Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

CHIC Retreats to try this year!

With the snow continuing to fall even TODAY… I started counting down the days, minutes and seconds to February 23rd, 2014 at 9:40am… The day I depart for HAWAII!!! I am soooo over this snow and I am excruciatingly craving for the sun.

SO… I decided to share some CHIC RETREATS to try as a way in helping my mind escape my current snowy situation and hopefully inspire you to take a trip or two within the next 10 months of the year. I plan to take a couple myself:-)

1. Honolulu Hawaii… 5 days, 126 hours, 7576 minutes and counting!!! On my bucket list and I’m heading there to soak up the sun for 8 glorious days.

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico one of my favorite places to visit for two reasons… #1 it’s beautiful and #2 it’s chic for the savvy frugalista! In other words… reasonably priced:-) Sign up to livingsocial.com and get deals as low as $299 for all inclusive!

3. Panashama Yoga Institute Retreat in Bali! One of my favorite people Dashama hosts a YTT in Bali each year and this year it’s in June. I took her 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I am now researching the possibility of attending this! It includes a villa, all meals, green smoothie and detox along with meditation, yoga and much much more. Please check the website for more info! Pranashama.com

4. Jungle Spa Adventure in Dominica! This slice of heaven includes private jungle cottage, organic meals, morning yoga, daily hikes and activities along with half hour daily spa treatments! I came across this website and had to add it to the bucket list. It may have to wait until next year BUT I do know I will be visiting! junglebaydominica.com

5. Lake Austin Spa Resort Relaxing nap in a hammock to energizing cardio classes this retreat offers it all! Be sure to check out the website for a list of offerings lakeaustin.calls.net

6. Cooking in Tuscany That’s right, you can learn to cook while staying in a villa and enjoying the beauty of Tuscany. The best of both worlds to me. The great thing about this chic retreat is that it happens multiple times of the year. tuscookany.com

7. Treasures of Turkey Did you know you could explore Turkey for 12 days including round-trip flights and all meals for only $2175?!!! That is amazing to me… Which is one of the reasons why I LOVE jetsetter.com. Check it out for other amazing deals.

Treasures of Turkey: The tour starts and finishes in Turkey's biggest city, Istanbul.

8. Visit Spain! Very similar to the deal above, jetsetter.com offers hotel stay for as low as $96 a night to stay in luxury in Spain!! What a great place to retreat to.

Hotel Rusticae Alcaufar Vell: Hotel Rusticae Alcaufar Vell is a farm-turned-hotel that exudes rustic charm.

9. Manifestation Yoga Retreat a retreat where you blend yoga, mind, body, soul and Tuscany!! Check it out HERE.

10. Writing Retreat in Chile ok… the name is enough for me to consider! I’m a writer and would love to explore Chile. The dates are not until 2015 but perfect timing to start saving. Check it out HERE.

Writing in Chile

What retreats or vacations are you dreaming of taking this year?


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