • -Create balance
  • -Organizational Audit
  • -Initial consultation free
  • -Complete room remodel ($300 + 15% commission on items purchased)



  • Office Organization                                                                                                                                                                               -2hr consultation (designed for those who like doing it themselves but just need the initial push, ideas and plan $125)   -4hr session (for those in need of the organization expert to come and make it work. Usually for small office space or one particular project $200)                                                                                                                                                                        -16hr session Organizational Cleanse (4 sessions of 4hrs ea. for the medium project. $680)                                                     -40hr Organizational Overhaul (for those looking to get their house in order! $1700)
  • Home Staging for Sale
  • Space Management

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