Wear it Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

UGGS season… but not really.

So… it’s that time again. The time where everywhere you go, you are bound to see someone wearing UGGS slipper boot in some… what’s the word… INTERESTING way. 🙂

With the talk of a good girlfriend after spotting these during Sunday Brunch, I had to blog about it. But let me first preface by stating, I am not against the fashion styling of UGGS… I just prefer this slipper boot worn inside my home versus out.

Here are some ideas that you may rock or knock but I plan to share insight on them all.

Gifts for Her

I’ve seen UGGS styled from pairing of skinny jeans, yoga gear, BOOTcut jeans to even shorts and skirts. From my research the UGGS Slipper Boot was actually introduced on the beaches in California by Brian Smith. YES… you read right, this sheepskin boot was designed for the casual and relaxed lifestyle in California.

Check California girl Gillian Zinser wearing UGGS at the beach…

It’s interesting to read the story behind UGGS because I will be honest… I’ve been one of those people not fond of seeing them worn with shorts on a hot sunny day. I didn’t get why anyone would want to wear these slippers during during Texas summers of 100+ degree weather. Now that the cooler months have arrived, and I now reside in NY, the UGG tolerance level increases as I look at them as keeping your feet warm.

After all… they are made with sheepskin.

Celebrities are caught candidly in them and on Black Friday at Woodbury Commons, the waiting line to purchase them last for HOURS!

Check Ashley Tisdale sporting UGGS per this casual way below:

Check out Lea Michelle in her UGGS street style:

During winter months you find more casual comfy street styles with UGGS and some attempted elevated looks. I will say my opinion is that they look better with leggings or skinny jeans versus bootcut. Once again, PERSONALLY I feel when ladies try to stuff their bootcut jeans into UGGS slipper boots it creates a look of frumpyness and ladies… Which of you REALLY want to shorten your height and add more pounds simply by the way you try to stuff Bootcut into an already more casual and somewhat frumpy UGGS slipper boot?

It even makes the beautiful Jennifer Aniston look frumpy:

If you are going to wear a boot cut or straight jean with your UGGS and you want to tuck, please follow how to below:

Now… don’t get me wrong, I have come across some chic street style ways to wear UGGS which are below:

It seems as if no matter the years that past, seasons that come and go and where you look… this trend is here to stay. I just kindly ask one favor and I know my yoga instructor friend and others out there as well will appreciate this… IF you do choose to wear these during hotter months, with yoga pants, NO SOCKS and to the studio where you go to do your workout, please… I beg of you PLEASE be cognizant of this one simple truth, bare feet in sheepskin lined boots in warmer weather can make your feet sweat and does cause an odor and guess what… people NOTICE! 🙂 Thank you.

Tell me how you are “Rocking” your UGGS or you if you choose to bypass and Knock them.


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