Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Holiday Home style!!

Thanksgiving has past and it’s now time to set the house for Christmas! Check out 10 chic ways to transition and decorate your home for the holidays with simple touches.

1. Bring out the old photographs and Christmas Cards. That’s right… this is the time of the year we bring out old winter photographs, along with great Christmas Cards and place around the home. You can create a booklet for them or even hang on a stylish tree or line like shown below:

Display New and Old Photographs

or try this one from torispelling.com

2. Gather a bowl of ornaments for a different centerpiece. I love this idea! You can use this as a way to add a pop of color for holiday cheer. Decorate with extra ornaments in bowls, glass cylinders and other containers.

Gather Ornaments in a Bowl

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Ornaments in Cylinders

3. Simply make a pillow swap! Changing out the pillows on a sofa can transition the home for any season you want it. I took away the basic pillows on my sofa and added a touch of sparkle and love:-)



4. A little luxe goes a long way. I love to add glamour to the holidays. Simple adds such as a faux fur throw or sequin pillow can make it really feel like a glamorous holiday.

5. Give love to the mantel. Don’t forget to decorate the mantel and this year try something different. If you have additional ornaments, you can showcase them here or even add fresh flowers for a different look.

6. Set the stage from the outside coming in. For this years wreath, try something new like the one I created from ornaments. Or you can choose simplicity with a twist with an evergreen wreath and garland.

Christmas Decorating: Bright White Door

7. Keep it simple by decorating with colors that match your current decor. This is one of my biggest tips I try to stick with. I love that southern living has shared this tip through the years. Although I may add a pop of color, I do keep the base decorations the same with current decor.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Cream Decorations

8. Hang some twinkling lights! Idea from www.southernliving.com. I plan on doing this to my balcony. I will post pics once complete:-)

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Twinkling Lights

9. Pretty wrap… not red & green. I love gift wrapping and I love doing it in an unusual way. This year when wrapping gifts, allow your creativity to shine through brown paper, burlap, rhinestones, lace & ribbons.

Found this great idea from beautyandthegreen.blogspot.com!

10. Spray paint old ornaments for the tree! Versus buying new ornaments to match a certain theme, try spray painting the old ones and go for a monochromatic look.

Spray Paint Ornaments

What additional tips do you have when transitioning and decorating the home for the holidays?

Please do share!


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