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Download these amazing FREE CHIC printables to go chicly and confidently in the direction of your dreams! They are guaranteed to assist with organization, increase profitability and confidence throughout your daily business and personal life!


Monthly Planner

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Chic Scheduling… Schedule to increase profits
Chic Self-Speak… Because the words you speak have power
Chicly Complete… A guide to getting *ish done!











CHIC Scheduling – a cheat sheet designed to teach you how to become more profitable. There are specific tasks that will increase your business by a little or a lot. YOU are in charge of where you focus your time.

$10 profit – answering customer emails

$100 – Social Media Posts (keeping it fresh), partnership with other brand/blog, completing interviews

$1000+ – Big bucks come from big projects such as creating workshops, intensives, online courses, business trainings, pitching speaking engagements to corporate partners, or even hiring the right go getters for your team

In the words of the amazing Melanie Duncan, “you can’t build a million dollar business doing $10hr tasks all day” 

Pay attention to how you spend your time. At the end of the day you can tally up what you’ve spent your time on and see how little or how much you are spending on potential profits.

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CHIC Self-Speak – This is all about speaking those positive things into the atmosphere in order to see them come to life. Affirmations work. Adding them to a daily practice will bring forth positivity and possible profitability due to a more positive and confident perspective of yourself.

Share with yourself daily the top three things you see great about yourself and the three attributes you are looking forward to seeing in the future. The more you speak them, the more you will start to believe them.

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CHICLY Complete – per my favorite book “The BIBLE”, in Habakkuk 2:2, it states to write down the vision and make it plain so that you may run with it…. This is so true!

If you don’t write it down, how do you expect to hold yourself accountable to completing it? When you write things down and check them off throughout the day, there is a sense of accomplishment and it increases your confidence to do even more and feel more productive. We are all given the exact amount of time each day but the way we choose to spend it will separate the great from just good enough. Which are you?

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