Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

10 Last minute DIY Personalized gift ideas!

Christmas is now only 8 days away. Do you have all of your Christmas shopping complete? If you still have people on the list and are looking for cool inexpensive gifts, try these Do-It-Yourself gifts sure to make any receiver cheerful.

1. Handmade Lavender Soap. Cost to make is less than $10 and the instructions are HERE.

Lavender soap bars

2. Scented Satchels This is a great home gift and easy to make. All you need are linen squares, dried lavender and or any other scent. Find out how to make HERE.

Three sachets

3. Instagram Coasters. What a great way to empty out some photos from your phone and make someone smile from the memory as well. Find out how to make HERE.

Instagram Coasters

4. Easy Velvet Clutch This is a very easy instructional that can be completed by anyone. Check out the directions HERE.

velvet clutch bag to sew

5. Wow them with this: Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls

You would not believe how easy and inexpensive this is to make. Check out more HERE.

Gold-Leaf Papier-Mâché Bowls

6. Stylish Laptop Case. Create a stylish laptop case with a favorite fabric for a fashionista in your life. Learn how to create HERE.

Laptop Case

7. Give a special lady a break with a Spa in A Jar. Find out what items to include HERE.

8. Your favorite cookie recipe in a jar! This is a fun gift for the baker of the family. Share your favorite recipe as a gift. Find tutorial HERE.

25 Handmade Gifts for 5 dollars. the36thavenue.com

9. Beautiful Bookmarks. For the reader, how great to create handmade bookmarks of luxurious fabrics! Learn how HERE.


10. Photo Calendar. Gather photos taken over this past year and create a personalized calendar with some of the best photos. See how HERE.

DIY Photo Calendar steps

Hope this helps with great last minute gifts! If you have any other ideas please share:-)

Happy DIY!


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