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Confidence Coaching is designed to help you identify and achieve the goals you have in life. It is a life altering process which allows you to explore your dreams, fears, desires and challenges. It is the opportunity to discover what has held you back and gets you to recognize although it has delayed you… your destiny still awaits and YOU WILL REACH IT! It will challenge any limiting beliefs and then educate you on how to replace them with new empowering beliefs and ideas. Confidence Coaching will:


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What Happens in a session?

In our introductary consultation, you will get the opportunity to experience my coaching style as we discuss the issues you would like to change and ask any questions

The number and length of sessions will depend on your needs and the program you choose. The sessions which are totally confidential, will be based around a series of conversations and the use of some interactive, apply-it activities.

Sessions can be Face to Face, via Skype, FaceTime or telephone, which all are equally successful.


Limited spots (5) available at this price until this program is sold out


(or 3 easy payments of $275)

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Please note: These packages are non refundable, even if you choose NOT to complete the program or miss sessions for any reason. You will be given opportunity to reschedule if needed in accordance to Coach Agreement signed. 

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