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With less than six months remaining in the year of 2014, I thought it best to speak on

10 ways to create an inspirational and empowering vision board!

This will not only focus on how to create an empowering vision board but also tips on how to utilize it to receive the biggest impact.



Jack Canfield stated it best when he said “Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!” You can check out more HERE.

I’m a firm believer of this and I’ve been creating vision boards since I was nineteen. It has played such an impactful part of my life. I’ve seen many things listed on my vision board come to pass.

Here are my Top 10 reasons to create vision boards, how to create it and best practices on making this come to pass by the end of this year.

1. Top reason to create a vision board is because it is a tool to help you clarify and maintain focus on specific life goals. 


vision board2

Ways to create a vision board are:

2. Write out what you want to accomplish within the remaining six months of the year. 


3. Decide on your theme Will it be specific to one area? Such as, do you want to focus these last six months in becoming published? Make a board just for steps to complete writing your book and publishing. If you want to focus on becoming truly healthy before the end of the year… create a board that inspires you to do so.


4. Gather materials to create vision board. (Scissors, inspiring photos from internet or magazines, as well as glue sticks, tape, construction paper, etc.)

Magazine Clippings

5. Paste strategically on your board. Some choose to paste in order of importance, some choose to place in sections of career, personal, financial and spiritual. Some even choose to paste as a collage covering every piece of your board. One way is not correct over the other. It’s your board… paste as you see fit. Just note it does require care on how you place your photos as it will play on your emotional state when viewed to assist you in accomplishing your goal.

vision board3

vision board2

Things to do after you are complete with creating the vision board:

6. Once complete put your vision board in an area where you can view it each day. I’ve had my vision board in my office, in my room and even in my bathroom all at different points of my life. Put it in a place that without trying, you will see it EVERY SINGLE DAY! This will be your constant reminder to accomplish the things you’ve written.

office vision board

bedroom vision board

7. Make it your screensaver! Don’t limit it to only being visible in your home. Take a picture, save it and add it as your screensaver. Please note this is not to become obsessed with it but as a quick glimpse to remind you of where you are going as well as remind you to celebrate the things you’ve accomplished on it thus far.



How to make it manifest:

8. Share with an accountability partner and make a party of it! Nothing better than sharing this project with someone who want to accomplish certain things prior to the end of the year and will inspire you to complete your goals as you inspire them.


9. Know you are worth it! Belief in yourself will help your dreams come to life. Know you are worth it and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


10. Don’t procrastinate… do it NOW!



Be sure to share once you’ve completed!

Go forth and create the vision you know you are destined to have.


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