Tuesday TEN

10 ways and reasons to go confidently after your dreams! 

I’ve had many questions since my big move back to the Big D about how I am able to just quit my job, move once again half cross country and not be afraid of failure to just go after my dreams. Well, here are my top 10 ways to kick fear in the face and go confidently after your dreams!!


1. Define what your dream is! Allow yourself to dream and define clearly what it is. When you know what your dreams are, it’s much easier to go after them.


2. Write it out and make it plain! One of my favorite bible versus and it remains true today. If you don’t write out your dreams and plans, how do you ever expect them to come true? Writing it out creates accountability even if it’s only with yourself. WRITE IT OUT!


3. Research! Read books, articles, and surf the net to find out any information that resembles what your goals are. Ex. If you desire to be a Life Coach, research those that are Life Coaches that inspire you. Find your niche… what will set you apart from the other in this field?


4. Get Educated. After all of your research, start taking classes, getting certification and learning from the best so you can then surpass them! LEARNING IS KEY! Learn all that you can so you can do like Gary Vaynerchuk and “Crush It!”


5. Embrace the small steps. Don’t fall into the microwave mentality expecting things to happen instantly. Be willing to take small strides that will lead you to the big jump. I started offering services while still employed before I decided to take the leap and quit.


6. Know there is no greater reward than following your dreams! When you realize your gift is necessary to share with the world and that your gift brings you overwhelming joy, you realize fulfilling it is a much greater reward than staying at a job fulfilling other peoples dreams.


7. You will become an inspiration to others. Aspire to Inspire! I realized when I was living out my dreams, I was inspiring a multitude of people. This was my way of giving back. One of my favorite quotes are “Be the change you wish to see” and I took a moment to imagine if I inspired someone and they paid it forward, this world would be filled with much more positive people so why not go after my dreams!


8. Never Settle. One thing that pushed me to quitting my six-figure income and focus on my dream was I refused to settle. I asked myself one question “Will I be okay with just THIS being my legacy?” THIS I was speaking of was my current job. And the answer was no. Money doesn’t define happiness. I knew I had a gift that was necessary to share with the world and I knew I was to do it on a grander scale. I was not going to settle for for just ok when I was designed to live extraordinary!


9. Remain Positive. It’s true what they say about The Law of Attraction. Whatever you put out there, you will receive in return. I’m a living witness to this. Speak positively about your projects. No matter what anyone has to share, remain positive and don’t allow naysayers to bring you down.


10. Just go after it! Don’t try to figure out the ENTIRE plan. The hardest step is the first one but trust, everything comes so easily when you are following your divine destiny and doing what you are MADE to DO!



Remember… we all possess a special unique gift that the world needs to see. You are only given one life. Live it with no regrets!

How will you go confidently after your dreams?


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