Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

10 more days until SPRING and 10 ways to transition the home, wardrobe and health for this beautiful season!

1. Bring in the green! Best way to make the home feel more like spring is bringing the outdoors in. Add fresh flowers or green leaves for a centerpiece and welcome the feeling of spring! (See more examples of why at www.bhg.com)

Easy Spring Centerpiece

By Natasha BurtonThe season of longer days, warmer breezes and blooming flowers is almost upon us. To help you make the transition from cozy winter to sunny spring, we enlisted design experts to share their secrets. With a few easy decor swaps and some fun (and totally do-able) DIY projects, these ten suggestions will help brighten and liven up your space.

2. Clean out the clutter! Remember the term “spring cleaning”? Well, it’s needed for every home when transitioning. Don’t try and tackle the entire house at one time and in one day, focus on one room and then move to the next. (Find ways to de-clutter HERE)

3. Add in pops of color! Whether it’s through throw pillows or wall paper, pops of color showcases the changes in season and refreshes the home. (Check out the wallpaper below at AphroChic.com)

4. Get to stepping! Trade in the treadmill for the road and literally hit the pavement. You gain a better appreciation for spring when jogging in the spring breeze:-)

5. Spring clean your body! (Love this title from GNC) Everyone falls at some point during the winter to the due to the wonderful food choices at holiday. Now it’s time to stay close to what you are eating and fuel your body with energy foods! Do a cleanse, add more color to your diet and savor the super foods! (check out tips HERE)

6. Start a garden!! If you are able to, this will be a great reward for you. And don’t worry if you don’t have a yard, I’ve grown things on my patio and you can too!! If you can’t do that… be sure to shop the farmers market at least.

7. Remove the winter wear from closet! This is when you pack up all the chunky sweaters, and coats then bring out the dresses, lightweight scarves and cardigans.

8. Bring out the maxi! I love a maxi skirt and dress and guess what… Spring is the best season for it! From bold colors to pleats and different ways to wear, the maxi skirt is a go to for Spring.

9. Layer on lightly. Layers are still great for Spring but with lightweight fabrics. From linen scarves and modal cardigans, you can add layers without adding the warmth. Madewell has some great layering pieces for Spring.

10. Bring in the colors. Adding more color to your Spring wardrobe changes your mood along with your seasonal look.

Blue top & Light Pink Pants, so cute! http://www.studentrate.com/fashion/fashion.aspx

What are some ways you will transition into Spring?


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