Tuesday TEN

With my girl crush Janelle Monae dropping the video to Electric Lady,

I had to share my TOP 10 reasons I love this video!



I’ve written about this electrified lady before sharing why I love her… you can read about that HERE.

This post is dedicated to the amazing new video for Electric Lady. It embodies all the great memories of going to school in the south. Here are my Top 10 reasons why I love this video.

1. The electric lady mom makes a cameo.



2. Smartphone Watch! It kicks off the video with a futuristic watch that take pictures. Check out the Galaxy Gear.

galaxy watch

3. Salute to sororities! Electro Phi Beta is the sorority and the ladies are lovely!


4. The beautiful ladies of Electro Phi Betas Emeritus, T-bozEstelle, Esperanza Spalding, Monica and Kimbra all made a nice cameo.


5. Janelle adds a touch of pink to her signature black and white! She blends classy with college chic.


6. She keeps the college them by leading a greek step show.


7. Janelle plays lead drum major as the marching band enters the scene.


8. She share smooth dance steps with T.I.


9. It reminds you of the great days of college while singing uplifting lyrics.


10. She gets props from the president and first lady encouraging those to watch this video!


First Lady Michelle Obama on Janelle Monáe:

“First of all, I am honored to be the first Electric Lady. I got my letter in the mail — I framed it; it’s up.

I love that she is one of the young artists here who is making music that means something. She has a message. She has a voice. She has a power in her. And she understands the responsibility she has within her grasp to take these opportunities and just take off with them. She serves as a role model and an inspiration to so many young people. And I am happy to call her my friend. I am so proud of her.”



Enjoy and share what you love about it!


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