Throwback Thursday Tribute

I’ve been speaking a lot on the importance of sisterhood and female empowerment. When I reflect back I loved seeing strong females come together to create something powerful and impacting.

This Throwback Thursday Tribute edition is dedicated to some of my favorite and fashionable girl groups of all time.


To kick things off I have to list my most favorite girl group ever! I said it before and I’ll say it again I absolutely LOVE the CrazySexyCool ladies of TLC! In school I wanted to dress like them, have swag like them and be as bold as them. They were the epitome of empowerment to me.


Not one of the ladies stood out more than the other to me. I thought that each possessed a quality to we all desired to have. They were completely comfortable with who they were and owned their style! When record labels were selling sex they kept it loose and became playful with the message of safe sex through pinning condoms on their boyish styles.


Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles were not only a rocking phenomenon they were also the girls group that initiated the wild and crazy fashion! Way before Gaga, these ladies dressed like space invaders and tin men. Known for the iconic and sexually suggestive song Lady Marmalade, this group was in a league of their own.


Diana Ross and the Supremes were sophisticated glam. This group empowered femininity and did it gracefully.


Who could forget the nails of member Coco from the group SWV?? I so did NOT like them but loved the sisters with voices!! I also appreciate her being bold enough to own her trend no matter what people thought of them. I still jam the mega hit “Weak”. Do you?

First Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards

Backwards styled overalls, beepers and banging vocals… XSCAPE was one of my favorite 90’s girl groups. I will never forget a friend and I creating a dance to “Just Kickin’ it” Haha! They had such a hardcore image with vocals that were completely opposite you couldn’t help being drawn in.

En Vogue was another group I adored. They were sexy, strong, and fashion icons. Although I have many songs I love from this group one of my favorites was with the collaboration of another one of my favorite groups Salt N Pepa! The entire video for “Whatta Man” is fantastic! Both groups gave female empowerment with songs like “Free your Mind” and “None of your Business”.




These are also the only two groups I know that still tour today, look fabulous while doing so and still get along with each other:)

Lastly, I could not leave this throwback tribute without mentioning Destiny’s Child. These girls were always fashion forward and even sung songs written by some of the icons listed above like Kandi Burruss of Xscape! She wrote many hits for this group in the beginning such as Bills-Bills-Bills. From beginning to now, I grew up witnessing the rise. And being from Port Arthur, TX… I had much love from this Houston born group.






Thanks to each of these ladies mentioned above for you display of sisterhood, unforgettable fashion and memorable songs.



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