ChicBEES Products

ChicBEES (Butters, Essential oils, Elixirs & Scrubs)
Personalized gift baskets can be made.
Vanilla Cafe' Sugar Scrub 8oz -$20.00

Vanilla Cafe’ Sugar Scrub 8oz -$20.00 PURCHASE

Lemon Zest Sugar Scrub $20

Lemon Zest Sugar Scrub 8oz – $20 PURCHASE

Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub $20

Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub 8oz – $20 PURCHASE 

Scrub Sample Trio $12.50

Scrub Sample Trio $12.50 PURCHASE

ChicBEES Lip balm/scrub duo $10

ChicBEES Lip balm/scrub duo $10 PURCHASE

8oz Lavender Body Lotion $15

8oz Lavender Body Lotion $15 PURCHASE

1oz Lavender Essential Oil $5

Lavender Essential Oil                                           4oz – $12PURCHASE               8oz – $15PURCHASE

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