Fab Fashion Friday

Celebrating the smart and chic style of well known fashion stylist – Nini Nguyen!


It was 2003 when I met Nini while we both worked at Banana Republic in West Village! My how time flies!

Back then, I knew Nini had that special eye for style. Although she started only as a janitor, she proved what she could do when given the opportunity. Nini was still in school but she stood out by styling customers with her keen eye for style and brutally honest opinion. Nini had a way that drew you in and you were so thankful in the end for taking her advice. With Nini being true to herself she was the number one sales person at BR that moved her to NorthPark then transcended her taking this power to Neiman Marcus and becoming Rookie of the year hitting $1million in sales.

FFF Nini

I knew it would only be a matter of time, she would turn her passion into her business. I still remember the conversation we had while she was on lunch break at NM… I always had such great belief in her and I knew eventually she would become a master at her craft. And that she did in a big way!


Nini became a known name in retail as she was a fashion consultant for Oscar de la Renta and  Barneys New York



This fashionista, stylist and designer became Vanity Fair’s International Best Dress 2013 first month winner and have styled many. She’s become the stylist for her girl Rihanna and even designed a gown worn on the red carpet for the launch of perfume Nude.




Nini is not just a fashionista… she is an inspiration! It’s true what she said “Hard work pays off”. This lady is the epitome of dedication, strength and style.



Yes she is incredibly chic but even with the multiple accomplishments before reaching 25, she still has a kind heart. I still remember the huge accomplishment while working at NM where she was able to purchase a home for her parents at age 21.

nini 2


2040748_nini Just recently she gave birth to baby Sage and even while pregnant she gave us amazing style!







Congrats Nini!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments, your pristine style and your new edition.

Check out more here:  Nini Nguyen – http://ninistyle.net       


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