CHIC Chicks

Get to know CHIC Chicks who are conquering the world with their own uniqueness!

(Business owners, Writers, Motivators, Thought provokers and Life educators)


Annette Barretto /Owner of Coquito Fine Dining in Warwick, NY

Awarded  Certificate of Excellence 2013

ab portrait

Meet Annette and visit her Latin Super Club. A place where you can enjoy great food, fun, live entertainment and lots of dancing!!

Annette owns Coquito in Warwick, NY which is a restaurant that serves brunch on specific days, lunch and dinner.

My favorite night is Saturdays where you can eat great food and dance until you drop!!

Read the article below and make sure to check back on the tab CHICChicks for more chicks that rock!

CLICK: ChicCHICK Annette Barretto







KCL’s first interview: (please click on the link here: ChicCHICK Liz Manko to view)

Liz Manko / Co-Owner of Synergy Salon & Bodywork Studio Yoga and Pilates Mat Instructor


If you are a CHIC Chick conquering the world and would like to be spotlighted, please contact me below and who knows… you may be next!

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