Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

10 things to try in 2014!

In light of the New Year, I thought to share 10 things to put on the list and try for 2014.

1. Do something you’ve NEVER done! It can be zip lining, taking a shot at a triathlon, telling someone that you think they’re cute or going without TV for a week. No matter how big or small, find a way to challenge yourself differently and do something you haven’t done. The reward is much greater than the challenge:-)

2. Cut the negative out of your life! From thoughts to people to places or things… let go of which does NOT bring you the utmost joy and happiness at all times. Life is too short to be wasted on negative thinking or negative people.

3. Take a vacation for YOU! Treat yourself and use your earned vacation time for a special getaway for you. You can go to the beach in Bali or a 3 hour drive to the countryside but do a special trip to explore with you! It’s guaranteed to make you feel great.

4. STAY active! Most of us make the New Years Resolution to get fit or loose weight but drop off after a month at the gym. I challenge you during 2014 to not just make a goal to get fit but to just STAY active. It can be through dance classes, aerobics, training for a marathon or daily yoga but find what works and STAY active. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

5. Treat yourself to something special. Enjoy the fruit of your labor and buy that special thing you’ve been wanting. New handbag, iPhone, bracelet…whatever! If you have to save for it, dedicate a special fund for it and buy it! You deserve it.

6. Write handwritten notes to friends and family. Something that always makes me feel good is to see someone surprised on just a regular day. No birthday… No holiday… just Tuesday. Send a handwritten note to a loved one and as you lighten someones day, you will receive it 100 fold.

7. Volunteer more. Schedule volunteering time like it’s an event and non-negotiable. Remember… giving back never goes out of style!

8. Add something! Don’t think about taking away those bad things from your diet such as soda. Instead add something healthy. It can be adding 2 additional glasses of water a day, 10 minutes of meditation or even adding protein to your snack. You will notice once you start adding… you will have no room for unhealthy eating.

9. Say NO to your phone! During dinner… hanging with a friend or loved one… or nestled with a good book… TURN YOUR PHONE OFF! FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages and calls can all wait! Immerse yourself fully in the moment either with someone else or yourself. Don’t be so glued to checking the phone. LET IT GO! 🙂

10. Take time to breathe and smile:) In America we work so hard, plan so much and are always on the go. Take those moments to breathe and smile.

Hope this inspires you to try something different during 2014. If you have an idea to share… please SHARE! Send me a comment. I would love to hear.


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