Fab Fashion Fridays-BEYONCE

Fab Fashion Friday – Beyonce’ Edition!!

Celebrating the wonderful Beyonce’ and all of her fabulous fashion sense.

So at midnight last night 12/13/2013 Beyonce’ released a visual album on iTunes and yes I was one of those to purchase immediately! So happy I was up on the phone with my sister at this time! I saw the post from Russell Simmons Global Grind and immediately went to download on iTunes.

With this, Beyonce’ sold 80,000 records in 3 HOURS!!! AMAZING! With no promotion!

I dedicate this Fashion Friday to Beyonce’ because to make a move as she’s done is very fashionable. Not always do we need to let everyone in on what we are doing. And when the masterpiece is complete, your artistic view isn’t completed to seek someone else’s approval… just your own. Think of Karl Lagerfeld… a mastermind in the fashion world that does not seek approval of anyone and continues to change the game in some way but never compromises who he is as an artist.

With videos such as “Pretty Hurts” , “Mine” and even “Blue” you can catch fashion forward styling, conversation, dances and lifestyles. I even love in Pretty Woman she opens the door that some continue to keep closed about how some of us have hurt ourselves behind trying to be beautiful. Great song and hopefully it inspires some to change.

You can watch sneak peeks to all videosHERE on Beyonce’ Google Plus account. 

This is simply amazing! Thanks Bey for inspiring me to go even BIGGER!!

 photo beyoncevogue.jpeg


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