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10 most memorable styles sported by the one and only Pharrell!!

Just a couple days ago Pharrell Williams, musical genius, celebrated his 41st birthday!! Yes, that’s right… 41 years young and doesn’t look a day over 20.



Pharrell has never tried to blend in with the crowd. He is in a league of his own. From  his Mounties-esque hat worn at the grammy’s to print mixes like no other, Pharrell leads the way with individual style! Don’t believe me… check him out during Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail below where he mixes polka dots and camo! (Skip to 2:37 to see)

1. Can’t ever forget the NERD belt from 2003 🙂


2. Although he was listed as a “Red Carpet Disaster” I appreciated his uniqueness in making it memorable. I love his BE YOU style attitude.


3. The metallic tux worn to the BRIT awards in Feb 2014


4. Quirky, indescribable and very much embedded to memory!


5. All shorts worn by him in Spring 2013 Collections by Bape and his own Billionaire Boys Club line.


6. From his own label’s BBC Ice Cream Bar Jersey shorts more than $100


7. His green metallic Lanvin pants worn at Elle Style Awards in London this year.


8. OH how I loved when he showed off his vibrant colored Hermes man bag!


9. Everything in GQ from 2013 to now!




10. All that he will do for the legendary brand for Adidas!!



At the end of the day, Pharrell can never be forgotten. His unique beats and overall music is as wildly stylish as his clothing choices. His undeniable coolness is beyond the current and past generations. This is something that will be appreciated for years to come. He is past, present and future in all that he does. And just like his music… his style and overall being captivates you, enlightens a deeper appreciation and is never comparable.


Thanks Pharrell for LIFE inspiration:-)


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