Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Singer, Dancer, completely chic performer and one of my favorite people to study… Josephine Baker, this tribute is for you!

I’m not intimidated by anyone. Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach, and a head. Just think about that.
—Josephine Baker

Completely gorgeous! The St Louis born beauty became the famously known Europe entertainer known not simply by her dancing but what she chose to wear while dancing! She was bold and wildly admired as she sashayed in her banana skirt.

Josephine was so fabulous that she even had a pet cheetah named Chiquita who she allowed to wonder streets of Paris alongside of her. And talk about style… even her pet had a diamond encrusted necklace!

This fashionista showcased fabulousity to the fullest on and off the stage. Not only was her clothing stylish but her Renaissance castle was as well. It was decked to the nine with a J shaped pool, African huts outside and even wax figurines that were made to recreate scenes of her life! FABULOUS!

Although in the end she lost her french Chateau due to her idealism not matching her extravagance, it is still a beauty to marvel at today. She adopted children from many nations calling them her “Rainbow Tribe” and lost her home in debt. But luckily the home has been kept in tact as what is now known as the Josephine Museum.

Josephine’s Rainbow Tribe 10 boys and 2 girls

Josephine was not only known for her extravagance and style. She also became recognized and even honored with the Croix de guerre (the French military honor) for her service during World War II. She relayed information overheard between German officers during her performances and exposed French officials secretly working for the Germans.

I loved how Josephine’s style was highly influenced by the Art Deco movement that was happening in Paris at that time. From slick down hair, geometric shapes and sleek lines, she was the epitome of Art Deco and was even considered a muse to many. And forget the saying “Less is More” when it comes to accessories… not with Josephine Baker who stayed adorned in long strands of pearls, over the top hair pieces and over-sized cocktail rings!

Josephine Baker celebrated 50 years of show business before passing. She was then honored by being the first American woman to receive French Military honor at her funeral and had over 20,000 mourners.

Salute to Ms Josephine Baker! The epitome of style, elegance and strength!


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