KLL Week 37

Never lose your sm:)e 🙂

No matter what you may go through… no matter what situation arises… Never lose your smile! Remember… There is ALWAYS something to smile about!

Thanks to all of you who have participated in #TheSmileProject thus far. I wanted to share a beautiful piece that was shared with me from Dashama on why she smile. It represents everything I aspire to do with this project. Hope you enjoy.

“Smiling is the easiest way to begin to feel happy.
The very act of smiling invokes the feelings of happiness and from there, it is infectious. You can affect the world around you in a positive way, simply by smiling. Perhaps most of all, I smile because I am feeling genuine happiness. There were many times in my life I was not feeling happy, very sad dark times. Now I feel happy most of the time. I accredit it to yoga, meditation, healthy diet, connecting with source and with nature.
Yoga heals you. Brings you into the present moment and makes you come alive.
It makes you more of who you are, at the essence, which is pure joy.”
Get to know more about Dashama and her yoga HERE.

Please check out more of The Smile Project here: http://kishaschiclessons.com/chic-sme-project/

Join by downloading my FREE App entitled Kisha’s Chic Lessons on both iPhone and Android and upload your photo with why you smile.

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