Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Ten styles and more that I loved from The Grammy’s!

I love that there is no comparison award show to the Grammy’s. It’s a night of unforgettable style, sometimes outrageous performances, controversial speeches and overall immersive experiences.

It’s a night millions tune in to see. Even for those like me who were unable to view due to work, will still catch up on all the goodness and or badness of the show the day later. Here are my top 10 from the Grammy’s 2014.

1. Ciara stylishly showcasing her baby bump. Completely stunning and one of the best dressed of the night.

Grammy Red Carpet 2014

2. John Legend simply debonair look was perfect. Don’t you just love a man in a tux? 🙂

John Legend

3. Chicago and Robin Thicke performance “Clap your hands in the name of love” MAKES ME SMILE!!!

4. Sara Bareillies and Carole King “Beautiful / Brave” performance now… Many followers know one of my favorite songs are Brave by Sara. Beautiful lyrics and create collaboration

5. The beautiful Taylor Swift seriously… I can not recall anytime she has ever looked less than perfect. Her style is always perfect, sophisticated and timeless. Completely flawless in her Gucci ensemble. Thanks for never letting me down:-)

Grammy Red Carpet 2014

6. Loved Katy Perry whimsical look.

Grammy Red Carpet 2014

7. Pink! I always enjoy seeing Pink’s acrobatic performance. She is so talented.

8. Miguel cool, almost too casual yet funky look was unique and great to me.

Grammy Red Carpet 2014

9. The gorgeous Queen styled up to her name as she always does. Stunning and simplistic beauty!

10. THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT…  four time Grammy winner Macklemore with Ryan Lewis performing “Same Love”. Joining in was the lovely Mary Lambert singing the hook, Queen Latifah as the officiant, 34 couples celebrating love and getting married no matter of gender, race or religion and the wonderful Madonna bringing it home singing “Open your heart”. STANDING OVATION deserved.

Then 34 couples got married, some of whom were same-sex couples.


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