me3The Kingdom K.I.C.K.™ Life Coach ~ International Speaker ~ Consultant ~ Transcendental Meditation© Coach ~ Author

Welcome beautiful! Are you ready to ignite your Christ Confidence?

I am all about my Father’s business! Known to many as “Coach K,” I am on a mission to enrich, empower and ignite women of today and the future with Christ Confidence to walk worthy in their calling.

From my customized “Confidence K.I.C.K.” workshops, introduction to Transcendental© Minute Meditation, Online Challenges, International Retreats, International Intensives or Motivational segments, I choose to empower each person to, Know who they are in Christ, Ignite what lives within, Confidently speak & Compare NOT and Keep moving past the obstacles. 

With a background in Psychology and a concentration of Biblical Studies, I am equipped to teach you how to manifest your ministry. Whether it’s creating a non-profit, writing a book or launching your business, together we dive deep to first defining your purpose, strategically creating action steps to receive tangible results and implement how your gift will impact others.

Overcoming the devil’s insidious attacks of childhood abuse, multiple suicidal attempts and teen confidence struggles, I know first hand how God can use “all to work for my good” (Rom. 8:28). I am grateful to share my survival stories and God-gift with young girls from ages 12-19 in addition to Kingdom K.I.C.K. offerings. Being the founder of Teen KICK Ministry is where I help young girls understand their worth through Christ.



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  1. Kisha when you came to our school kipp voyage it was amazing you were inspirational i am still reading your book you are so strong thanks

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