Fab Fashion Fridays

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

This is dedicated to those NATURAListas with great style!

Check it out and share if you would be brave enough to sport any of these looks.

This beautiful lady with luxurious locks are completely street chic.

Natural bloggers everywhere are becoming more and more visible to the mainstream. These sisters, like myself embrace our natural hair and showcase a great sense of style.

Folake Kuye Huntoon, Style Pantry, @ www.stylepantry.com

Jessie Adore, Adore Daily, @ www.jessieadore.com/blog

Tamia, The Style Sample, @ www.thestylesample.com

Kendra, Closet Confections, @ www.closetconfections.com

Mela, Mela Vond, @ www.melavond.blogspot.com

My goal is to get my hair as big as this one below. She is completely gorgeous to me.

SECURITY… I’m loving this:-)

Check out some celebs that are rocking Natural Chic!

I love this chic sister from heygorjess.com!

I love that naturalista’s are versatile. Natural hair no longer means dashiki’s and African Prints… it’s simply a statement of preferring natural over relaxed hair and it’s more chic than ever. The versatility ranges from vibrant looks to more preppy but all wearing it well with the crown of glory:-)


The blog Kinksarethenewpink.com gives great chic advice and style inspiration. Be sure to check it out.

#naturalhair #hair #style #fashion #kinkycurlsla

To all of you naturalista’s out there, keep being gorgeous and let’s continue to show how natural hair can be chic!


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