Which service is best for you?


Bride and Wedding Coordinator (Me)

The Event Coordinator



This is for the bride-to-be who knows everything she wants, have been planning her dream wedding even before meeting the dream guy and only needs consulting in the beginning to help work out her thoughts. This may be for pulling ideas together, creating the perfect vision board, confirming or suggesting the perfect vendors or venue choices along with making sure the bride has not forgotten anything.

Consulting packages are billed by hour:

$65 per hour/$300 for 5hr session(Schedule two 2 1/2 hour sessions and save)


The event hall


This is meant for the bride who wants full responsibility of the planning process but need an executor on the day of. As your D.O.C. my responsibilities include but are not limited to: creating a detailed timeline, contacting vendors for formal introductions, checking timelines and confirming day of contact information, along with reviewing contract copies to clarify contractual obligations of all vendors.

After the bride discuss wedding day vision, as your D.O.C it will be my responsibility to run your wedding rehearsal and day of wedding leaving you with ease of just showing up. The Day of Coordinator will remove all stress and will ensure everything runs smoothly.

This service is booked in advance but only used 2 weeks leading to wedding and up to the wedding date.

Intimate weddings consisting of 100 guests or less will only require D.O.C Cost $600-$1200

Weddings consisting of 200 or more guests will require D.O.C and assistant. Cost $2000 – $2800

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Here comes the bride


Simply stated… leave it all up to me! This is for the bride who just wants the luxury of sharing a few ideas and giving the creative freedom to the Wedding Planner. This package is all inclusive from beginning to end creating your dream wedding with no stress of you. From vendor recommendations to invitations and decor, the Wedding Planner will take care of it all bringing the ideas to you only for your sign off and opinion.

Package with bridal involvement 15% of total budget

Package without bridal involvement (full control to wedding planner) 30% of total budget







Get tips, partial or full planning from me… the coordinator!

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