Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!!

Wear your success in style!

Celebrating the beautiful Oprah Winfrey 60th birthday by sharing some of my favorite style moments. 

This media mogul graced our television sets for 25 years and along this journey the evolution of her style became something to watch and even emulate. From thick hair styled flawlessly to monochromatic looks… she serves grace and beauty perfectly.

Here are some of my favorite style moments of Oprah Winfrey!

Starting with the hair. Full, natural and flawless! It was a joy when my co-workers would call me Little O due to my hairstyle and inspirational ways. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her hair. Seriously…who could ever forget that gorgeous styled head of healthy hair.?

Oprah‘s stylist Andre Walker sent one note back in 1985 and ever since has made hair history. He stated “I’m dying to get my hands in your hair” Well… he’s done a superb job!

As for outfits, I enjoy that her looks have always been figure flattering. Knowing how to accentuate the positive of ones body is not something learned overnight. But throughout life you learn and when you get it right… compliments stay afloat. Here are some of my favorite looks:

Oprah for the Oscars:

I LOVE seeing her in red. Powerful!

Another great thing about Oprah‘s style is that no matter the size, she sashayed in the latest runway looks and made them amazing.

Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Thank you for being such an inspiration and style maven!


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