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I’m sitting at my sisters while working on Monday night and I’m smiling as her and her hubby laugh while trying to get privacy to go take a shower. It inspires me that love will come for me one day.


With the talk of my sister planning the renewal of her vows where they will make 10 years of marital bliss in March… I thought I’d share 10 cool ways to renew your vows.


1. Remix the Unity Candle – Include the kids by allowing them to write a note about the parents and share during the ceremony. Find out more HERE.


2. Although there is no wedding certificate and no officiant needed, create a renewal certificate!


3. Make it religious! It’s up to you… maybe you want to use an officiant and renew with a fresh start.


4. Make it a destination. Turn it into a vacation and make it a destination renewal ceremony with the family.


5. If you didn’t have enough money to do it the way you wanted to the first time, use this time to go all out… sparkle and shine!

Vow Renewal1

6. Incorporate photographed memories throughout. Relive the memories of the years with your guest by placing photos as centerpieces or even as a hanging photo wall.



7.  Make it a surprise! Invite all your friends and family to what will be the “party of the year” without worrying about who will or will not attend, bask in the moment and suprise all of your guest while partying with a special unconventional vow renewal.


8. Let the kids officiate. You have the freedom to make it unique… Do so by allowing your kids to officiate the renewal.


9. Relive the first date! Have it at an unique location such as the park you met at many years ago.


10. Just show up! Let someone else do the planning for you and be completely surprised by the outcome.

Bride and Wedding Coordinator (Me)
Bride and Wedding Coordinator (Me)


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