New Year… New Celebrations:)

New Year… New Celebrations! Let’s Go 2014:-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

So another year has past. And what a year it has been for me. I’m an advocate of reflection so here’s my reflections on 2013 and what I’m looking for in 2014. Hope this inspires you to reflect on your year as well.

This past year has been a year of growth, travels, learning and continual tests. From the beginning to now I’ve continuously learned more about me and unceasing transformation to becoming the woman I am destined to be has occurred. I started 2013 off with this blog. I shared my learning from 2012 and said Cheers to 2013. I KNEW greatness was what I was on the brink of! I started to pour more into my craft of writing, motivating and fashion. My insights to fashion trends were accepted among my following. I was receiving a motivating response from many to continue on what I started. Most of this motivation came from those I did not know, which was even more exhilarating. I created a video blog sharing each week my “Life Lessons” from the previous weeks. Below is one of my favorite vlogs. It’s when I had the opportunity to experience world travels with a friend in Dubai. The experience was completely captivating and the inspiration still lives within almost a year later. I spoke on knowing it’s okay to Live The Life you’ve Imagined!!

This showcased me not only speaking of what we should do but being a LIVING EXAMPLE. I’m one of those, that do not like listening to people who do not LIVE by what they speak. Since I was a child, I vowed to do the opposite and actually live out any advice I shared to others.

I was told this inspired many. I was excited by the inspiration of others as this was my ultimate goal. You see, I know my destiny is to empower, enrich and ignite others to live their very best lives. With this, I continued on my journey of self value. Yes… self value. You see, to me to have value in oneself is more than just regarding it as important. As stated on Compassion Power“To value it is to appreciate its finer qualities and to invest time, energy, effort, and sacrifice in its maintenance.” This is exactly what I was doing. 2013 taught me to VALUE… invest time, energy and effort into who I am today, who I will be tomorrow and what’s to come for me in the future.

I was on a mission to make each and every moment count!

I continued on my journey of 2013 inspiring many around the globe while inwardly inspiring myself. The more I did to pour into me, the more my worries, troubles or concerns of things I could not control disintegrated. I was becoming anew every day. Each day there was a new venture, thought, or life experience to explore. I continue to write, speak and showcase creativity with those daily experiences. I lived with childlike ambition to complete any task presented to me!

Now… there were a multitude of times where things were just not as great as I wanted them to be. Throughout this year of transformation and self value, I also experienced some, well… MANY disappointments, job drama and frustrations. But the moral of my learning was how I continued to persevere, push forward and never gave up on the faith and hope for the next day. No frustrating situation is long lived… it is TEMPORARY. God continued to allow me these tests and I’m thankful I continued to past. I realized those temporary disappointments happened so I can continue to be the LIVING EXAMPLE I spoke of previously. I continued encountering people that were going through much worse and they received a sense of release when I shared my infamous line of “At the end of the day… It’s really not that serious. This is only temporary and this too shall past.” (Check out my blog on Life is Really Like a box of Chocolates HERE)

With these learning and teachings, I became a Confidence Coach. I gained more clientele throughout the end of the summer and into fall. I was really becoming more and more of the destined me. Did challenges and frustrations continue… ABSOLUTELY! As my day job underwent transformation and change, as did I on a personal level. I was no longer defining myself by my job but by who I truly am at the core. I learned how to not allow the world to affect me but for ME to affect the world. I became the epitome of “Be the change you wish to see”. I built more meaningful relationships and even had the power to let go of those that brought no positivity. I learned when you truly value yourself, when you are in tune with your self-worth, you will NOT allow situations, people, or things devalue you at any time. I stood up for what I believed in. I taught what I was passionate about. And I continue to be the LIVING EXAMPLE for anyone in search of realness in this great world.

How interesting, in my 2012 newsletter, I stated: “I know I may be challenged more, face some disappointments, adventures, surprises and more snow storms but hey… if I’m blessed to live through it… my new year will only be better because of it!”

2013 was all of that! It was about learning, growing and transforming. I understand the power of the tongue so I state today that 2014 will be the time of continued investing and fruit sown coming to life. Everything that I poured into will manifest itself to the highest possible level. I was initially on the brink of greatness but today… GREATNESS has arrived!

I am excited to share my new projects such as my iPhone and Android APP entitled Kisha’s Chic Lessons

I’m excited to continue what I began on my Birthday entitled: The Smile Project or

And I am excited to share many more announcements to come by February so stay tuned!!

Hats off to 2013… thank you for everything experienced and my many learnings. Salute to 2014! For I possess the greatness within to manifest itself outwardly. 🙂

Hope this inspires you to continue on your life journey.

Sending blessings and sunshine your way:-)


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